Doe Deere on Lime Crime and Beauty Trends

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a bold makeup company with makeup and hair products designed for “unicorns” – i.e. people who love to express themselves with bold, fantasy-themed colors. Recently, Lime Crime collaborated with the company Feelunique to have a pop-up shop in London on April 27th.


Lime Crime has been reaching cult phenomenon status with its outside-the-box thinking when it comes to makeup, vegan and cruelty-free formations, and sparkle. The 100% cruelty free nature of Lime Crime is particularly important to Doe Deere, as she is an animal lover and does animal-related charity work. She is personally against animal testing, and she wants the goals of the brand to reflect that. When discussing the cult status that Lime Crime had reached, Doe Deere said that uniqueness is what makes a cult beauty brand or product. Since its launch in 2008, Lime Crime has been filling a niche in the makeup industry that nobody else has, and that’s what has enabled it to take off so vastly. As their company develops, Deere aims to continue to be individual in the crowded market of beauty products.


Deere also has a lot of thoughts on makeup trends, and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. She says that everyone makes mistakes, even if it might seem like an individual entrepreneur is effortlessly successful. During the history of her company, she has experienced some turbulence and troubles, such as having lots of online hate, but she has managed to overcome this because she knows she is doing the right thing. She supports other young female entrepreneurs, saying that a good way to explore the future of being a female entrepreneur is to focus on innovation and look for gaps in the market. A big part of Lime Crime is women supporting other women, and helping each other have the confidence to rock out-there colors. To this extent, Deere calls her fans unicorns, which is a word for people who are brave, different, and proud of it.


A beauty trend that Deere is really excited about this year is using bright purple in all things beauty, in accordance with Pantone’s color of the year, which is ultraviolet. To jump-start using more purple in her brand, Deere’s company has launched the Venus III eyeshadow palette, which includes lavender, lilac and other shades of purple. She also thinks that whimsical and glittery products are becoming more popular because of the current age of self-expression, with social media helping people express themselves and realizing that it’s better to be a trendsetter than a conformist. She focuses on packaging with her company, with the mindset that it’s just as important as the product itself. Lime Crime’s Venus palettes come with art of the goddess herself, and a recent “pocket candy palette” went viral on Instagram, inspired by nostalgic candy-like toys. Lime Crime also focuses on matching their whimsical products with themed names, which are typically a product of brainstorming and capture the essence of the item. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is the creator of the many medical devices. He has proprietary rights to these devices that he created throughout his medical career, and they are custom-designed to assist the roles of doctors. He has been a fanatical pediatric surgeon for over forty years, and he has saved thousands of lives. There are young children that send him many thanks, and families are forever grateful to him for his nice work. Dr. Saad Saad has been the leading operating surgeon in reducing pain and decreasing the danger of pediatric surgery. He’s a really charitable doctor. He has performed surgeries on poor kids for no charge, and he has saved their lives. Such acts of wellfare and acts of kindness are rare within the world. This can be why Dr. Saad Saad is that the nice doctor he is. He goes the additional mile for his patients. He has taken mission visits to the capital of Israel and also the West bank of Palestine to perform free surgeries. The youngsters within the poor, war torn areas were overly grateful. It’s really a blessing to possess Dr. saad Saad as a child operating surgeon.


One of the leading patents that Dr. Saad Saad has filed for is strategies and equipment for providing suction and/or irrigation in a very rigid medical instrument while maintaining visual contact with a target through the lens of another medical instrument. This proprietary invention is supposed to make the employment of endoscopes easier. Surgeons use the medical instrument to go looking through a patient’s body throughout a surgery and before the surgery. This will be dangerous work, and it needs exact accuracy. The tool is often used in difficult to diagnose places – the stomach, windpipe, spleen, throat, intestines, heart. The little lens offers doctors a full read of what’s happening within the patient’s body. The tool has detected issues that doctors didn’t anticipate, and it’s been important for the observation of surgery for many years. It’s necessary to grasp what’s happening within a patient before cutting them open for surgery. Dr. Saad saad’s endoscope attachment will enable doctors to empty away excess fluid which will be interfering with a doctor’s accurate read. The suction-irrigation has been vital in giving doctors a clearer read of the patient’s body. The fluids have the potential to overcast the lens, so Dr. Saad Saad’s suction-irrigation attachment has been an amazing addition to the medical field. He has rescued many children with his surgeries, and he has created a safer way to complete the surgeries. Learn more:


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joining Hands with NFLA and LabCorp to Spread Awareness About Prostate Cancer Screening


It is an unfortunate yet universal truth today that cancer has become an epidemic world over and is taking lives of millions of people across the globe each year. Even though many of the cancers are recoverable today, the trauma a patient goes through because of it and the treatment one has to go through is highly damaging, physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the most common cancers among men today is prostate cancer, and as per the oncologists and cancer specialists, one of the biggest reasons for it being so common is the lack of awareness among the people.

