How Sussex Healthcare Keeps Improving

Sussex Healthcare is a company located in Horsham, West Sussex, UK. This privately held company operates care homes in Sussex as well as support services. They were founded in March 1998 by two business partners, Shafik Sachedina, BDS, and Shiraz Boghani, FCA. They serve as the joint chairmen of this company.

This company recently brought in a new chief executive officer. This person is Amanda Morgan-Taylor and she has three decades of experience in the healthcare industry. As a proactive person she started to make some changes at Sussex Healthcare before officially starting her duties. Among these was creating a new top-level position. The person in this position is tasked with improving the quality of care, making sure everything is correctly done in regards to compliance, and improving the services offered by Sussex Healthcare.

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In order to find out as much as possible about Sussex Healthcare, Amanda Morgan-Taylor made it one of her first priorities to visit all 20 homes they manage. She met with management teams, staff, and most importantly with the residents and their families. Sussex Healthcare has a reputation for holistically looking after the people they care for. She wants to introduce even more ways of keeping these people mentally and physically fit. She is also developing additional ways of encouraging social interaction among the residents of these homes.

Many of the people who stay at Sussex Healthcare are in declining mental health due to age. However, they also provide homes and services to other people such as those who have multiple learning disabilities. Some of the homes they operate are for people who need minimal assistance while other ones are more intensive so that they can help those who need most things done for them by others. Each resident receives a fully personalized care plan designed to meet their needs. This includes things such as diet. Some people have allergies or other food limitations which need to be carefully monitored. They also find out what people enjoy eating so that they can provide food people like.

There are many activities for the residents of Sussex Healthcare. They can do gardening outdoors or play card games indoors, for example. Sussex Healthcare also has a new gym outfitted with plenty of exercise equipment as well as a large pool. The gym is also staffed with experts who can assist people do things such as lift weights, engage in hydrotherapy, or otherwise stay fit.

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Sussex Health Care, Giving Their Patients Modern Health Care

Sussex Health Care recently built a new modern gym at their location that is near Horsham in West Sussex. The community is very excited about Sussex Health Care’s new addition to their chain of health cares. The reason why the community is very excited about the new gym is because if they are a part of the elder population, then they are welcomed to come to the gym during normal hours of operation. Sussex Health Care purposely allowed older residents of the community to come to the gym so that their patients and the people of the community could be able to interact with each other.

For the community, this was an amazing idea for Sussex Health Care to bring to the community. Sussex Health Care offers free gym where people are welcomed to do as they please in the gym. Sussex Health Care also offers organized activities as well. For example, Sussex Health Care is offering cardio classes, yoga classes, ZUMBA classes and many other different activities as well. In addition, Sussex Health Care’s new gym also offers all new weights, treadmills, pools, and many other exercise equipment as well.


Providing Sussex Health Care with this gym is very beneficial for the elders. This is another way for them to receive another form of rehabilitation. No matter what condition one may have, exercise can always be beneficial to participate in.

The residents and people of the community also enjoy communicating with each other. Not many elders of the community are able to communicate throughout the day. This new gym gives them the perfect opportunity to increase their social skills by communicating with each other and it also helps them to increase their confidence from being able to maintain conversations and meet new people.

Sussex Health Care is known for providing some of the best care in the health care field. This new gym just helped Sussex Health Care to be able to continue to provide the community and their residents with excellent service. Since the health field is constantly changing, the only way to keep up with it is to give the patients modern equipment, and that is exactly what Sussex Health Care has been doing over the years.


How Dr. Imran Haque Helps Patients In The Asheboro Community

As a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Imran Haque has built up a large client base at his place of employment, Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro, North Carolina. He holds an M.D. from both the University of Virginia and Universidad Iberoamericana which is located in Santo Domingo. He has been practicing medicine for longer than 15 years and is skilled at handling a large variety of illnesses. He is also the primary care physician for many patients and performs their annual medical examinations and learn more about Imran Haque.

One of the things that Dr. Haque focuses on is expanding the scope of what medical services are offered in Asheboro and the surrounding communities. There were medical services that weren’t being provided that he thought out to be, so he got the expertise needed to use these types of new procedures. He has mentioned that he is really excited about how technology is increasingly playing a role in health care and how beneficial it is to people. In particular, he mentions that centralized information sources mean that coordinated care is much more easily done today than it was in years past. Record keeping is now much more efficient and broadly available to whichever medical professional needs access to the information to treat their patients and Imran Haque’s lacrosse camp.

After graduating with honors when earning his medical degree, Dr. Imran P. Haque moved to Asheboro in order to start practicing medicine. He has become professionally affiliated with several hospitals including Randolph Hospital, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, and High Point Regional Hospital among others. He accepts Medicare patients as he wants to treat as many people as he can.

The areas that Dr. Haque really helps people are in regards to diabetes management, weight management, and laser hair removal. His weight management expertise helps people make better choices when it comes to the food they eat and how much they exercise. He also attained certification to do 360 Resurfacing. This treatment, which is commonly done to the chest, neck, and face, removes unwanted wrinkles and makes skin look clearer and much smoother in appearance and read full article.

