How Barbara Stokes Supports The Mission Of FEMA

Barbara Stokes is one of the co-founders of Green Structure Homes Delivered, LLC. Her company is based in Huntsville, Alabama and she is the chief executive officer. Her company provides manufactured homes that are used by people who have had their homes made unlivable by a natural disaster. She co-founded this company in 2008 and has had a number of contracts with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) over the past 10 years. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

In September 2017 Barbara Stokes signed a $28.5 million contract with FEMA. Her company was chosen by two federal agencies, the United States Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, in order to provide housing for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The end date of the contract is March 2018. Over the course of six months, Stokes and her team will build customizable modular homes that will be delivered mainly to the greater Houston, Texas, region.

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When talking about this contract, Barbara Stokes said that she and her team at Green Structure Homes Delivered were proud to support the people of Houston and its suburbs. She looked forward to providing relief to these people through the auspices of FEMA. Her COO released a statement saying that the homes they build are state of the art structures that are built in Huntsville.

After graduating from college with degrees in physics and biomedical engineering, Barbara Stokes worked for a number of years for both the Boeing Company and Pisces Corporation. Her job at both of these firms involved working extensively on government contracts. She learned a lot about government contracts during that time which was put to good use when she decided to launch her own company.

In addition to providing housing through FEMA, Green Structure Homes Delivered also offers their homes to private sector clients. They design, engineer, and manufacturer the homes in Huntsville and then deliver them to the site where they will be assembled. These homes can be delivered to anywhere in North America. Their homes have been used to provide student housing at universities in Mississipi and to date they have delivered 262 homes to those in the private sector. Read more at Business Insider.