Rubica Is a Very Much Needed Protection Against Ransomware

The other morning when I went online to check my investment portfolio, I received a very rude awakening. I found that I was blocked, not only from getting into my brokerage account but also from even getting into my computer. To add insult to injury, the party who had messed with my computer now wanted $2,500 to let me back in. I became a victim of ransomware.

I thought it was a joke so I called my broker and he said that my account was being held for ransom. He said that if I wanted some help, he had a suggestion. My broker recommended a company called Rubica which offers protection against ransomware and keeps this kind of thing from occurring.


I contacted Rubia and they certainly were of great assistance (YahooNews). They offered a free trial where I could log in and then they walked me through a process that not only got me back online, but they could also be reasonably certain that the hacker had not been able to steal anything.


I am very encouraged with the ransomware protection provided by Rubica. They monitor my computer constantly and if there is any suspicious traffic, they shut it down. I have never felt more comfortable about anything. Rubica Ransomware came along at just the right time for me.