Billionaire Philanthropist George Soros Transfers $18 Billion To His Open Society Foundations

George Soros is one of the world’s most influential investors. He is a business magnate, political activist, and philanthropist. In Oct. 2017, Soros revealed that he had transferred around $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations in the past few years. The foundation aims to promote democracy and open society all over the world. Open Society Foundation has a network of organizations spread out over more than hundred countries where they work to develop democratic and liberal values in the populace. Soros’s foundation ranks as the second largest foundation of the world after the Gates Foundation.

Over the last three decades, Soros’s foundations have given away around $14 billion to pro-democracy movements around the globe. His first major philanthropic move was setting up funded scholarships for black South Africans in 1979. Then he went on to establish a foundation in Hungary in 1984 to strengthen the country’s civil society against the Communist regime. After the collapse of Communism, Soros understood that he had to shift the direction of the work of his foundations. Until then, the foundations had been working as a subversive force in society, but now took on a constructive role. The foundations started supporting pro-democratic institutions in countries throughout Eastern and Central Europe. They paid for students travel grants, supported organizations promoting good governance and worked to protect marginalized populations in various countries. In 1991, Soros established the Central European University in the city of Budapest to encourage open academic pursuit. Recently, Soros has been campaigning for liberal immigration policy in Europe to counter the refugee crisis.

Having experienced both persecutions by Nazi’s and oppression in a Communist regime, Soros was always preoccupied with the idea of an open society free from any tyranny. In his article ‘The Capitalist Threat’ published in The Atlantic, Soros writes that as soon as he had made more money than he needed, he decided to set up the Open Society Foundations whose work would be to open up societies which are closed and promote critical thinking. Throughout his career as a hugely successful investor, he funneled enormous amount of his wealth to his foundations to work for the weaker sections of society and fight for human rights. The foundations form a decentralized network of boards across countries with every board having a high level of autonomy. Even though Soros has the final authority regarding grants, he rarely uses it and allows the boards to make their own decisions.

Soros’s powerful influence over the world is undeniable. He adopted an aggressive political approach in his philanthropy that has influenced other billionaire philanthropists like Tom Seyer and Bill Gates as well. In the United States, Soros openly supported and funded the movement for gay marriage and reformation of immigration law and the justice system. Because of his campaigns to promote liberal movements in the US and across the globe, Soros has faced a lot of domestic and international opposition. Still, he has remained undaunted in his fight for liberal values and open societies.

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George Soros and The Demonization of Philanthropy

There are so many articles out there about George Soros that you can find today, but one of the most comprehensive and elaborate would be the one that George Soros wrote himself in The Atlantic, where he discussed a lot of things, including the demonization of philanthropy. In this article, we will form a recap of that write-up and make sense of it, so we have an idea of what to expect in George Soros’ future writings. We will also try to get all key points in the article, so you’ll have a digest of some sorts of what the piece is trying to say. Shall we start?

The Atlantic Piece

There are two prominent articles about George Soros written in the Atlantic. The first one would be about the Demonization of Philanthropy, where it was mentioned and discussed that the large donations of George Soros have made people feel that George Soros is up to something. They think that he’s a bogeyman who’s going to control the democratic elections or the voters’ decision because of his donations. The article also indicated that the conspiracy theories arising from the donations of George Soros is one solid indication that there’s such a large intellectual and cultural divide in the citizenry today.

If there’s one thing we should learn from the philantrophy of George Soros, it is the fact that his vision for the donations is to create multi cultural system, where diversity is encouraged. The world is filled with various truths and because of that, George Soros wants to be part of this promotion.

Another thing that is discussed in the article is the fact that George Soros is suspected to be using the money that he has to influence electoral results of the country. His ideological studies and advocacies would then be seen as an extension of his efforts to change the nature of things. There’s also a lot of discussion in the Atlantic piece about how the people who use the money from George Soros could be working against what constitutes true democracy. This is then an issue that should always be in fore of people’s time to find out what really makes a leader ethical and worthy of emulation.

Another interesting factor in the article would be about how the roots of philanthropy have been formed in the society and how the idea of charity came about.

The Capitalist Threat and George Soros

In a separate article from The Atlantic, we can also read about how George Soros is using a large chunk of money to promote the different social concerns that involve different communities. His non-profit group, Open Society Foundation, has for a decade or so been experiencing a rich history of progress and improvement in how it is helping people push their fight for their own advocacies.

It’s also the mission of George Soros in his Open Society foundation to make sure that the democratic elections will be representative of various groups in the country. It is not his mission to make a monoculture of a nation where only one Absolute Truth will be followed.

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