Reflecting on Persistence

Bob Reina believes that our very fist lesson in persistence comes when we first learn to ride a bike. Is he right? Quite possibly, he is. The lesson he says in this is that when you fall, you get back up. This is a great life lesson, and something he focused on in a recent article. It’s easy to start riding, and gripping the handlebars tight as any child would, it’s hard to imagine that you can ride on your own. Once mom or dad let go, it could mean a fall. So, when you fall, do you quit riding your bike?


Reina uses this scenario to lead into another good point about not quitting. As you age, you may not feel so inclined to get back up and keep peddling. When you are young, you feel like you can climb to the top of the world and find your very own place to settle. As you get older, you take falling down a little harder. You begin to look at hard knocks in life as the end. You may not feel like trying anymore, and you may feel as though you are done. Quitting is how most folks believe they should survive. Is it conducive to living the life you were meant to live?


Secondly, outside of quitting, procrastination can be the evil that leaves the bruise. Putting off losing weight or working harder to hone your skills may leave you feeling cynical about the world. Can you make the top tier of commission? Maybe not. Only those who have a strong will can survive.


Reina references Beyonce and her latest visual album. Despite any criticism she hears or low numbers on the album prior to this, she never stops. Quitting is not an option for Beyonce, and she won’t take no as her answer. Reina says that this is what makes the difference in who makes it and who doesn’t. This is why Reina has achieved tremendous success with Talk Fusion.


Reina does not believe in doing just enough to get by, and he proved that in 2002 when he founded Talk Fusion. He believed that there was a better way to communicate and he continues to improve upon each product he has released. He recently launched an upgrade of his WebRTC technology, making it even easier to use and more attractive to his current customers. Learn more: