Big Changes for James Dondero

James Dondero who is the co-founder and president of the asset management firm Highland Capital Management LP has added a new title to his belt. He recently became a member of the executive Board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. This new position furthers his company’s commitment to education and to SMU. The commitment that Dondero has for SMU also includes a program that encourages professional and educational pursuits in public policy as well as supporting the George W Bush Library and Museum. James Dondero has said that he is honored to be a part of and assist with the growth that is taking place both at the school and through the program.

As part of the SMU Cox Executive Board he is one of one hundred appointed members who advise and make plans for the business school. They meet three times a year, once in the fall, the winter and then again every spring.

Dondero has plenty of other leadership roles on top of these. He is also the chairman of NexBank, NexPoint Residential Trust, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. In addition to that he sits on the boards for both Jernigan Capital and MGM Grand.

Highland Capital Management LP with its affiliates has around sixteen billion dollars in assets that are under management. Co Founded by Dondero along with Mark Okada, it is one of the biggest and most experienced alternative credit managers in the world.

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The Career Journey of John Goullet, The Principal of Diversant, LLC

John Goullet is the Principal and Chairman of Diversant, LLC. He is a successful entrepreneur and developer of various businesses in the Information Technology industry. John Goullet has vast knowledge and expertise in network engineering, solutions architecture, mobile development, application development, and information systems staffing. His knowledge of the changing global markets dates back to over 25 years in the business world. Goullet attained a Masters degree in Computer Science at Ursinus College between 1979 and 1983.

John Goullet’s Career Path

John Goullet started his career journey while still in college as an IT consultant at Computer Science Corp, Lyndhurst. He later joined the Constell Group in Piscataway in 1983 before moving to Tsr Consultants, Island.  Goullet made a transition to IT staffing after working for more than a decade as a consultant to different organizations. In 1994, John utilized his knowledge and experience in the staffing and consultant sectors to launch Info Technologies.

Since inception, Info Technologies aimed at understanding their clients staffing needs and matching them up with the skills, personalities, and abilities of their consultants. As the CEO, John Goullet grew his company to $30 million in net worth value in five years. The rapid growth earned it the eighth position in Inc. Magazine’s ranking of the top 50 fast rising private businesses in the United States. John Goulet’s Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC in February 2010.

Customer Focus:

Diversant LLC is the biggest African-American owned staffing and solutions firm in the United States. The team of professionals uses a consultative method to solve the problems facing the clients who they view as true business partners. Some of the services offered at the company include IT staff augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, and direct hire in addition to matching up different clients with qualified IT experts for their firms. John Goullet continues to offer IT Staffing and Solutions to his choice of mid-markets and the Fortune 500 clients. Additionally, Diversant has received certification as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise in the United States.

Running A Successful Business And The Relationship With Employees

Running a business is a really big deal. There are a lot of aspects that people need to handle when it comes to running a business. While it is often a desired thing, it is something that very few people are able to manage because there is so much that goes into it. In order for one to be able to run a successful business, he has to be able to manage himself. One thing that could be said is that it is very difficult to run a business when other aspects of life are in chaos. Fortunately, there are people that speak on the topic of business success and life management. Josh Verne is someone that is worth listening to.


Josh is someone who has learned a lot in his career. He has also experienced a lot and has learned some very important lessons throughout his career. He is also someone that can be trusted and respected because he has learned from a lot of mistakes that he has made.


There is much more to running a successful business than just serving customers. Business owners also have to mind their relationships with their employees. Josh Verne advises business owners to take the time to build their relationships with their employees and show an example through leadership. Josh has learned that the best results for his business comes when he actually leads the employees and show an example of the type of work that needs to be done. One thing that he understands about people is that they are more willing to follow humans and examples than just orders.


One other good thing to do is award the employees. A lot of employees don’t know if they are doing a good job or not. They are also afraid of losing their jobs because they are not sure whether or not they are doing well by the employer. When an employer takes the time to list the strengths, then they will be more encouraged to work for him.

Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board Welcomes James Dondero

James Dondero is an extremely active member of the community. Aside from being the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management Group, he is the member of several community boards, and an active member of the community.

On November 2nd, 2016, it was announced that James Dondero was appointed to the Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business.

James Dondero was already openly committed to the school, but being added to the executive board shows just how committed he is to the future of business and the students who are entering the field.

Previously, Dondero sponsored a program that included the endowment of the Highland Capital Management Tower of Scholars, which encouraged students in their academic and professional ventures.

The program centers in on students who focus on public policy and the advancement of the field. He is also a well-known contributor and supporter of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, and the museum.

The Cox School of Business at SMU has a board consisting of approximately 100 members, all of whom are appointed. The majority of the board members are not academic professionals, but rather members of the business community whose job is to advise the school on business strategy and help evolve the curriculum to accommodate the changing business world.

James Dondero

James Dondero is a business industry leader. He is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management and an active member of the community. Currently, he advises a large number of boards, including NexBank, NexPoint Residential Trust, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS medical. He also serves on many other boards and charities.