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Life Line Screening Puts Your Health First

Life Line Screening was established in the year 1993, in Florida, in U.S. by Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully. The company is located in Austin, Texas and it’s a privately-run P&W (prevention & wellness). It operates health screening services that are based on the community for adults all overs the United States and the U.K. By the year 1998, Life Line Screening had expanded all over the U.S. and offered screenings to over 500,000 people.

In 2007, the company added finger prick blood testing to its already existing screening services, to be used in screening for inflammation (C-reactive protein), diabetes (glucose), and cholesterol count, in particular, the lipid panel. The company’s services for preventive health screening were launched in U.K, in the year 2007. The services expanded further and included atrial fibrillation (AF) screenings.

In 2012, the health screening company started providing services in Australia under the name Screen for Life. Globally, Life Line Screening has conducted more than eight million screenings, from the day it was launched. It conducts more than a million screenings annually, including electrocardiographs, blood screenings, and ultrasound scans. The common diseases detected by these types of screenings include AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm), PAD (peripheral arterial disease), and include atrial fibrillation.

Every year, there are more than 16,000 events for the local community providing these screening services. Usually, the company charge for their services. Several studies have been carried to validate methods of screening that are used by organizations, including USF (University of South Florida). Since Oct. 1, 1996, Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited Life Line Screening. The Standards of BBB Accreditation involve a commitment to making a good faith effort in resolving any complaint from the consumer.

Life Line Screening earned Better Business Bureau letter grade of A+, which was on A+ to F scale. The factors that raised the company’s rating included the low volume of complaint that BBB filed for an organization of its size, the company’s response to the filed complaints, the complaints’ resolutions filed against the company, and the sufficient company’s background information given to Better Business Bureau.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden – A Cosmetic Surgeon from America

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an academic, media commentator, and cosmetic surgeon from America. She is the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The Center is based in Texas and also has a branch office in Marble Falls. Having been born in Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden attended Texas University from where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She also received her medical degree from the same institution. Dr. Jennifer has also received several awards in her professional life. These awards include ASAPSA (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award) and Glasgow Memorial Award.

Dr. Jennifer Walden started her career at Manhattan Hospital, from where she met her mentor, Dr. Sherrell Aston. During her job tenure at Manhattan Hospital, Dr. Jennifer had the opportunity to participate in several clinical trials. Some of these trials led to the reintroduction of breast implants made of silicone. Dr. Walden is a Certified Plastic Surgeon and an associate of ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). She is also the Vice Commissioner of the same organization. In addition to ASAPS, Dr. Jennifer Walden was certified by TSML (Texas State Medical License), FSML (Florida State Medical License), and NYSML (New York State Medical License).

Dr. Walden has featured in many media interviews including Fox News, ABC News, and Dr 90210. She is one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons that was listed by Harper’s Bazaar in 2014. She was also recognized as the best Plastic Surgeon in the United States of America by the America way. She is known for using advanced technologies in her medical practices. Dr. Walden was the first Medical Practitioner to introduce Vectra and ThermiVa technology in plastic surgery. The imaging technology of Vectra allows the Surgeon to visualize the patient before surgery. ThermiVa is a system that uses temperature and radio-frequency. It is primarily used for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening and learn more about Jennifer.

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Investing in Healthcare Innovations with Jim Tananbaum

Healthcare innovations are one of the most capital-intensive and time-consuming investment ventures in the economy. However, if undertaken well it promises not only good returns but also long lasting and positive impact. One person who has constantly been involved with healthcare innovations and trying to integrate technology into the equation has been Jim Tananbaum.

Jim Tananbaum has been at the forefront of healthcare investment thanks to the many companies he has helped establish. Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is an equity firm set up in 2011 and has been committed to the growth of the healthcare sector. The company has been involved in nurturing future healthcare leaders by supplying them with current health information, capital, and networks that help them meet their targets easily.

Besides Foresite Capital, Jim has also assisted two of the world’s biggest biopharmaceutical companies. Jim instituted GelTex Pharmaceuticals for less than $80 million. Thanks to his innovation, the company was able to bring two drugs into the market. Mr. Jim, however, sold the company for $1.6 billion in 1998. The other company that Jim co-founded was Theravance, Inc. where he also worked as the CEO. You can visit his page

After working in the industry for more than 25 years, Jim Tananbaum is beyond any reasonable doubt one of the authority figures in the industry. While this may seem an easy task to accomplish, it is not. IJim, through his interview with ideamensch, agrees that it takes more than just finances to thrive in the healthcare investment industry. What has made him succeed is his investment in professionals. It takes the brains of persistent, capable, and smart leaders to make an impact and actualize the ideas of Foresite Capital. Since his early days, Jim has always been fascinated with the science and technology behind healthcare innovation.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the patriarch and current CEO of Foresite Capital Management, a leading healthcare innovative firm. Mr. Jim holds a couple of educational certificates including BS, BSEE Math, Computer Science from Yale University, Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Theory from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Harvard School of Medicine and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard School of Business. This rich educational background coupled with the many years of experience are what gives Jim the confidence to make the investments.

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