Omar Boraie Bulit Housing and Offices in New Brunswick for Working Families and Professionals

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According to Rutgers, in New Jersey Boraie Development has been providing affordable housing to working families for many years. It is one of the most sought after development companies in New Jersey. They use private funding for development projects, and have strong relationships with traditional financial institutions.

They provide many services like management of the property, development, marketing, and sales. The company looks for long term relationship and builds residential, student housing, hotels, and retail properties. Omar Boraie, president, has reached out and funded many projects to change and improve New Brunswick, NJ for families.

He helped to fund a family movie festival with the State Theater. The festival ran seven free movies during a two month period. Over 7,500 people attended. He worked with corporations to keep good jobs in the region. One of the companies he worked with was Johnson and Johnson. Omar Boraie formed alliances with professionals in the city that could help his company grow. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

He built office space that attracted professionals and built housing in New Brunswick that kept families and individuals living in well maintained surroundings.

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Omar Boarie is the Redeemer New Brunswick Needed

40 years ago, the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey was a complete dump. Jobs are leaving at a rapid rate, families did not want to raise their children there, every single organization was looking after their own goals, and the middle class was leaving to find employment elsewhere. Looking at the dire situation, many analysts said that the city would die in just a few years. However, there was one man who stood against this wisdom. His name is Omar Boraie, and because of his dedication, New Brunswick, New Jersey is thriving today.

Omar Boraie was disheartened during his time traveling through Europe. He saw the various majestic cities that they had and knew that New Brunswick could become just as powerful if only the people would commit to it. He began speaking to those who were in power and learned of the various things he had to do in order to help turn New Brunswick around.

According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie immediately began bringing families back to the area. “Without a strong family community, you will never be able to grow your city,” one man told him. He reached out to the various nonprofits in order to see what they could make happen. He told the nonprofits to submit to him their strategies and plans to build family relations. Those that he deemed successful, he would support himself with his own money.

In addition to making the city family oriented, he also brought back the middle class. The middle class has two concerns on their hearts, their family, and their professions. Boraie Development had already begun focusing on bringing back the families so all he had to do now was focus on stabilizing their careers. He mainly brought back the middle class by building prestigious office space and residential area. He then offered this to the middle class for prices an upstart professional could easily pay. This allowed the various lawyers, doctors, and counselors to appear more prestigious than they really were. Check out his website

Besides bringing back the middle class, Omar Boraie also worked at building a strong coalition of forces. This coalition was made up of the power players in the city. They all agreed to realign their visions and missions in order to include the growth of New Brunswick.

The last thing that Omar Boraie did was jumpstart the job market by convincing Johnson and Johnson to remain in the area.

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The Renowned Real Estate Entrepreneur- Jose AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto is a renowned entrepreneur from Brazil who deals with the real estate business. The real estate company he heads is known as officer JHSF Participacoes where the businessman serves as also its’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Further, Jose AuriemoNeto is a graduate of (FAAP) Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Neto took over the JHSF Company in 1993 after his father, Fabio Auriemo.

Highlights of Jose AuriemoNeto’s Leadership at JHSF

Under Jose Auriemo Neto’s leadership, the company grew tremendously where in 1997, he introduced services department in a quest to expand the business. Consequently, this saw the group’s first development of a shopping center destination after he successfully obtained the patent rights. The development of the of the project of the grand shopping mall ‘Shopping Santa Cruz’ was a major leap to the company which earned it credit for even more sophisticated building developments.

Moreover, Neto oversaw the company’s first business venture into retail by signing of the exclusive partnership agreement in the opening of the luxury brands first outlets. The businessman signed the agreement with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes in the opening of the company’s owned CidadeJardim Shopping Complex. This was the start of the JHSF’s prominent positioning in the market portfolio in the real estate focused on shopping centers development.

