OSI Food Solutions Helps You Create!

You need a company who is dedicated to selling you quality food to your business or restaurant with the utmost precision, efficient and knowledgeable way. OSI Food Solutions can be that company and, offer many different positive things to your company. Food can be made custom, and their culturally rich and exceptional culinary skilled employees will make the food special order. They are unsurpassed in food safety and quality assurance practices. This company works with you to create and manufacture Custom food products. Yes, that’s right. OSI Food Solutions will make any kind of custom order you can come up with. Imagine the possibilities that could develop with your menu with culinary freedom!

This company is considered a Global Food Provider. They service 65 facilities with 20,000 employees in 17 countries. Have they been recognized for their hard work and dedication to their mission? Absolutely. OSI Food Solutions in 2016 became the winner of the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. As well, they continue to expand. OSI Food Solutions has recently purchased Baho Food, Tyson Food Plant, and Flagship Europe. They are working with brand names you already know! This company is listed in America’s Top 100 Food Companies, serving restaurants and businesses in your area every day! Visiting their website at www.osigroup.com/ will help you get an idea of the dedication in this business. The quality that they deliver to you is the most important.

Customers want to be satisfied with their meals but most importantly, the ones serving food need to have that same feeling. They want to feel good about the food they provide to their loyal patrons. That is where this company understands you and your business. Now in business for 100 years, they are sure growing with every year. Don’t forget how extensive  custom food is. If you dream it up, they can make it for you. Remember OSI Food Solutions for your restaurant and business needs.

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Eric Lefkofsky, The Gentle Giant

Eric Lefkofsky is known around the world as a Philanthropist. His good deeds speak well of him. He and his wife have given to countless charities in need of support, especially those in the medical field. He is an entrepreneur that is to be admired. However, few know of the humble beginnings of Eric Lefkofsky. He is just a regular guy that was born and raised in the state of Michigan. He would be considered a local boy that everyone knew. His family was well established in community as he attended the nearby high school in his neighborhood. Yet, there was a quiet drive that proved to be a special gift for someone who never seemed to stand out in the crowd. While in college, Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with a friend and co-founded a company. Although there were many trial and errors in just starting a business, they forged ahead through successes as well as failures. Life lessons were learned and growing pains proved to be profitable down the road.

Learning to juggle life and business while continuing to grow as an individual began to establish Eric Lefkofsky as he began to establish himself in his endeavors. Along with hard work, everything Eric Lefkofsky put his heart and mind to started to pay off. He began to profit from his business decisions and grow financial fortune. Using the same principles that he learned as a hometown boy growing up in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky started spreading his wealth and sharing his gifts with others. He is a financial guru who has a reputation of being kind. Not many top-level executives would dare to have such an honor said about them.

Eric Lefkofsky is a family man who has funded over 50 charities and organizations. He also has a personal foundation that he and his wife preside over to fund sciences and educational causes worldwide. He is definitely a generous man. Eric Lefkofsky is a gentle giant that one should never be afraid. He is to be emulated.

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Rodrigo Terpins Shines in the Bull Sertoes Rally

He is one of the best-known darlings of the Brazilian Rally scene. Rodrigo Terpins is a 41-year-old rally star that has largely added a spark to the rallying events. Rodrigo Terpins is also the Senior Director of his T5 Partipacoes Company. The rally ace has risen through performances and emerged one of the best rally heroes ever. Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of sports people. His father, jack terpins, was a renowned basketball player in his day. He is now a chairman of the Latin American Jewish Community. Rodrigo’s brother Michael Terpins happens to be in the same rally team with him. They have also driven together to clinch admirable positions in both T1 Prototype and the revered Bull Sertoes. Rodrigo loves cars. He is often spotted trying to tune up the engines of his sports toys whenever he finds some time away from his busy schedule. For more details visit Terra.



The Sibling Team



Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael have taken part together in over five rallying competitions. Their performance inspires many young people. The siblings have served as a source of family unity for many people in Brazil. They have promoted the belief that families can achieve a lot more when they stand in solidarity and support each other. Rodrigo and Michel, commonly use the T-Rex Engine produced by MEM Autosport. Check out mundoraiam.com




Rodrigo Terpins in the Bull Sertoes



Rodrigo Terpins recently participated in the 22nd edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally and posted a sterling performance. He was with Fabricio Manchiana this time. The rally covered over 2600 kilometers that penetrated the interior of Sao Paulo and crisscrossed two other states. The rally was split into stages. The Prototype T1racing duo came third in the rally. They took position 8 in the overall rankings of the rally. The performance was exceptional; considering how tough the competition was. It attracted 38 experienced teams from across Brazil and beyond. Rallying is arguably the second most popular sport in Brazil after soccer. Rodrigo Terpins is adding more excitement with his ever-improving performance that has seen him out-compete several world class drivers. The 22nd Edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally was one of the toughest ever held on Brazilian soil. Rodrigo Terpins and his navigator, Fabricio proved their worth and made the fans proud.


