Equities First Holdings News: What Partnership Means to a Company

Even though you may have watched the news today, you have probably realized that it is all bad. After coming to this realization, you probably wanted to think about what ways the world has gone wrong. However, you should stop thinking about all of that, and read this article that has good news on Equities First Holdings. If you have been a client of the EFH company, than you already know about them and how great the services they provide are. However, you may have not known that they are now funding the projects for the ETC company in India. What could this possibly mean for the company? It means that the EFH company will soon be having an even bigger client base, and will be able to provide clients with even better services.

About EFH

What does it mean to run a company? It means that you have to care for your clients, give your clients your expertise, and make sure that your clients never leave empty handed. Of course, those that are running the Equities First Holdings company know all of this, and they will continue to make sure that they are running the company smoothly for years to come.

Highland Capital Can Help You Invest Properly

An investment advisory firm is a firm that provides guidance or advice about investments and financial management to clients. Many firms are established to give advice about securities and related matters to clients. For instance, financial advisors or investment firms like Highland Capital are well known for giving advice and providing top notch guidance regarding investment opportunities.

Numerous people around the world want to invest and protect their financial future but many do not know where to begin or how to go about it. That’s where investment advisory firms come in. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Highland Capital Management is a highly rated investment and wealth advisory advisory firm and has been in business for many years. This reputable firm has a team of qualified and dedicated financial and wealth advisory professionals and can guide you in making the right decision for your situation.

Highland Capital has provided service to countless clients from all walks of life and has numerous positive reviews. In determining a suitable investment portfolio for a client, the professionals at Highland Capital take into consideration a range of information, including the client’s financial situation and expectations, regulatory changes, and economic trends. A major aspect of a financial or money management advisor’s job is establishing trust with clients. They must make clients feel comfortable and take the time to address concerns.

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Financial advisors at Highland Capital assess the financial and investment needs of their clients and help them with selecting the right investments and making the best decision for their situation. They can help you plan for long-term goals, including retirement.

Highland Capital has experienced and knowledgeable financial advisors and they can recommend investments to match your goal and help you attain success. They can provide advice on how to invest your money based on your decisions. If you need tax advice or insurance related issues, these professionals may be able to provide guidance or point you in the right direction.

Highland Capital is a great company to consult for issues related to investing, money management or financial planning. Get in touch with them to learn more about their advisory services. Read this article at investopedia.com.

James Dondero: Dallas Hero

There is no way the past, present and future of Dallas, Texas can be discussed without mentioning the name James Dondero. Simply because Mr. Dondero has invested a lot to the wellbeing of the Dallas community through several projects that many consider charitable, heroic and philanthropic. Back in 2001, the hippopotamus sanctuary in the Dallas Zoo was shut down after the elderly hippopotamus passed away. Mr. Dondero graciously donated USD 1 million to facilitate the restructuring and rebuilding of the sanctuary. He also marshalled other Dallas heroes to raise USD 14 million that show the reopening of the Dallas Zoo Hippopotamus habit to the Dallas community. Read this article at barrons.com.

Other renown community based ventures that he has interests in includes the Natural Science Perot Museum, G. W. Bush Presidential Library and the uplifting Education and snowball express where he has and continues to make generous monetary donations. Together with his wife Mary, Mr. Dondero started the Highland Dallas Foundation. This foundation works to support the lives of veterans, the education and health needs of the community and the Family Place.

But who is this man James Dondero? Briefly, Mr. Dondero is the president and the co-founder of the Highland Capital Management Company. Currently the most successful alternative credit management and investment company in the United States and globally. The firm specializes in credit hedge funds, private and individual equity accounts. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero worked at the American Express where he oversaw USD 1 billion fund account between 1985 and 1989. He later moved to the subsidiary of American Express, Protective Life’s GIC as the Chief Investment Officer.

Visit: http://www.jamesdondero.com/

Mr. Dondero holds two bachelors degrees in accounting and finance from the school of commerce, Virginia University. He credits his success to the drive that his training and passion for finance instilled in him. James Dondero is exhilarated to manage a firm that cares about the community and endeavours to offering rewarding opportunities to Dallas residents. Mr. Dondero is committed and plans to make Dallas an enjoyable city for people to go to school, work and live. And in his hands, Dallas seems destined to shine even brighter. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Equities First Holdings UK for Financial Support

Equities First Holdings UK provides strategic and lending solutions for individuals or companies to obtain the capital that they need. Since 2002, the global leader has provided stock-based, margin loans, and shareholders the opportunity to obtain capital. It is rated number one, as a global leader, who offer the best financial solutions. Equities First Holding UK continues to lead the innovative way to obtain equity for those who want to expand their business or are facing an economic crisis. It’s a company that offer loans, if you qualify to obtain the funds you desire. A company where borrowers find the financial solutions they are requesting.