George Soro’s Giving Has Made the World a Better Place

Wealthy people like George Soros have always given money in support of various causes and organizations around the world. Churches and other religious groups, museums and political organizations among others have benefited from the generosity of the world’s multimillionaires.

When George Soros transferred $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, the world noticed. The gift elevated the recipient to become the second largest philanthropic organization in the United States.


George Soros’ Philanthropic Work

George Soros’ journey as a philanthropist started in 1979 when he offered scholarships to apartheid-era black South Africans. He has over the years given more than $32 billion of his wealth to Open Society Foundations. His foundation has supported many worthy organizations around the globe that fight for social justice and equality.

Soros funded educational visits in communist Hungary in the 1980s to promote an open exchange of ideas in that country. He established the Central European University to encourage critical thinking after the Berlin Wall fell. His philanthropic efforts have benefited people in the U.S., Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Soros desires to see open societies ruled by accountable governments, where individuals and groups enjoy unhindered freedom of expression. A part of the $18 billion gift will be used to promote justice, human rights and democracy in Asia.


Soros Promotes Equality for All

Soros strongly opposes discrimination in all its forms. And he leaves no one out. He has supported groups that represent Europe’s Roma people. He has shown kindness to drug users, LGBTI people, and commercial sex workers among other people that mainstream society has ostracized.

He also gives outside of his foundation. Other organizations that have received funding from Soros include International Crisis Group, Global Witness, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and the European Council on Foreign Relations.


Who is George Soros?

Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary to Jewish parents. Young Soros grew up during the Nazi occupation of 1944–1945. More than 500,000 Jews were murdered in Hungary, while many others suffered elsewhere.

His family, too, would have been killed had they not obtained false identity papers that concealed who they were. The family helped many others to do the same. He says, “…we resisted an evil force that was much stronger than we were — yet we prevailed. He also says, “we managed to help others.” Is it possible that Soros learned the virtue of kindness from his parents? Maybe.


His Career

Soros left Hungary in 1947 for London, where he studied at the London School of Economics. To support himself, he worked part-time as a night-club waiter and a railway porter. He migrated to the U.S. in 1956 where he established a successful career in the complex world of finance and investments. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1969 and proceeded to become one of America’s most successful investors.

George Soros’ success as an investor has been phenomenal. His benevolence has shown many around the world that there are people who still care. The world would most likely be a far better place if there were more people like him.

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