Great Benefits of Studying Kabbalah

In the world today, many teachings have captured the attention of many followers. Perhaps, it is high time you asked yourself what benefits you get from following such religious teachings. Some teachings have not benefited but only drain you of your spiritual nourishment that you have. Here I am looking at the great benefits that one gets after studying Kabbalah which is an international non-profitable organization. The teachings of Kabbalah have now been modernized, and there are even many ways you can now access this wisdom that existed millions of years ago though most people never knew of the existence.

Kabbalah is a spiritual system that offers practical solutions in your life. There is no big difference between the teachings of the other religions and Kabbalah, but the difference comes because Kabbalah teaches practical knowledge. With Kabbalah, you do not wait to get fulfillments later in your life or somewhere else. If you learn the wisdom of Kabbalah, you will get the fulfillments you want in your life here and now. There are a lot of advantages you can get if you can only dedicate yourself to read this ancient knowledge and wisdom that has been passed by great teachers.

For example, if you take your time to understand Kabbalah you will get the connection between you and spirit. There will be personal empowerment and all the things that you have always felt that you have the potential to achieve, you will achieve. Once you study Kabbalah, you will be able to understand the world, and will not have to ask yourself many questions that you do not have the answers. As you know, since we are human beings, there are achievements that we want in our lives that we may not achieve. However, if you get to understand the knowledge and wisdom of Kabbalah, you will fulfill what you have always wanted in life.

Kabbalah centre also enables one to become enlightened and have the power to understand all that is happening in your life. There are many questions that you ask yourself as human beings, and because of the limited understanding that you have, you may not get answers to these issues. However, Kabbalah is knowledge of the life we are living today. Here you get all the instructions that you need to live comfortably in this world. Participation in the lessons will make you a champion in all areas of life that you encounter.

Better Hair Conditioning From WEN by Chaz

The Haircare/Cosmetology Industry is one of the most popular, exciting, and profitable industries in the world as it hosts a wide variety of products and services on Sephora. Some of the best haircare products come in the form of conditioners. Conditioners give your hair and scalp a more thorough cleanse than just using a shampoo product alone. Did you know that many of today’s conditioners aren’t as safe as they’re made out to be? Many of the big named brands such Head & Shoulders, Aveda, and Pantene have formulas that are laced with chemical additives. The chemicals on are sulfates and parabens which can cause give the user a nice case of itchy dry scalp, breakage, dandruff, as well as hairloss.

In this case the best thing anyone can do is to stop using these products and start using a product that’s derived from a more natural source. WEN by Chaz is the brand of choice for achieving this and it’s revolutionary formula is made up of the finest of organic ingredients. Here are a few of the conditioners that this product line offers at

Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioning
Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioning
SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Conditioning
Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioning
Bamboo Green Tea Cleansing Conditioning
And many more

All it takes is just a small amount in the palm of your hands then apply it to the hair. Being a leave-in type of treatment on YouTube, the user can take a shower or brush his/her teeth without any negative side effects. After you’ve finished what you’re doing just simply wash it out. That’s it! With consistent use these conditioners can bring your dry damaged hair back fro the brink. Did you notice the fine organic ingredients that the products are named after. Fruit and Plant Extracts form the very base of these contemporary conditioners instead of being made from synthetic derivatives on Founder Chaz Dean built this product line as a reflection of self. Dean lives the healthiest of lifestyle one could possible perform and this very notion is implemented into these innovative conditioning products of WEN.

Bob Reina is changing lives around the world

Talk fusion was created in hopes of changing the way we communicate and help each other out. The company has been giving back to several different communities all around the United States. No one has been more committed to helping others through Talk Fusion other than the CEO himself, Bob Reina. The success from the company is what drives them to do change lives. They are always going to do more to help out those in need.


Reina has made a series of donations to different charity organizations. His biggest donation of $1 million went to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That broke a couple of records. There has been a couple of rather large donations to the Indonesian Orphanage helping those underprivileged children find happiness.


Today Talk Fusion is partnered with organizations in over 140 different countries and currently growing more each year. Through each sale the company is donating an account filled with their services to a local charity. The account gives you access to branding and complete customization as well as use of all video marketing products. That means any sort of live video chatting, video calling, or email communication.