Many of the cancers, when caught in earlier stages, can be recovered successfully and without much of a problem to the patient. However, most of the people ignore the symptoms they feel due to the lack of awareness and hence, do not go to regular screenings even when the body has given many hints. To ensure that the importance of screenings for prostate cancer is spread among the people, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp, and the National Football League Alumni Association has collaborated. The LabCorp would provide 2,000 free screenings at its 1,750 centers across the country as a part of this awareness campaign. Once the 2,000 free screenings are available to the eligible candidates, the screenings would be provided for prostate cancer at price of $25.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in the year of 1988 and is a network of five hospitals that offer comprehensive cancer treatment and therapies. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s hospitals are highly advanced and equipped with modern technologies to help patients get current treatment and efficient results. The team of oncologists at these hospitals are considered to be the best in the field of cancer therapies, treatment, and research. It is one of the most trusted names for receiving efficient and advanced cancer treatments in the United States.





Agora Financial: Giving Their Audiences One Of A Kind Investment Strategies

Agora Financial is a company that provides investment solutions to its audience through a variety of media methods and publications. The company aims to educate their audiences on a much larger basis and to help them understand the right places where they could invest their money. The company takes pride in offering solutions that aren’t mainstream as yet, giving their audiences an early investment edge over those who don’t particularly know about the hidden investment opportunities that yield large profits.

Since Agora Financial is mainly concerned with offering their readers and viewers an easy way to understand their strategies, they have a number of youtube videos, seminars, newsletters and much more to give the customer the option to choose the platform that would help them learn and understand the concepts and investment strategies the best.

When a company is in its infancy, that is considered to be one of the best times to invest, especially if the company is involved with a revolutionary idea. When these companies make it big, it becomes a lot more expensive to invest into them. For this purpose, the company hires staff to go all over the world and visit different sites to find out the best investment opportunities for their clients. This information can help their audience to make a lot of money since most of the recommendations that Agora Financial give is in its infancy, but are expected to grow tremendously. The company spends around one million dollars every year so that they can conduct the proper research to give their audiences one of a kind investment plans that they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Agora Financial does not partner with companies so that they can give their audience an unbiased opinion on their investment strategies. With the bold predictions that the analysts at the organization make, they have been featured numerous times in top media outlets.

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How Honey Birdette Is Taking Over The Industry

Honey Birdette is the lingerie store in Australia. It has grown to become so popular in Australia that they have recently created a US e-commerce website so that people in the United States can experience the lingerie brand that so many others have come to love while also improving their customer service experience. Beyond Honey Birdette’s newly formed website, they have also released their plans to grow the UK stores from 3 to 40 over the next couple of years. With such a high demand for their products, Honey Birdette seems to be becoming the must buy brand for many lingerie and sensuality lovers alike.

Since 2006, when Honey Birdette was created, the company has experienced an overwhelming amount of support and love for their products. Within the past year alone their sales have increased by almost 400%. This insane growth coupled with their high-quality products is making Honey Birdette a force to be reckoned with in the lingerie industry.

For Honey Birdette, the experience the customer has is just as important as the products they are selling. They want to ensure that when people come into their store that they are having fun and feel comfortable. Their dedication to their customers is unbeatable.

Honey Birdette is more than a lingerie company, its an experience. Not only are their products amazing and high-quality but so is their customer service and staff. With their growing popularity and rise in stores, Honey Birdette is getting ready to take over the lingerie world one bra at a time.

Medical News: Dr. Imran Haque as an Internist

Dr. Imran Haque is a well-known and respected internist who has been practicing medicine for the past 19 years. He has been providing medical services since 1998 at North Carolina and its environs.

Dr. Imran Haque studied medicine at North Carolina University and graduated in 1998.he was also enrolled for Certification Program for internal medicine where he obtained the professionalism in the internal medicine. He has been licensed by the state to practice medicine in the region of operation. Dr. Imran Haque offer medical services at affordable prices, and he accepts various medical insurance plans.

Dr. Imran Haque has a wide knowledge in internal medicine and makes it possible for him to offer diverse services to the patients. He evaluates the condition of the patient as by the medical procedures and prescribes the necessary treatment. His medical facility has incorporated modern technology such ultrasound service for effective treatment of the patient. Some of the services which he provides to the service include laser hair removal, treatment of diabetes and management of weight. Moreover, he provides physical exams to the members of the public. His ability to offer various service has necessitated several patients to visit him for specialized treatment. Many patients have consulted him to be their primary doctor.

Dr. Imran Haque performs diagnosis to the patients and offers treatments at his office .sometimes he refers the patients to specialized doctors when he finds that the patient deserves specialized treatment. He has a laboratory where he conducts laboratory services for the patients.

The medical service of Dr. Imran Haque as a specialized internist has attracted various awards .he has received the awards as appreciation for the excellent services he is providing as a medical doctor. The distinguished award which he has received came from NC, United States of America local authority. Dr. Imran Haque medical proficiency has improved the quality of life of many people.