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Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Co-Founder Has Helped Make Tempus What It Is Today

Cancer research and technology company Tempus Labs has reached a total of 210 million dollars in fund-raising after raising 80 million at the last fund-raising event. Co-founder of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky has always lived by the motto of trying to enhance the quality of human life through everything he does which is the same motto he has poured into Tempus Labs. Tempus has made it possible for cancer patients to receive quality care and advice about what treatment plan best suits them and their needs as well as helps their loved ones go through the experience smoothly with them. Tempus labs has many employees to make sure that patients always have someone around when they need help with something or have a simple question that they need to be answered.

Tempus Labs uses the technology they have to make see if a patients tumor is growing fast, slow, or at a normal pace. They also make sure that patients feel comfortable with their cancer treatment plan after they have been told and given all their treatment options of what can be done for them based on how bad their tumor looks. Tempus works closely with many cancer research facilities such as Mayo Clinic and The University of Chicago. They make sure that everything runs smoothly and nothing is overlooked when a patient is in treatment by working together with the cancer research facilities and the many doctors in the area.

Tempus labs is located in Chicago so they have some of the most modern technology around in order to give patients exactly what they need and give their loved ones peace of mind that they are being taken good care of well being helped by Tempus Labs.

Without Eric Lefkofsky and his team of employees, Tempus labs would not be what it is today. Tempus is so successful because not only do they know how to raise money for cancer research correctly but they also know what patients are looking for when they need treatment options or a treatment plan when diagnosed with cancer. One day at a time they will enhance the quality of human lives.

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The growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is a leading food manufacturing company in the world. The company has headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and a presence in over 17 countries. OSI Group has risen from a small butcher shop in Chicago into now a multinational worth over $6 billion. The company has been around since the early 1900s when a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky established it. From the butcher shop, the company expanded slowly inspired by the emergence of retail food supply franchises such as McDonald’s. In fact, it is the McDonald’s which have contributed largely to the success of OSI Group.

Around the 1950s, back then called Otto & Sons, the company was contracted by the newly established McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois to supply them with beef products. From the management of the founder- Otto, subsequent managers have not let down the dream of the founder. They have made the company what Otto himself would have loved to accomplish. The current management is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald.

The success of the OSI Industries can largely be attributed to two things. One is the establishment of food retail chain businesses in the country and the second is a revolution in technology. As the food business for McDonald’s grew so did the pressure on OSI industries to supply food products. It reached a point where they had to supply food products to far places. Food preservation and mass production became a necessity. Luckily at the same time, more advanced methods of food preservation were introduced. This meant the company would supply food products to all areas where McDonald’s had restaurants.

The management of OSI Group has been instrumental in the growth of the company. Right from the founder and his two sons, they took advantage of the deal established with the McDonald’s to boost their growth. Since this deal, it has been a continuous process of development. The company started building its food manufacturing plant to meet the huge demand for products. The first plant was built in Illinois in 1975. Others have been opened in different parts of the United States and now in other regions. There are some in Europe and China. In total, the company has 65 facilities all dedicated to food supply. OSI industries major in protein foods such as pork, beef, and chicken products. They do not normally sell their products in retail; they supply food chain companies.

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Doe Deere on Lime Crime and Beauty Trends

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a bold makeup company with makeup and hair products designed for “unicorns” – i.e. people who love to express themselves with bold, fantasy-themed colors. Recently, Lime Crime collaborated with the company Feelunique to have a pop-up shop in London on April 27th.


Lime Crime has been reaching cult phenomenon status with its outside-the-box thinking when it comes to makeup, vegan and cruelty-free formations, and sparkle. The 100% cruelty free nature of Lime Crime is particularly important to Doe Deere, as she is an animal lover and does animal-related charity work. She is personally against animal testing, and she wants the goals of the brand to reflect that. When discussing the cult status that Lime Crime had reached, Doe Deere said that uniqueness is what makes a cult beauty brand or product. Since its launch in 2008, Lime Crime has been filling a niche in the makeup industry that nobody else has, and that’s what has enabled it to take off so vastly. As their company develops, Deere aims to continue to be individual in the crowded market of beauty products.