The mission behind Talk Fusion is to not only make more sales than other competitors but give back to those who are less fortunate. A businesses mission should never be as simple as only sell goods. The company hopes to inspire other businesses and individuals around the world to give back to charities. The selfless act of giving back is so rewarding. Reina has always been interested in how his mission has made a difference in other peoples lives.


Bob Reina has been involved in many personal donations as well as fundraisers to Nepal earthquake victims and other cities in Japan impacted by the tsunamis and he could not be prouder.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: Ambassador of plastic surgery in Austin

  1. Jennifer Walden is a woman of multidimensional facets. She is a popular plastic surgeon from the USA, a commentator in media, educational author and the founder of the leading plastic surgery practice in Austin. She is regarded as one of the leading beauty surgeons in Austin and other parts of the country with her passion for plastic surgery and intensive expertise in her portfolio. She is also a renowned commentator on plastic surgery, and she was featured on different channels such as Fox News, ABC News, VH1, E!, and so on. Her textbook named “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” is highly acclaimed by the plastic surgeon’s communities and she has written numerous articles and research papers on this topic as well.


Jennifer is a native from Austin where she was born on 17th November 1971. She attended Anderson High School and then she graduated from the University of Texas with her undergraduate degree in Biology. Later on, she attended University of Texas Medical Branch and achieved MD qualification with distinction.



After completing her residency at the medical school, Jennifer secured a fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. This was an amazing opportunity for Jennifer to develop her competencies as a plastic surgeon and be a part of numerous clinical trials including the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. After working in this Manhattan hospital more than seven years, Jennifer returned to Austin and opened up a private practice here in 2011 and a satellite office.



From the very beginning, Jennifer Walden was focused on providing state of the art aesthetic and plastic surgery services to the community of Austin. She uses some advanced technology for her practice that includes but not limits to ThermiVa (temperature-controlled radiofrequency system for vaginal rejuvenation) and Vectra (3d imaging technology). She has also developed modern instruments for breast surgery as well. With advanced technology and her passion, she has made an unprecedented mark in the Austin community. For her achievements and work, she was featured as a spokeswoman for the ASAPS in Daily Mail and recognized as the “The Best Plastic Surgeons” by American Way in 2015.


What Will 2017 Hold For Talk Fusion?

The question that is on many people’s minds at the moment is what 2017 is going to hold for Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. They are the company that is the talk of the tech world for all they have done with video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. These are all tremendous tools for someone that is starting up their own stay-at-home business. People want to work from home. As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is and people feel most comfortable at home. They don’t have anyone looking over their shoulder and they don’t have anyone yelling at them.


With all of the tools that were mentioned above, they can fully realize all of the benefits of working from home. One of the great things is the chance to be their own boss. They have probably worked under a lot of bosses in the past, and they have seen how other people have done it and said to themselves, “If I ever got the chance, I would do it differently.” Now, they get the chance to do it differently and they also get the chance to spend more time with their family. Everybody out there wants the chance to be with their family, spend time with them, and not miss out on those invaluable moments that can’t be duplicated.


Not only that, but Talk Fusion is a top of the line product, and that is why they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation Believe it or not, it was the second award in 2016 from this company, which is why so many people are curious what is going to happen with Talk Fusion in 2017. What is up their sleeve? What are they working on? They have a tireless group of workers there and they are very, very sharp. They are full of bright ideas, creativity, and the drive to succeed. When all of that falls into place, it is amazing what can be accomplished and what can happen for a company out there.

Dick DeVos Rises To Join The Rich List

The success of the AmWay Group is a business area I have been aware of for a number of years, but I have only recently learned of the role played in the recent economic improvements of the company by former President and CEO Dick DeVos.

For myself, AmWay will always be the business area Dick DeVos is most linked to after he led the company to major success in the 1990s and 2000s; Dick had joined the group in 1974, but had to wait until the 1980s to reach executive level and prove himself one of the top business leaders in the U.S. Read more: Richard DeVos – Family , Family Tree | Celebrity Family

Looking back on the early career of Dick DeVos I could not ignore the role played in his life and business by his father, Richard, who made sure Dick attended public schools in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area the family still call home.

After Dick became a prominent part of the AmWay group his family established he was handed the difficult task of improving the international sales department that counted for just five percent of sales when he took control of the area; the impressive way Dick DeVos handled this part of the business was seen in the fact he turned the international business of AmWay into a success with more than 50 percent of sales by the end of his six years in charge of this area.