Bruce Bent II; One of the Top Minds in the Financial Industry

Money market funds are mutual funds that are open-ended and invest in short-term securities. They usually invest in commercial paper, treasury bonds, and repurchase agreements. They are considered to be better than bank accounts because they are low-risk and have relatively higher returns. These funds are required to be stable so that they are able to pay dividends to the investors.

The first money market fund was started  in 1971.

Money market funds were responsible for the adoption of mutual funds by the general public. There are several types of money funds. They are characterized according to securities that they invest. Treasury money funds invest more than 99% of its assets in repurchase agreements and government securities. Prime money funds invest in commercial paper and variable debt of the government. Retail money funds are offered to individuals, but they have high servicing fees. They are not insured, but they have higher return yields.

Bruce Bent II is the president and vice chair of Double Rock Corporation. He has been involved in the success of the firm. Double Rock offers technology solutions for cash management to banks, retail markets, and brokers. He has an indepth understanding of money market funds.

Bent serves as a senior executive at each of the subsidiary companies of Double Rock including Island Intellectual Property, Landing Rock Group, and Access Control Advantage. Bent II has various patents to his name for his role in the development of innovative cash management solutions. He was instrumental in the transformation of the cash management industry into a trillion dollar market.

Bent II studied at Northeastern University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy.  He was appointed the assistant treasurer of Hallmark First Mutual Fund and the director of Reserve in 2000. He assumed the role of Senior Vice President and co-chief executive officer of Hallmark Investment Series Trust five years later.

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How USHALTH Group operates and the services they offer.

USHEALTH Group Inc is based in Fort Worth, Texas and it aims at becoming Americas trusted entity for Healthcare with the help of its subsidiaries of National Foundation Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The Company with the assistance of its affiliate companies is dedicated to ensuring all their clients are provided innovative life, Accident and Disability Insurance solutions from a self-employed individual, employees to small business owners. USHEALTH group has been able to offer services to more than ten million customers and tailored plans for more than fifty years with the assistance of its insurance companies


In matters concerning accident and detailed sickness coverage, the USHEALTH family understands that people are different and due to this, there needs are different. The firm believes people should be given options to choose from and their clients value the array of options presented by the group. Through this, the customers are given an opportunity to choose the protection cover they feel fits them better and is appropriate for them. The group is responsible for developing a broad portfolio of coverage that allows the client a chance to pick one. The unique products offered by USHEALTH Group allow the group and its affiliate companies qualified to address their customers’ needs for affordability, reliability, and flexibility in their insurance choice.

For those clients who are on a limited budget or concerned about having to satisfy a high annual deductible from the insurance plan before receiving any benefits, they rely on the portfolios offered by USHEALTH Group. These portfolios consist of innovative products that provide substantial network discount and first dollar benefits for covered services. In most cases, some plans are affordable compared to comprehensive plan. Regardless of what health coverage the client chooses, the group is always there to help the client by enhancing their protection with full line ancillary products such as term Life Insurance, Short term Accident Disability Income, Vision Plans among other products.

The USHEALTH Advisory team

USHEALTH Advisory is one of the subsidiaries of USHEALTH group. The clients’ need some assurance when it comes to seeking a health coverage considering today’s complexity in the health insurance industry. With the help of a USHEALTH Advisor agent who is licensed and trusted, the clients are assisted in any advice he/she might need. The agent has undergone training and certification thus equipped to offer a consultation where needed. The commitment of these agents to personal attention has made USHEALTH Advisors recognized when it comes to customer care, innovation, and business growth.

As days go by, more and more people are turning to USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group to get their insurance coverage needs met. Through this, the group together with its affiliate companies continue to do what they do best, offering health insurance covers.

Running A Successful Business And The Relationship With Employees

Running a business is a really big deal. There are a lot of aspects that people need to handle when it comes to running a business. While it is often a desired thing, it is something that very few people are able to manage because there is so much that goes into it. In order for one to be able to run a successful business, he has to be able to manage himself. One thing that could be said is that it is very difficult to run a business when other aspects of life are in chaos. Fortunately, there are people that speak on the topic of business success and life management. Josh Verne is someone that is worth listening to.


Josh is someone who has learned a lot in his career. He has also experienced a lot and has learned some very important lessons throughout his career. He is also someone that can be trusted and respected because he has learned from a lot of mistakes that he has made.


There is much more to running a successful business than just serving customers. Business owners also have to mind their relationships with their employees. Josh Verne advises business owners to take the time to build their relationships with their employees and show an example through leadership. Josh has learned that the best results for his business comes when he actually leads the employees and show an example of the type of work that needs to be done. One thing that he understands about people is that they are more willing to follow humans and examples than just orders.


One other good thing to do is award the employees. A lot of employees don’t know if they are doing a good job or not. They are also afraid of losing their jobs because they are not sure whether or not they are doing well by the employer. When an employer takes the time to list the strengths, then they will be more encouraged to work for him.