Dondero not only volunteers his time to better the community, he also donates a large percent of the Highland Capital Management income to charities, and he offers grants to many charities that assist victims of domestic violence. He offers a great deal of money to food pantries around the Dallas, Texas area.  Learn more about James Dondero:

Dondero offers investment options to people from all backgrounds, and does not discriminate due to financial limitations. Because of his connections in the investment world, he has created a diverse client base, providing services from pension plans to the average Joe, all the way up to billion dollar investments.

Talk Fusion’s VideoChat Universal Popularity

Talk Fusion came out with the Video Chat app upgrade on October 19, 2016. The upgrade has improved the app greatly. For instance, the app has the ability to do group chats. Along with group chat capability the app can also access contacts conveniently. Businesses can benefit from the app because the other features allow people to text; stay more connected to team members and checks their progress. Video Chat allows people to talk as well. The sleek new look has made Video Chat have a worldwide popularity.


Video Chat is also very user-friendly. Fido Chat was recognized and named 2016’s Web RTC Product of the Year. The Video Chat app is considered to be number one globally. The app is free and can be shared in any mobile device. The user who downloads the app does not have to worry about signing up or registering to be able to use Video Chat. This makes it different from its other competing communication apps. Apple and Android users can us this globally free app in the same platform.


According to the founder and CEO Bob Reina from Talk Fusion, the face-to-face chat feature can be used on any device. It allows business’s to be more productive and through this app it is easier to stay in touch faster with team members.


Talk Fusion’s BobReina started talk Fusion in 2007. It is considered to be one of the first Video Marketing solutions. The purpose of talk Fusion is to help businesses with sales and profits. Its goal is to also attract the most attention than the competition with memorable and engaging videos. Talk fusion’s main goal is to improve people’s lives while helping them to feel empowered and by helping them follow their dreams. They are a great supporter for a variety of animal causes and many charities. The associates contribute to their home countries to several organizations around the world.


The Cork Hitters in the Vintners and Wine Markets in UK

With the ever growing array of new merchants flocking the vintner and wine markets in the UK, there now arises a serious need to identify a potential list of quality wine merchants in and around the country. The aim of this post is to list out some of these independent wine merchants who have graced the markets with their fine offerings:

  1. Berry Brothers & Rudd

The talk of UK Vintners is incomplete without the mention of the Berry Brothers & Rudd who have the distinction of being Britain’s oldest wine merchant having set up shop in the year 1698. Today the company has expanded its base beyond the confines of the European continent to the Asian shores of Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  1. Vagabond Wines

Started in the year 2010, Vagabond Wines is committed to serving only the best assortment of wines to its patron which comes from various different regions of the world. It is also the winner of this year’s UK’s 50 Best Indies Award.

Buy wine from the United Kingdom online here.

  1. Boutinot

Established in 1980, Boutinot has pioneered itself as the premium wine merchant here in the UK with a portfolio of 1500 wines from the best regions of the planet. Apart from supplying quality UK Vintners, they are also involved in producing their own grapes for wine production and have been featured as a Top Performing Wine Supplier 2016 in “The Wine Merchant Top 100” list.

  1. The Sampler

The Sampler had its humble beginnings in the year 2006 and has more than 1500 different wines from all over including some classic vintages in their arsenal which have made them a reckoning in the UK Vintners market. They have also been the recipient of many prestigious awards like Decanter’s Best London Wine Merchant of 2011 and the recent second position in the UK’s 50 Best Indies Award.

Visit their website here:

  1. Hallgarten-Druitt & Novum Wines

The company has the honor of being UK’s leading specialist wine merchants for over 80 years. Found in the year 1933, the wine merchant now boasts of subsidiaries in more than 23 countries with production facilities scattered across major continents like USA, South Africa and Australia. Their recent exploits include the Sommelier Wine Awards of 2016, earning the spot of second Top Performing Suppliers and a notable feature in the Wine Merchant Top 100 awards of 2016.


Mike Baur and His Pursuit in Offering Support to Startup Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is the brain behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory, a company that is turning dreams into a reality. The company has been offering support to talented startups through an incubation program that imparts vital knowledge and skills to the candidates selected.


This is an idea that Mike Baur introduced in 2014 and to date has grown into the biggest private ICT startup incubation agency in Switzerland. The program is run through several stages over three months, each with a distinct lesson for the candidates.


Coaching and market research

It can be understood that many startup entrepreneurs have ripe ideas, but during the implementation process they make mistakes that could be avoided if they had sufficient training. This is one of the issues the Swiss Startup Factory is looking to address to ensure startups get vital coaching that would allow them understand the challenges prevalent in the market and potential opportunities they can explore for their benefit.


The research work is handed over to professionals with many years of experience, who in turn come up with a comprehensive review of the system and advice on vital issues that should be addressed to maintain the profitability of the business.


Access to finance

After the incubation process, the startup needs financing, which in most cases is not available on the end of the candidates. Therefore, the Swiss Startup Factory offers the startups a platform on which they can connect with other parties interested in investing in their ideas. The company invites a network of investors in different industries and encourages them to invest in the ideas.


Career and Life of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is popular in the business world in Switzerland, mainly due to his contribution in ensuring talented startups are given a platform to showcase and nurture their ideas. Mike Baur holds an MBA and an Executive MBA from Rochester and Bern Universities respectively.