Dick DeVos spent a short period of time working in the NBA as the President of the Orlando Magic, which I believe led to him becoming a more rounded business leader who eventually returned to the AmWay Group in 1993 and became the President of the company.

I believe working in different areas of the AmWay Group gave Dick the knowledge to lead the company through an important restructuring process that led to an increase in success and profitability.

Dick DeVos may have retied from his role as the President of the AmWay Group in 2002 with profits reported at that time off more than $4 billion; I was pleased to see the end of Dick’s career at AmWay did not signal the end of his business dealings.

Since retiring, Dick DeVos has worked alongside his wife, Betsy to turn The Windquest Group the pair established into one of the most impressive in the investing industry.

Jason Hope: Futurist Predictions of IoT from Scottsdale, AZ

Jason Hope Futurist Predictions The explosion of Internet connectivity in recent years has ushered in many exciting high-tech products with the intention of advancing industry and households beyond anyone’s expectations. That means virtually any device capable of 2-way communication can be considered a smart device, therefore becoming a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things currently groups devices such as thermostats, wireless alarm systems, and appliances to name only a few, into this ever-growing collection of products designed to make our lives easier with the ability to control them from anywhere an Internet connection exists.

Jason Hope, an inventor, entrepreneur, and futurist extraordinaire is a passionate philanthropist with a sincere desire to aid humanity in areas such as education, scientific research, disease cure, and biotechnology. Jason Hope has much to say about how technology is advancing, and how to apply new technology to change how we use products that once seemed mundane and ordinary. The list of applications increases almost daily, and include using your mobile phone as a remote control for operating your heating and cooling system and monitoring the temperature inside your home. Another use is in home security systems. When your doorbell rings, you can see who is at your door in real-time, and decide to unlock the door remotely, all from your smartphone. Also, the expansion of the IoT means that it will grow exponentially into other industries such as the hospitality industry with no end in sight.

The hospitality industry is one area where Jason Hope sees the Internet of Things as an essential next step due to the accessibility and convenience of the Internet. Because the Internet is readily available, the public soon will see its use as a regular part of travel, especially given the ability to rent a hotel room, secure certain amenities before arrival, and stocking a mini-bar with guest’s favorite snacks and drinks, all from the ease and convenience of a smartphone.

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Connected Cars

Hope also sees the world driving connected cars. Connected cars will no doubt be safer with their ability to warn drivers of possible dangers such as a collision warning system, notifications of speeding and safety alerts, and accidents. The benefit of a “cooperative safety-of-life” feature means that connected cars will instantly communicate with each other to keep each car at a safe distance. However, the technology for connected cars is still in its infancy, with the infrastructure and government regulations as a challenge to overcome.

Healthcare and Manufacturing

Jason Hope believes that the healthcare and manufacturing industries with the use of IoT devices becoming mainstream, and helping drive costs down while providing critical information to keep specific areas of the industries running more efficiently and with less equipment downtime.

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Securus Technologies Will Make Inmates Love Christmas Again

There is not one prison inmate who would enjoy Christmas if he/she could not see their child. Observing the Christmas video produced by Securus Technologies is a prime example of how technology is bringing prison inmates closer to their children.


As the child awakes, he speaks to his father through the Securus Technologies video service. The child goes all around his home, especially under the Christmas tree, while speaking to his father. The father, with tears in his eyes, spends Christmas morning with his son, though the father is a prison inmate.


It is stories like these that change the thoughts and actions of humanity. For this Christmas and every future Christmas, Securus Technologies will open up a door that never seemed like a possibility. Prison inmates within the United Stated and other parts of the world will be able to speak with their child and family members face to face on Christmas morning.


Inmates will be able to easily use the hardware and software that is installed within the prison. Just as well, it will not be difficult at all for children to use Securus Technologies video service from the comfort of their own home/Christmas tree.


Securus Technologies has not only built a plan to help inmates connect with their children/family on Christmas, but they have also created services to help communities in a variety of ways. Their public safety plan is a prime example of how they help communities.


The public safety plan produced by Securus Technologies comes equipped with both hardware and software. The hardware would be devices stored in law enforcement locations and also mini devices that can be carried by law enforcement officials. The software would be the automatic data entry and digital file storing that is done behind the scenes.


