Flavio Maluf is a cooperate executive dedicated to hard work and achieving his dreams

Despite being born in a powerful and influential company, Flavio Maluf looks at the achievements in his life and is proud of his dedication towards achieving his goals. Flavio Maluf was born into a political dynasty his being a father is a powerful politician and a prominent businessman. Flavio Maluf studied at the Armando AlvaresPenteado, and he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Despite his prowess in the academic field, Flavio Maluf has always had the desire to pursue business goals. He eventually took over the administrative operations of the family business in the year 1997. LavioMaluf is the President and chief executive officer of Eucatex companies. Flavio also serves as the president of Grand food. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

After the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture released the report of the Brazillian agribusiness exports, Flavio Maluf made a statement on how the sector had performed compared to the same time last year. Flavio Maluf reported that the Brazillian exports as of June of 2018 had reached $9.21 billion and the agricultural sector represented 45.6% of the cumulative foreign sales.

Furthermore, Flavio Maluf reports that there was a registered increase of 5.2% in the quantity of the grain exported last year. The exported value of the foreign sales had also increased by 10.6% resulting in a 5.1% increase in the average price. The primary destinations for the agribusiness exports from Brazil included the Asian region with China leading in shipments and the European Union. Flavio Maluf inspires those that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs to be dedicated and work hard towards their goals. He also advises young people to shun from the opinion that most business models require a lot of capital for a startup. Flavio strongly believes that there are lots of investors out there who are looking for new ideas and aspiring entrepreneurs should not let the belief of big money for capital take away their dreams.

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Eric Lefkofsky, The Gentle Giant

Eric Lefkofsky is known around the world as a Philanthropist. His good deeds speak well of him. He and his wife have given to countless charities in need of support, especially those in the medical field. He is an entrepreneur that is to be admired. However, few know of the humble beginnings of Eric Lefkofsky. He is just a regular guy that was born and raised in the state of Michigan. He would be considered a local boy that everyone knew. His family was well established in community as he attended the nearby high school in his neighborhood. Yet, there was a quiet drive that proved to be a special gift for someone who never seemed to stand out in the crowd. While in college, Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with a friend and co-founded a company. Although there were many trial and errors in just starting a business, they forged ahead through successes as well as failures. Life lessons were learned and growing pains proved to be profitable down the road.

Learning to juggle life and business while continuing to grow as an individual began to establish Eric Lefkofsky as he began to establish himself in his endeavors. Along with hard work, everything Eric Lefkofsky put his heart and mind to started to pay off. He began to profit from his business decisions and grow financial fortune. Using the same principles that he learned as a hometown boy growing up in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky started spreading his wealth and sharing his gifts with others. He is a financial guru who has a reputation of being kind. Not many top-level executives would dare to have such an honor said about them.

Eric Lefkofsky is a family man who has funded over 50 charities and organizations. He also has a personal foundation that he and his wife preside over to fund sciences and educational causes worldwide. He is definitely a generous man. Eric Lefkofsky is a gentle giant that one should never be afraid. He is to be emulated.

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How the Detention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin led to the Formation of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

For an extended period, immigrants in Arizona have been suffering in the hands of oppressive local governments. Back in 2013, two personalities decided to take the bull by its horns and speak against injustices and human rights violations and also offer financial help to other groups fighting for the rights of immigrants.

They formed the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. Over the few years, the initiative has been operational; it has helped hundreds of thousands of persons who were facing the risk of abuse and even wrongful detention. To date, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has seen judgments of over three hundred thousand immigrants overturned and helping them escape from imprisonment. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The creators of the initiative decided to start the non-governmental organization after there was a public outcry against the Maricopa County Administration led by Sherriff Joe Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were running a local daily when they were arrested and detained by local deputies under instructions from Joe Arpaio. The county gave into public pressure and released the duo few hours after their arrest.

Jim and Michael later filed a lawsuit against the county and Joe Arpaio. After much deliberation and hearing of witness testimonies, the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit ruled that the county had gone against their First Amendment Rights when they were arrested and detained. The court ordered Maricopa County to pay the two a $3.75 settlement.

Using the monies from the settlement, Jim and Michael formed the fund. They have continued to work closely with other organizations that advocate for the Hispanic Community. Several charities have benefited from the donations from the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund including Aliento, Justice that works, and the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey and https://about.me/michael-lacey

Aliento is a no-profit that uses advocacy and art to communicate and empower the Hispanic Community. It was started by undocumented youths who wanted to change the image that has been created by the government portraying immigrants as criminals.

Aliento has worked tirelessly to ensure that it changes the perception of sidelined groups such as Mexican Immigrants. Millions of people have been living in fear since Donald Trump took the oath of the office of president. Its because, during the campaign trail, he made it clear that his first order of business as president would be to deport all undocumented people in the United States.

The Frontera Fund has been hard at work trying to ensure that DACA Dreamers in Arizona are protected, have equal employment opportunities, acquire a quality education, and have access to social amenities.

Aliento has been in the forefront in ensuring immigrants are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them acquire employment. The charity organization also provides litigation assistance when an individual faces the risk of being deported.

Justice that works is another charity initiative that benefits from the assistance of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. The organization is primarily focused on programs that aim to mitigate and finally end the illegal imprisonment of immigrants in Arizona.

