The Cork Hitters in the Vintners and Wine Markets in UK

With the ever growing array of new merchants flocking the vintner and wine markets in the UK, there now arises a serious need to identify a potential list of quality wine merchants in and around the country. The aim of this post is to list out some of these independent wine merchants who have graced the markets with their fine offerings:

  1. Berry Brothers & Rudd

The talk of UK Vintners is incomplete without the mention of the Berry Brothers & Rudd who have the distinction of being Britain’s oldest wine merchant having set up shop in the year 1698. Today the company has expanded its base beyond the confines of the European continent to the Asian shores of Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  1. Vagabond Wines

Started in the year 2010, Vagabond Wines is committed to serving only the best assortment of wines to its patron which comes from various different regions of the world. It is also the winner of this year’s UK’s 50 Best Indies Award.

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  1. Boutinot

Established in 1980, Boutinot has pioneered itself as the premium wine merchant here in the UK with a portfolio of 1500 wines from the best regions of the planet. Apart from supplying quality UK Vintners, they are also involved in producing their own grapes for wine production and have been featured as a Top Performing Wine Supplier 2016 in “The Wine Merchant Top 100” list.

  1. The Sampler

The Sampler had its humble beginnings in the year 2006 and has more than 1500 different wines from all over including some classic vintages in their arsenal which have made them a reckoning in the UK Vintners market. They have also been the recipient of many prestigious awards like Decanter’s Best London Wine Merchant of 2011 and the recent second position in the UK’s 50 Best Indies Award.

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  1. Hallgarten-Druitt & Novum Wines

The company has the honor of being UK’s leading specialist wine merchants for over 80 years. Found in the year 1933, the wine merchant now boasts of subsidiaries in more than 23 countries with production facilities scattered across major continents like USA, South Africa and Australia. Their recent exploits include the Sommelier Wine Awards of 2016, earning the spot of second Top Performing Suppliers and a notable feature in the Wine Merchant Top 100 awards of 2016.