Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman is the co-founder of NICE Global which is a company that helps businesses perform to their maximum potential. Since the company opened in 2014, Paul has turned it into one of the most sought-after consultation platforms available. But Paul Herdsman’s satisfaction comes from molding other companies to be just as successful as his own through training them with the same practices he used to build his company’s success. Nice Global was created specifically for this purpose.


Paul Herdsman is a firm believer in making the work environment as stress-free as possible. He believes that keeping your employees happy produces a great work ethic and enables those employees to perform at maximum capability. By using this approach, employees feel like working at NICE Global is more like a family environment instead of just work.


One of the ways Paul feels is essential to keeping workers happy is by investing in them. While many company’s places focus on offered salaries, NICE Global provides an opportunity for growth through continued education that will help employees advance their skill levels for future promotions.


Aside from building the worth of his workers through continuing education, Paul also believes in rewarding his staff periodically to keep morale high and the quality of work at a premium level. He feels that grading work performance should not be strictly about how much work you can put out. Paul understands that the quality of work is more important than the amount of work you can do if you are rushing, so he has performance indicators that informs the workers about how well they are doing their jobs and how to improve.


Paul credits his humble beginnings in from his birthplace in Kingston, Jamaica as the inspiration for his consideration for his employees. And while his personality has always catered to helping people, his formal training and business savvy were shaped by what he learned at Florida Atlantic University where he received his MIS in Business. View additional information about Paul on his Linkedin profile Here.


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