What’s The Meaning Behind The Name Beneful?

You have probably heard of the Beneful dog food brand. But did you ever wonder about the meaning behind its name? According to someone at the Purina Beneful dog food company, beneful means “full of goodness.” The word is probably a play on words, a compound word of “beneficial” and “heathful.” The name refers to the dog food’s more hearty formula compared to other dog foods. Beneful definition is made up of large, hearty chunks of different types of food, containing meats and vegetables that are healthy for your dog. It actually resembles a stew. Beneful comes in many varieties to cater to the special nutritional needs of different dogs including overweight dogs, puppies, and small dogs and more


Buy BenefulIncredibites for Your Small Dog

Many dog food makers release only a few different products which limit the options that customers can buy. This proves to be a big disadvantage for dog owners who have smaller dogs who cannot eat a full can of dog food that is designed and packaged for larger dogs. Some dog owners with small dogs will save some in the refrigerator until the next day, but this can be less than desirable and unattractive. Luckily one brand, Beneful commercial, has the interests of small dog owners in their hearts with the brand, Incredibites.

Beneful is part of the Nestle’ Purina line of dog food and is one of the largest dog makers out there. They have a long history of providing quality dog foods to customers and have an extensive line of unique flavors and products to meet the needs of any dog. Since Beneful has meat as the main ingredient, dogs are getting the nutrition that they need to be healthy and grow properly, even if they are only growing into a small package.

Incredibites is designed to provide a complete nutrition for small dogs without having endless amounts of leftovers. Their food is nutritious, provides a balanced diet for small dogs, and in container appropriate sized boxes. Therefore if you have a small dog pick up the BenefulIncredibites line and keep your dog happy and healthy.

Fun Beneful Commercials

Beneful dog food is know for its quality television commercials. These commercials feature the importance of the dog and human relationship. The commercials fall into two basic categories. One type of commercial features dogs and their human companions engaged in play or in a fun activity. The second type of commercial features a human explaining why Beneful is a healthy food for any dog.

In the first category, one of Beneful’s more well-received commercials featured a black Labrador and his person walking together through a lush, green field. The Labrador is walking with a tennis ball in his mouth explaining why he loves the ball so much. He explains that he and his human had found the ball together, and throwing the ball makes his human friend smile. The Beneful commercial ends by explaining the importance of taking time to play with your dog.

One of the funnier commercials in the second category features a collie dog eating Beneful. The dog’s person explains that Beneful is a great food because beef is the number one ingredient. The dog thinks that it is strange that he eats better food than his human friend. The dog can’t believe that all his human ate for dinner last night was some cheese and a cracker. He can’t understand why people put such strange things in their bodies.