George Soros is One Hell of a Bankroll

There is an old saying “it is money that makes the world go round.” This saying is certainly true when it comes to the world of politics. Everybody knows that it costs a large fortune to compete in a political climate and United States of America. Yes, there are the Bernie Sanders who can accomplish running on small-scale donations from the common people, but this is not a normal occurrence in most politicians lives. If a politician is going to get into office, they are going to need someone to bankroll them. The man that the Democratic Party often turns to to gain help in this endeavor is a man who is known as the bogeyman of the right, George Soros.

George Soros is passionate about Democratic values. He is so passionate about the values of the left that he opened and created his own nonprofit known as the Open Society Foundations. The mission of Open Society Foundations is to help fledgling democracies gain a stronghold in their own countries so that they can promote the freedom to vote for anything they desire. The Open Society Foundations also creates democracies that are accountable to the people that vote the politicians into office. Over the years, the Open Society Foundations through the direction of George Soros has given over $500 billion to this cause. In fact, George Soros so strongly believes in what the Open Society Foundations is doing that in the year 2017 he donated $18 billion of his own worth to continue spreading the mission.

George Soros has not limited himself to only donating around the globe. He has used the open Society foundations to donate to political candidates in the USA whom he believes will be able to stay accountable to the people and empower those people in the same stroke.

In 2004, George Soros chose John Kerry as the man who was most likely to fight for Democratic values and health the common worker excel in life. George Soros, like most of Americans at this time, were disgruntled and angry with the war we were fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan. George Soros knew another four years of George W. Bush in the White House would prove fatal for America worldwide. In order to help John Kerry defeat George W. Bush, George Soros donated $27 million which was the maximum limit at the time.

In 2008, Barack Obama was running for the White House. It was a wonderful time in the United States of America. It was evidence that we have come so far from the time of slavery. George Soros new is vital to put an African-American in the White House. To make this happen, George donated an undisclosed amount which many believe to be around $20 million.

Lastly, to show the values of George Soros, in 2016 he backed the people’s candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was the most experienced candidate running. To put her in the White House he gave her $25 million.