In 2014, his move to drop his career in banking and enter into business came as a new dawn. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory, which is supporting young entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas into strong businesses. He supports the company both financially and through mentorship to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

InnovaCare Health Services

As healthcare becomes more complicated and expensive, InnovaCare Health strives to make it less of both for their consumers. This healthcare entity offers management of healthcare services. There are 200,000 individual clients in Puerto Rico who subscribe to the service. More than 7,500 healthcare providers are available in the network managed by InnovaCare. Members subscribe through several plan carriers such as MMMHealthcare, Inc.(MMM) and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc.(PMC). The two government health care plans that are managed by InnovaCare are held within the Government Health Plan (GHP) in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, and Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer have done much to model and carefully guide the progress of these programs.

Penelope Kokkinides has spent more than twenty years specializing in management of bureaucratic healthcare provided by the government. The Great Society entitlement programs of Medicare and Medicaid are in dire need of reform and not the kind that has been provided by the poorly crafted Leviathan government entitlement program of 2010, The Affordable Care Act. InnovaCare is more streamlined and truly works to help people keep there doctors and their healthcare plans on

Mike Sortino knows the bean count at InnovaCare, unlike those in the bloated federal government ACA who have not even found a way to pay the doctors for their services. Mark keeps close track as the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare. He had to balance the budget for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company so he knows how to create a system of healthcare that will make sure the patient is give the proper care and treatment and not forgotten.

Know more:

InnovaCare had two great plans such as Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico, and MMM Healathcare along with PMC Medicare Choice. Fort Lee New Jersey also is a center in the United States with these great options for the elderly and those who cannot afford their own healthcare plan. These additions are great and have a wide background of great customer service and relief. The success in the times of complexity and unsettled change. So many are worried about what will happen to their benefits but with InnovaCare they can feel secure about the future of their Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid plans.

Seattle Genetics remains committed to implementing its Growth Plans

Seattle Genetics is a Bothell-based biotech company that made its largest ever financial round announcement in 2014 indicating that it was increasing its public stock offering to $552 million from $480 million through its over–allotment option.

Clay Siegall CEO of Seattle Genetics cited massive interest from investors as the reason behind the increase. Siegall said proceeds from the increased offer would be used in developing the company’s drug pipeline, expansion of their flagship cancer drug, Adcetris, and also to develop people and infrastructure of the company.

The offering was closed on mid-September 2014 and the Stocks closed at $46.79 per share at the start of the week. Clay Siegall anticipates Seattle Genetics to increase its staff to about 1,300 by the year 2020.

With this growth, Seattle Genetics, which is located at 21823 30th Dr. SE, is on the lookout for new lease spaces in the Canyon Park area of Bothell. Regarding the new development, Siegall agreed that the firm was busting at the seams and revealed that they may have to relocate to some other buildings.

Seattle Genetics, though not profitable, is one of Puget Sound region longest-standing biotech companies being founded 18 years ago.

Seattle Genetics posted a $47.5 million loss after collecting a revenue of $77 million in the second quarter of the year. Of the $77 million collected, $55.1 million was collected from sales of Adcetris.

According to Mr. Siegall, being unable to post profits was not a hindrance to the firm’s expansion plan. He maintained that the company could have posted positive profits if making profits was its priority. He confirmed that Seattle Genetics’ main goal was expanding the usage of Adcetris.

The company has used the funds collected to build diverse cancer management and antibody-based therapies for cancer patients. Mr. Siegall further confirmed that Seattle Genetics is still committed to implementing its growth plans.

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics and has been the firm’s CEO for more than 18 years.

Investing in the Whole Person: the Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a company based in Florida that ultimately wants their customers to achieve their lifetime goals. Their clientele varies from investors to entrepreneurs and anyone who has a life goal. The company’s main goals are health, wealth, and overall They are focused on every aspect of life not just one. They don’t concern themselves with just gaining wealth, but also how people use their wealth.

The Midas Legacy looks at the bigger picture. For business owners, they help with business and financial decisions to help people run successful businesses. The more successful they are the more jobs that are created. The Midas Legacy looks at the community impact. This company offers resources and mentoring to help clients reach their true potential. Many clients benefit from the research services offered from the beginning of their client’s journey.

Wealth management is one of the most popular services offered. People know how to earn money, but many do not know how manage their money well. They research the services they offer and provide experts to help with mentoring. The ultimate goal of wealth management is to be able to retire. They use retirement calculator planning and information on how to use passive income.

The Midas Legacy wants to make their clients successful from the beginning. When they first sign up, they receive the Midas Code. This book is full of secrets and research to help guide people through their journeys. The experts that work with the Midas Legacy are: publisher Jim Samson, chief editor Sean Edwards, and naturalist Mark Edwards. They want to ensure the quality resources needed in order for clients to reach full potential.

This company does give back. They are a Gold Business Member of the Florida Sheriff’s Association. They donate to the Give Hope Foundation. St. Jude’s, Salvation Army, and the Wounded Warrior are just some of the organizations that benefit from the donations of the company.