End Citizens United And Major Reform

End Citizens United is the name of a prominent PAC (political action committee) that has been making big waves in recent years. Randy Bryce is a politician who is Paul Ryan’s latest opponent. End Citizens United has stated that they’re backing Randy Bryce in his efforts. Paul Ryan is a Wisconsin Republican senator who has been Speaker of the House for a couple of years. He’s been a big political figure since the end of the nineties as well.

End Citizens United believes firmly that Bryce will surpass Ryan. The group is giving Bryce its full support. The group isn’t only enthusiastic about helping Bryce win and accomplish his objectives. It’s also eager to do away with Citizens United. The organization’s name makes that goal 100 percent clear to all.

End Citizens United is a group that’s made up of determined activists who are part of the Democratic party. The organization has a clear and straightforward goal as well. Its number one goal is to stop the role of “Big Money” in the political realm. It’s to repair the many problems they believe exist within the political universe. End Citizens United aims to make significant changes by helping campaign finance reform proponents get elected. The group cares about state ballot changes and wants to make the topic more commonplace as well. End Citizens United, in a nutshell, is an organization that’s all about reform and moving forward.

The End Citizens United team is nothing if not devoted. The group is headed by President Tiffany Muller. She also serves as its Executive Director. Some examples of the other big players who are on the team are Executive Vice President Matt Burgess, Press Secretary Anne Feldman and Communications Director Adam Bozzi. The crew at End Citizens United consists of talented and capable people who focus one everything from finances to communications and beyond. It’s a healthy mix of political managers, political directors, research directors, executive assistants and so much more.

End Citizens United doesn’t approve of Citizens United and any of its actions. Citizens United is a group that’s located in Washington, D.C. It was established toward the end of the eighties. The main objective at Citizens United is to bring the nation back to the concept of citizens’ control. David Bossie serves as End Citizens’ President and has had that role since the year 2000.

End Citizens United is an organization that is active in the social media community. The group has more than 300,000 likes on Facebook, a beloved social networking site. It has close to 300,000 followers on the platform as well. People who want to communicate with the End Citizens United team can do so by sending Facebook messages.

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