When a law enforcement official arrests and individual, the individual’s name will be placed into the public safety plan software system. Law enforcement officials will automatically be notified regarding friends and relatives of this individual that have also been arrested. This information is updated on a daily basis. A few states have recently accepted this plan. They were able to solve some tough cases in a quick amount of time.


The public safety plan is built to be a statewide system. The information can be changed into a different language, and the information can also be saved for months or even years.


Bob Reina: The Job Is Never Done

When someone has the work ethic, commitment, and dedication of Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, their work is never done. It is not like they do one good thing, they pat themselves on the back, and call it a day. They keep moving and they keep moving forward. They know there is more out there for them and they love the chance to help out even more people. That is how Talk Fusion began back in 2007. It was the kind of company that was put on earth to help people and give them a shot at redemption, which is something people always love in life.


It was mentioned that Talk Fusion started back in 2007, and they have done a whole lot of good since then for both their customers and for the community as a whole. This is something that Bob Reina has embraced and he has never been shy about it. He truly enjoys helping everyone and anyone that he can out there. When it comes to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, he made a record breaking donation to them. Animals oftentimes need homes and they need help and they have a hard time getting it. However, with someone like Bob Reina at the helm, they are finding it a little bit easier.


He is also offering thirty-day free trials of Talk Fusion to people out there that are interested in giving it a go. They might have read about it or heard a lot about it, but they have never actually used it or tried it out. Now, when they try it out, they can try out the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They can see that there is another way to make a living. This is a new way to make a living and it is a way that is going to change their lives for the better.


They can become a new person and get that redemption that was talked about earlier. They can have their life back on their terms, which is a wonderful feeling for people.


George Soros: Giving Where It Counts

As a young man in Hungary, George Soros escaped Nazi persecution and found a better life in America. He studied business and finance and became a billionaire, thanks to his wise investments in foreign currency. Because of his experiences in the past, 85 year-old Soros is a champion of human rights, religious tolerance, and immigration reform. He is a renowned political donor. published a recent article concerning Soros and his return to political funding. Donating to political campaigns is nothing new to Soros. He rose to prominence during the election of 2004, when he donated a total of $27 million to various Democratic campaigns. Soros was especially supportive of Presidential candidate John Kerry, who was running against Republican George W. Bush.

After Bush won the election, Soros was not as financially active in the political arena, says the article. He pushed a lot of his money to his global charities. They represent many of his progressive ideas, such as human rights, education, health care, and corrections reform. Even though his political funding was not on the grand scale of 2004, George Soros continued to give to various Democratic causes, says the article.

George Soros has been concerned with the threats to progressive issues over the past decades. He takes issue with some prominent people in the G.O.P. and fears that the nation could go backward in social progress. His political advisor, Michael Vachon, was quoted in the article as saying how high the stakes are in the 2016 election. Therefore, Soros increased his political support.

Due to his concerns, George Soros contributed at least $27 million to campaigns in the Democratic Party. He has enjoyed a good rapport with Bill and Hillary Clinton for nearly 25 years, says the article. A large portion of his donations has supported the Clinton campaign. These figures were made public by the Federal Election Commission. Soros may consider donating more as the election gets closer, says some of his close associates.

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George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

He had intentions of going to this year’s Democratic Convention. It is something that he has not done, in spite of being a regular donor. Soros has been concerned about the European economy, and wanted to keep an eye on it during the elections, says the article. He did not get to go to the convention.

George Soros has been outspoken in his criticism of Republican policies. The article says that he is leery of Republican candidate, Donald Trump. Soros says that much of Trump’s rhetoric and G.O.P. policies promote fear, which he says is pleasing to the self-proclaimed Islamic State. These concerns have motivated Soros more than he has been since 2004, say sources close to him.

Soros is viewed as an example by the Democratic Party. When other high-profile donors see his support, they may opt to make donations. So far, there have been several wealthy donors who have stood with George Soros. The article says that thanks to their contributions, the Democratic Party has a larger fund than the G.O.P.

George Soros has been part of the political scene for years. He has generously sponsored groups that uphold his progressive ideology. Because he sees the importance of the 2016 election outcome, Soros has again been a major contributor to Democratic causes, the article says.

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