Nabors Industries Provides Relief To Hurricane Harvey Under Tony Petrello’s Guidance

Business owners who truly care about the communities they serve do their best to participate in them. Some of these corporate citizens donate to community projects and help highlight some of the best parts of a particular community. There is no better time to shine bright and help the community step forward than times of crisis, which is something the people of Houston just experienced. There were several businesses and organizations that stepped up to the plate, like Nabors Industries.

Houston and many surrounding communities are recovering from Hurricane Harvey, which caused several problems. The natural disaster flooded several streets, businesses, and homes. Some people lost their entire livelihoods during hurricane and needed help during Harvey’s aftermath. It was clear that those who were able to had to band together to help everyone out. Nabors Industries, under Tony Petrello’s leadership, joined the effort to try to help some of the people of Texas. Tony Petrello was not going to let the natural disaster of 2017 stop his company from lending a hand.

Nabors Industries joined churches, the Houston Food Bank, and many other entities that decided to help in any way they could. Many of those employed by this company received paid leave to go and provide help where it was needed. Most of these individuals went to the Gulf Coast to offer help. The company also opened up their large kitchen to people who needed food. Nabors Industries cooked large quantities of food throughout the day to make sure that those who needed food got three good meals every day. Those who wanted to see what the human spirit is capable of simply needed to visit this company’s kitchen.

Those who visited the kitchen ate and talked to one another. Some offered each other condolences and a good shoulder to lean on. It was a beautiful sight to see and one that Nabors Industries was proud to be a part of. Tony Petrello is not surprised that his company and employees were this helpful. The company has done its best to nurture care. The company provides self help facilities where employees can improve their health through exercise, not to mention the company’ BBQ pit where employees get to enjoy each other’s company. These are just some of the things that help make this a great corporate citizen that simply cannot wait for the next opportunity to give back. Of course, the company hopes that this is the last time Houston has to endure such a disastrous event, but they are ready to face anything coming their way.

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Success Academy educates its teachers as well as its students

While Success Academy is known as one of the nation’s best charter school networks for the way it teaches its students, most people probably do not know that it also educates its teachers as well.


That is because Success Academy runs programs like the Teacher Residency program that recruits new teachers to work as an associate teacher at one or more Success Academy schools.


While there, teachers in the program are taught not only how to teach their students the Success Academy way, but also valuable skills like effective teaching skills and classroom management. Skills they can then use in the Success Academy classroom to benefit their students.


One of the teachers who was hired by Success Academy, and took advantage of the Teacher Residency program, is a music teacher called Joel Klein.


Klein was hired by Success Academy as an associate teacher, and spent three years learning every aspect of teaching at the network. While there, he observed other teachers and how they taught, and then he applied what he learned to his own classes.


Klein said when he was hired, he had always wanted to be a music teacher but, with most schools only hiring music teachers with a lot of experience, he chose to work at Success Academy first.


After three years, however, a music teacher position opened up at Success Academy Union Square and Klein was told to apply for it. He did, and he was subsequently awarded the job.


Now he teaches music to a wide variety of ages and levels of students, and has been given the freedom to run his classes in a way that he feels is benefiting his children the most.


Since he started to teach music at Success Academy, Klein says he has noticed how much him using music to teach self-confidence and leadership skills has increased the self-confidence of many of his students.


So much so, he has several stories of children not wanting to stand in front of the class and play an instrument or sing but, once they did, leaving with such a sense of accomplishment he knows it has changed them for life.