End Citizen Unite: Bringing A change To American Politics

Presidential elections in almost all the nations across the world have become not only the ultimate test for electoral democracy but have acted as the basis for political upheavals and contentions. The United States Of America has recently had its share of political outbursts which have in a big way tested its democracy. Much of the political troubles that are facing the United States started after during the campaigns period and after the election of Donald Tramp as the President. Many Democratic politicians and their supporters passionately opposed his election and his presidency.

Democrats reject his way of governance and openly criticize the way in which he is ruling the country. One good example of such a loyal Democrat is Ted Skowvron who is 93 years old veteran who fought in World War II. As a proud American, Ted easily shows contempt to the new president stating with displeasure that some should eject the seating president forcefully out the White House and vows that if no-one does he would do it himself.

He is just but one of the many Democrats who has branded themselves the resistance in Pennsylvania as they rally up behind Conor Lamb who is campaigning to secure the Democratic seat as the representative of Houston at the Congress. Lamb welcomes all his democrat supporters as he hopes to secure the position and eco on the resistance against the governance of Donald Tramp.

End Citizens United is one organization already spearheading the campaign against poor governance by politicians in the United States. Apart from election reform, End Citizens United endeavors to speak out on issues that affect the general wellbeing of Americans such as gun control and conservative rules. End Citizens United campaigns are handy especially at local levels to counter electoral meddling by wealthy corporations and billionaires. The challenge of election funding arose after the decision by the Supreme Court on Citizens United Vs. Federal Election Commission when the court opined that corporations have rights to fund American reforms.

End Citizens United hopes to fight against ill-intended political funding, reforming finance regulations on elections to prevent big corporations from over funding.Such significant financing hugely affects the outcomes of elections thus overturns the will of the people, and as a result, companies gain the upper hand. They are doing this through involving the masses in funding campaigns for pro-reform contestants in all government ranks. To further their mission, End Citizens United has already endorsed Randy Bryce for U.S. presidency bid in 2020. This choice is against the other presidential aspirant Paul Ryan who highly supports the current status where billions of election funds are being used to influence reforms. End Citizens United efforts through its website raised $4 Million in the first quarter in 2017.