Deere also has a lot of thoughts on makeup trends, and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. She says that everyone makes mistakes, even if it might seem like an individual entrepreneur is effortlessly successful. During the history of her company, she has experienced some turbulence and troubles, such as having lots of online hate, but she has managed to overcome this because she knows she is doing the right thing. She supports other young female entrepreneurs, saying that a good way to explore the future of being a female entrepreneur is to focus on innovation and look for gaps in the market. A big part of Lime Crime is women supporting other women, and helping each other have the confidence to rock out-there colors. To this extent, Deere calls her fans unicorns, which is a word for people who are brave, different, and proud of it.


A beauty trend that Deere is really excited about this year is using bright purple in all things beauty, in accordance with Pantone’s color of the year, which is ultraviolet. To jump-start using more purple in her brand, Deere’s company has launched the Venus III eyeshadow palette, which includes lavender, lilac and other shades of purple. She also thinks that whimsical and glittery products are becoming more popular because of the current age of self-expression, with social media helping people express themselves and realizing that it’s better to be a trendsetter than a conformist. She focuses on packaging with her company, with the mindset that it’s just as important as the product itself. Lime Crime’s Venus palettes come with art of the goddess herself, and a recent “pocket candy palette” went viral on Instagram, inspired by nostalgic candy-like toys. Lime Crime also focuses on matching their whimsical products with themed names, which are typically a product of brainstorming and capture the essence of the item. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere

Fortress Investment Group Capitalizes On Acquisitions And Corporate Mergers

Fortress Investment Group has continued to capitalize on acquisitions and corporate mergers from its very inception in 1998 when the company began with $400 million in assets under management and quickly became a multi-billion-dollar alternative asset investment firm. Fortress is led by some of the industry’s most powerful and exceptional leaders in the investment industry such as Peter Briger Co-Chief Executive Officer Wes Edens the other Co-Chief Executive Officer and Randall Nardone current principal and president at Fortress.

The three executives continue to provide powerful strategic leadership and evaluation of various asset classes that has continued to deliver tremendous results and increased value for its individual and institutional clients. Fortress currently has more than $43 billion in assets under management and continues to expand its portfolio into various areas through very smart strategic acquisitions and corporate mergers. Fortress continues to increase its intellectual capital by hiring the best and smartest individuals to add to its already exceptional staff of investment managers. Fortress has various asset classes they invest in including real estate business, private equity, credit and various other asset classes that continue to exceed projections and provide exponential returns on investment.

The extremely intellectual analysis and resources provided at Fortress continues to provide the company with the institutional knowledge that supersedes expectations never before seen in an alternative asset company. Employees at Fortress are highly educated and diverse and provide key intellectual understanding and expertise that continues to transition various asset class analyses into opportunities to acquire strategic acquisitions and corporate mergers. With a successful portfolio of diverse and creative investments, Fortress Investment Group currently is a subsidiary of a technological Japanese company called SoftBank group that acquired the Fortress in 2017 to add to its portfolio one of the major players in the alternative asset investment industry.

SoftBank Group was required to keep the executive staff in place in order for the deal to be accomplished and allow Fortress to continue on as a self-contained enterprise that continues to operate as normal. With the continued leadership of Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randall Nardone Fortress Investment Group is continuing to expand upon the successes they have attained over the last 20 years. Fortress will continue to elevate their company into one of the most powerful and well-respected alternative insect investment firms in the world. With strategic expertise and analytical fortitude, Fortress Investment Group is continuing to expand through opportunistic corporate mergers and acquisitions that are continuing the expansion of their asset portfolio and deliver profitable results for its individual and institutional clients.

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GoBuyside (NY Recap)

Looking for a investment professional with raw talent? That’s what a lot of corporations are looking for, especially in these tough times.

Many businesses today are finding it more and more difficult to stay financially solvent nowadays, not just because of dealing with an unstable economy but also because they just can’t seem to find the people they need. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

Fortunately,there’s an alternate,that alternative is GoBuyside. GoBuyside, a company founded in 2011, is a recruitment firm that specializes in the recruiting of top corporate talent. It has helped numerous firms to maintain their financial balance in these challenging times.

And speaking of challenges, why not check out Dailyforexreport.com to learn about the7 challenges recruitment firms are facing when considering top corporate talent and how GoBuyside is helping. Companies to not just face up to them but how to deal with such challenges as well.

It’s never been easier to get qualified corporate talent than now, and GoBuyside has contributed greatly to that end,of which many investment firms can be eternally grateful. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

So, once again, is your firm looking for top-tier talent in recruiting investment professionals? Well, now you know you have a choice, the best business move you will make in your life is when you go GoBuyside.

