Securus vs. GTL Review

Securus and GTL have only one thing in common, they both serve correctional facilities. How they serve this industry is what sets them apart. For sometimes now I have been meaning to write a review on the two companies, so you can’t imagine how happy I was when I landed on the PR Newswire press release. And I thought, this is a message that is I need to write my review I have to do it now. So here is my two cents on the two companies.



Securus takes the trophy home when it comes to professionalism. They invest a lot of money recruiting high-talent and training them. You will not meet a technician on ground who will claim to be working on a contract. For this reason, they have managed to build trust. Besides, their technicians want to retain their jobs. Therefore, you can trust them to be at their best.


GTL on the other hand subcontracts their fields’ jobs. One thing about contractors is that they help you save money. But because they are working and moving on, they don’t take their time to do the best. This one area where GTL is a total fail.


Customer Support

In such a versatile industry, clients need to be assured of reliable customer support. Securus heard their client’s cries and opened one of the biggest call centers ever. In the last half-decade, Securus has invested a whopping $700 million to making their customers’ experience the best ever. On the other hand, GTL had done nothing notable as far as customer service is concerned.


Bottom Line

There are so many areas where Securus beats GTL. No wonder in the press release, Rick. A. Smith, the CEO of Securus was challenging GTL to a bake off. Besides they are already winning GTL customers already. So, they know they are winning.



Securus Technologies Will Make Inmates Love Christmas Again

There is not one prison inmate who would enjoy Christmas if he/she could not see their child. Observing the Christmas video produced by Securus Technologies is a prime example of how technology is bringing prison inmates closer to their children.


As the child awakes, he speaks to his father through the Securus Technologies video service. The child goes all around his home, especially under the Christmas tree, while speaking to his father. The father, with tears in his eyes, spends Christmas morning with his son, though the father is a prison inmate.


It is stories like these that change the thoughts and actions of humanity. For this Christmas and every future Christmas, Securus Technologies will open up a door that never seemed like a possibility. Prison inmates within the United Stated and other parts of the world will be able to speak with their child and family members face to face on Christmas morning.


Inmates will be able to easily use the hardware and software that is installed within the prison. Just as well, it will not be difficult at all for children to use Securus Technologies video service from the comfort of their own home/Christmas tree.


Securus Technologies has not only built a plan to help inmates connect with their children/family on Christmas, but they have also created services to help communities in a variety of ways. Their public safety plan is a prime example of how they help communities.


The public safety plan produced by Securus Technologies comes equipped with both hardware and software. The hardware would be devices stored in law enforcement locations and also mini devices that can be carried by law enforcement officials. The software would be the automatic data entry and digital file storing that is done behind the scenes.


When a law enforcement official arrests and individual, the individual’s name will be placed into the public safety plan software system. Law enforcement officials will automatically be notified regarding friends and relatives of this individual that have also been arrested. This information is updated on a daily basis. A few states have recently accepted this plan. They were able to solve some tough cases in a quick amount of time.


The public safety plan is built to be a statewide system. The information can be changed into a different language, and the information can also be saved for months or even years.


Securus Technologies Expands Communication In Prisons

Saving money has become a big deal, especially in the public sector. With the rapid expansion of government programs, many on the outside are looking for new ways for government to do a better job, and they are seeking solutions that will not cost the taxpayer extra expenses.


One of the largest explosions of expense on the public sector has been in the ever-expanding prison system. With more people being incarcerated than ever before, it has become obvious to most of the status quo that the methods used 20 years ago will not work now. New solutions are needed every day, and innovative companies that can come up with these new solutions can expect to profit handsomely from their implementation.


One of the most prolific companies in the United States, Securus Technologies is a creator of technology, specifically designed and created for use in prisons, large and small across the United States. One of Securus’ main goals is to drastically reduce the amount of physical paperwork that is happening in many of the different prison systems in the country. One of their new inventions helps incarcerated individuals communicate more openly with prison staff. The resulting efficiency can save a prison or correctional facility a great deal of money through streamlining of their communications.


In many cases, people’s forms requesting services would be lost forever. Now, thanks to Securus Technologies and its Inmate Forms and Grievance application, many individuals have a greater and more equal access to individuals through the system.


Securus Technologies is making leaps and bounds toward making communication and prison systems more effective.