Dick DeVos Rises To Join The Rich List

The success of the AmWay Group is a business area I have been aware of for a number of years, but I have only recently learned of the role played in the recent economic improvements of the company by former President and CEO Dick DeVos.

For myself, AmWay will always be the business area Dick DeVos is most linked to after he led the company to major success in the 1990s and 2000s; Dick had joined the group in 1974, but had to wait until the 1980s to reach executive level and prove himself one of the top business leaders in the U.S. Read more: Richard DeVos – Family , Family Tree | Celebrity Family

Looking back on the early career of Dick DeVos I could not ignore the role played in his life and business by his father, Richard, who made sure Dick attended public schools in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area the family still call home.

After Dick became a prominent part of the AmWay group his family established he was handed the difficult task of improving the international sales department that counted for just five percent of sales when he took control of the area; the impressive way Dick DeVos handled this part of the business was seen in the fact he turned the international business of AmWay into a success with more than 50 percent of sales by the end of his six years in charge of this area.

Dick DeVos spent a short period of time working in the NBA as the President of the Orlando Magic, which I believe led to him becoming a more rounded business leader who eventually returned to the AmWay Group in 1993 and became the President of the company.

I believe working in different areas of the AmWay Group gave Dick the knowledge to lead the company through an important restructuring process that led to an increase in success and profitability.

Dick DeVos may have retied from his role as the President of the AmWay Group in 2002 with profits reported at that time off more than $4 billion; I was pleased to see the end of Dick’s career at AmWay did not signal the end of his business dealings.

Since retiring, Dick DeVos has worked alongside his wife, Betsy to turn The Windquest Group the pair established into one of the most impressive in the investing industry.