Their staff are at hand, just waiting to answer your investment recruitment-related questions, all you have to tap in to their resources of knowledge and experience.

You have been looking for some time for a company that knows how to address your investments related issues, but as you now know, you no longer have to look any further, it’s within your reach, now you know where you need to go when you need top investment talent.

Remember, just go to GoBuyside’s website, sign up and you’ll be all set to find qualified people to get your business on the road to success or even greater success.

There’s no time to waste, time is of the essence, so is money, for there’s a lot of it to be made, and GoBuyside is at your side to ensure that your firm reaches it’s optimum performance, when you find the right kind of corporate talent.

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Randal Nardone’s Involvement in Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone, the principal and Co- Founder of Fortress Investment Group, one of the top global investment firms was listed the 557th richest man by Forbes magazine. The billionaire started Fortress in 1998 and the company has since been managing assets on behalf of over 1,750 private investors and clients all around the globe, providing credit services, permanent capital and private equity investment strategies as well as real estate services.

He graduated with a Bachelor of English and biology from the University of Connecticut and later earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D) from Boston University School of Law. Before the birth of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone had worked as a partner in the legal department of Thacher Proffit and Wood, a law firm. It was here that he developed an interest in the Financial service industry and left to work as a principal in BlackRock Financial Company. He didn’t stay long before joining the Union Bank of Switzerland(USB) where he assumed the role of the managing director.

A year later, he had gained enough knowledge and experience on finance matters that enabled him to start Fortress with his partner Wes Edens.Randal grew to become the interim CEO of Fortress Investment Group in 2013 after his appointment to the board in 2006. He has used this role to come up with viable strategies that have led to maximum company profits and earned them awards like the “Hedge Fund manager of the year” and “Management firm of the year. His employees praise him for being such a passionate and skillful manager who has given them a satisfying work experience throughout the time they have worked under him.

Apart from his position in Fortress Investment group, he is also the CEO of Fortress credit corporation and Springlife financial holdings. Randal Nardone is the chairman of springlife finance and Springlife Reit inc and a director of other financial companies like Eurocastle investment limited and Florida East Coast Holdings. The billionaire was also appointed the Non-Executive officer of Alea group holdings Bermuda Ltd.

Even before Fortress acquisition by SoftBank Group, Randal maintained the organization as the market leader providing efficient services. Owing to this success, SoftBank Group held on to Fortress leadership under Randal Nardone and his co-partners Wes Edens and Pete Brigers, its personnel, business model and values and let them operate as an independent business with its headquarters in New York.

OSI Food Solutions increases chicken production

OSI Food Solutions is a food production and processing company. It has more than 65 amenities around the global. OSI Food Solutions offers food production, processing, and distribution services to various food service firms across the world. It also serves retail markets with its products.
OSI Food Solutions is among the world’s largest private food processing companies. It was launched in the year 1909. Its main offices are located in Aurora. Illinois. It developed over time, and now it is an international plant. It provides products such as poultry, beef, sausages, and hotdogs.

The demand for chicken has grown to non-sustainable levels. As a result of the rise in demand, suppliers such as OSI Food Solutions have to mechanize their production to cater for the demand-supply gap. Chicken products are part of the main sales from OSI Food Solutions. The firm has a specialized department of chicken production.

OSI Food Solutions has developed ways to double the production of chicken in the company. It produces chicken nuggets and patties that are distributed to numerous food service companies in the world. Some of the main firms that OSI Foods Solutions’ products are distributed to include Burger King, Starbucks, Papa John’s and McDonald’s. The companies as mentioned earlier need to meet the demand level of chicken for their customers.

To meet the demand, the companies have to notify their main supplier, OSI Food Solutions to take the obligation of increasing its production and then supply more than it was supplying before. OSI Food Solutions company has picked up the challenge by devising ways that can help it increase its chicken production.

One of the strategies that were employed was the acquisition of Baho Food. Baho Food enterprise is located in Dutch. It is the leading food supplier of the region. It supplies its products across Europe. It also provides deli meats to the customers in the region.

The purchase of Baho Food has placed OSI Food Solutions in an excellent position to produce more chicken products for the market. Baho Food was acquired by OSI in the year 2016. Its acquisition was a move to cater for the rising chicken demand in Europe. Baho enterprise now serves more than twenty European countries. Making it one of the best-performing branches of OSI Food Solutions currently.

OSI Food Solutions also purchased a food plant in Chicago that was formerly owned by Tyson Food. The plant offered prepared meats to its customers in Chicago. It also distributed chicken cordon bleu and chicken pieces.

To know more visit @: de.osigroup.com/locations/