PSI Pay is Principle Member of MasterCard

PSI Pay a leader in the alternative banking industry has solidified itself as a trusted and reliable source for contactless payment transactions by establishing a relationship with one of the world’s most trusted credit card companies and is now a principal member of MasterCard. The relationship with MasterCard has allowed PSI Pay to establish the technological and infrastructure resources to provide global transactions that can be easily and safely done without the use of inputting password pins or swiping credit or debit cards. The company is allowing individuals around the globe to utilize its new approach to cashless and credit card fewer transactions with its new contactless ring that has been developed and pioneered from Kerv one of PSI Pay’s successful affiliates and active social media presence on Twitter. MasterCard is a respected credit card company with a vast history of executing safe and reliable transactions for individuals around the globe. By building relationships with such a renowned organization, PSI Pay has been allowed to interact with the organization and provide a continuous reliable source for its contactless transactions. MasterCard is a global organization and provides transactions around the globe in various countries and has the infrastructure and technological expertise to deliver exceptional transactions safely and securely for the PSI Pay new technologies.

Cash is becoming less and less used by the general population and members of the millennium generation and various other parts of the population are beginning to seek easier and more convenient ways to exercise their purchasing of goods and services. PSI Pay has created the contactless ring as a useful way for individuals to make purchases of goods and services swiftly and conveniently without opening a wallet, purse, or present their cell phones or any other physical device. With the contactless ring, they are able to wave their finger over the terminals and execute quick transactions that will allow them to deduct their accounts and pay the vendor for their goods and services. This new technology and relationship as a principal member of MasterCard make it convenient for corporations to continue to innovate and expand the way that they conduct business and streamline their process of checking out customers and make their organization and accounting easier and more conveniently through this revolutionary technology.

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