Furthermore, JHSF Company has been a market leader since the opening of the first mall and has opened five more malls afterward. Still, with Neto at the helm, JHSM again extended outside its region to develop projects in the United States and Uruguay. One of its’ outstanding building in the United States is 815 on the Fifth Avenue in New York. Another one that stands out in Uruguay is the residential condominium Las Piedras in Punta del Este. In addition, Jose advocates for sustainable energy where the business has established two subsidiaries to incorporate energy sustainability schemes.

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New Brunswick’s Developments Courtesy of Boraie

The renowned Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company. The company that has its headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey carries out remarkable urban development. Over the years, the company’s vision for New Brunswick as advocated by its president Omar Boraie has been achieved. During the initial stages of his company, Omar Boraie wanted to rebuild and reshape New Brunswick and make it similar to some of the town he came across while he was Europe as a traveling scholar.

The first project that he embarked on was a block of 21 rundown buildings. Many people considered him a joker for building such a building in downtown New Brunswick. However, he continued with the project and finished it in the 1990’s. The enormous office building that measured 250,000 square foot provides the city of New Brunswick with proper office spaces that were in high demand.

With the increasing population, Omar ventured into building high profile residential units for residents in the city. He, therefore, built the Spring Street Condominium Building. The 25-floor complex that was completed in 2007, comprises of 121 units, retail shops, office space and a huge parking garage within it.

Omar Boraie also saw a business niche in luxury developments. He realized that many professionals including doctors, businessmen, nurses, teachers among others wanted to do their jobs in New Brunswick and at the same time enjoy the facilities in the developed downtown. He, therefore, invested in building the Aspire to attract the professionals as tenants. The Aspire targets young residents interested in style and convenience. The building is located near numerous prestigious restaurants and entertainment areas. Boraie Development LLC is continuously developing office building and apartments in New Brunswick. It has also extended its services to the Atlantic City and Newark.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development LLC provides various services in the urban real estate market. The real estate company specializes in Property Management, Real Estate Development and Sales, and Marketing. As part of Property Management, Boraie Developments maintains its properties and carries out improvements and renovations on a regular basis. The managers and staff of the company are devoted to develop and build quality stylish properties and at the same time provide proper services to its clients. The company works with able financial institutions, experienced architects and contractors to complete projects successfully within the set deadlines. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms.

The company has been in the business for over 30 years. Its tremendous track record makes it one of the leading developers in New Jersey.


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The Career Life of José AuriemoNeto

Family-run businesses are faced with the highest risk of failure. This is particularly because of poor management and conflict of interest. However, there are still few family-run businesses that manage to beat all odds and succeed. What these companies have in common is great leaders. And, this is the case of JHSF.

A Brief History of JHSF

JHSF is the leading construction and real estate development company in Brazil. It was founded back in the year 1972, by two brothers Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo and with the help of partners. Following an agreement, the company later split and Fabio went with the unit that was invested in real estate development, leaving his brother to handle the other unit. In the year 1993, Fabio’s eldest son, JoseAuriemoNeto joined the company.

Reasons for the Success of JHSF

JHSF is a leading real estate company, not only in Brazil but also beyond the Brazilian border’s. Following the continued success of the company, the owners decided to expand to New York and to Uruguay, and they continued to thrive in these areas. All this has been made possible by great management.

Under the leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto, everything is possible for JHSF. Since he joined the company, the real estate industry mogul has not been the same. It has all been about moving forward in the right direction.

So, what makes Jose AuriemoNeto such a good leader? The number trait that makes Neto a good leader is his experience. He is a graduate of the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University (FAAP), where he good a good education base to support his career life. As for his career experience, he has over 24 years of that. For more than two decades, he has served JHSF, making it the best company that it can be. From the year2003, he has been the CEO of the company, a role that he was assigned to after being recognized for the deals he closed on behalf of JHSF. A decade later, after the opening of CidadeJardim, his father appointed him to succeed him as the executive president of the company. To know more click here.