OSI Group Buys Baho Foods, Promises Expansion

OSI Group is a worldwide company that focuses on the food industry. The company describes itself as a premier global food provider that works in cooperation with other leaders in the food industry to produce innovative solutions in custom food. One can look at their website and see that innovation is one of their key values. They are apparently doing well in that endeavor, since they have become one of the world’s largest privately held food providers.

Baho Foods has been operating in Germany and the Netherlands for about 60 years, specializing in convenience foods and deli meats. They do business in about 18 European countries. Their five subsidiary businesses include: Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life.

Most of their management staff has been retained by OSI Group and will continue in their present duties. This is a good indication for investors, because it shows that Baho Foods did not sell as a result of mismanagement. In other words, the company must have been doing well because OSI would probably have removed the management if they were known to be ineffective. This is not a case of a healthy company acquiring an unhealthy one. Rather, this is a case where one successful company bought out another successful company. One might consider that to be twice as many reasons for investors to be happy.

OSI Group has stated that they acquired this company partly for the purpose of expanding into Europe. Baho is already well-established throughout the continent and provided a ready-made solution. Baho’s managing director John Balvers says that he is excited to be a part of OSI and is eager to help the two businesses grow. This acquisition is subject to government approval, but no difficulties are foreseen at this time.

David McDonald, the CEO of OSI Group, had this to say on the merger:
“Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe. The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

OSI Group has had a pretty good run lately. Not long ago they were presented with the 2016 Globe Of Honour award from the British Safety council. This award is given to companies that show exceptional diligence in the area of environmental management. This is the third time OSI has won the award.

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Roberto Santiago Bringing Some of the Best International Brands to the City of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a new age entrepreneur based in the city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil. He is one of the most important figures in the real estate scene of Brazil and is the owner and developer of two of the most famous shopping malls in Brazil, namely Mangabeira Shopping Mall and Manaira Shopping Mall. These malls are constructed as per the international standards to ensure that the people of Brazil get and experience the best there is to experience. Roberto Santiago is a well-traveled man, and he has seen the shopping malls of western countries and knows what the malls in Brazil lacked. It is this gap that Roberto Santiago tried to bridge by constructing the Mangabeira Shopping Mall and Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall opened doors to the public in 1989 and since then has been the favorite destination for recreation among the people in the city of Joao Pessoa.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is liked by the adults as well as the children as it has a park, open garden, gym, gaming zone, bowling alley, and even kids’ zone. The parents can keep their children in the supervised kids’ area and go out for movies or shop carefree. A gaming zone is a place where adults, as well as kids, can enjoy their time because there are games for adults as well as kids. The bowling alley at the Manaira Shopping Mall is a sensation among the people in the city because it has some of the best bowling lanes that are well-maintained, and the music, as well as the ambiance here, is merely buzzing and scintillating. One can spend hours at the bowling alley of Manaira Shopping Mall with their friends and enjoy their time along with some sumptuous food and beverages.


Moreover, if you are in the mood to watch the latest movie, you can enjoy it at the movie multiplex at the Manaira Shopping Mall that has a total of eight screens with two of them equipped with the 3D technology. It gives the moviegoers with the movie watching experience like never before and ensures that they can enjoy the way they wanted to with tons of snacks and beverages options. One of the places in Manaira Shopping Mall that are simply loved by the people of the city is its food court section that serves some of the most delicious delicacies from across the globe, including Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, American, and more.


Roberto Santiago continues to supervise the maintenance and the footfall at the Manaira Shopping Mall and continues to add new features to ensure that the visitors continue to experience something new from time to time. He is also responsible for bringing some of the most prominent brands to the city from the world of fashion.



OSI Group, a company that has earned the prestigious, 2016 Globe of Honor Award, has expanded their presence in Europe.

OSI Group has had key success in many business areas involving the food. President of OSI Group, David McDonald, has helped broker many acquisitions during his long tenure at the company. OSI Group’s purchase of Baho Food in August, 2016, added the Dutch food company to the firm’s Europe business line. This acquisition added a larger presence to Europe for OSI.

With the purchase of Baho Foods, the OSI Group acquired five subsidiaries with many processing plants. These five companies, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Vital Convenience, provide food services to 16 countries.

OSI Group also bought the Tyson Food facility, which was located in Chicago, Illinois, for $74 million in June, 2016. This purchase provided OSI Group with the key infrastructure to continue business growth.

OSI Group also purchased Flagship Europe in December, 2016. Flagship Europe, which is a subsidiary of Flagship Food Group, Denver, Colorado, supplies frozen poultry, sous sous, and pies to foodservice markets in Europe.

David McDonald’s prudent decision to make key acquisitions has helped to maximize OSI’s ability to create dynamic and long-lasting business alliances, internationally. OSI Group’s business partners have a keen understanding about the unique cultures, and unique business practices in each of OSI’s strategic locations.

David McDonald’s key decision to double its chicken production capacity in Spain is an example of strong leadership and decision making. The implementation of a high volume production line in the Spanish city of Toledo, helped OSI double their production from 12 thousand tons to 24 thousand tons.

OSI Group was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council because of it excellence in the area of environmental safety. OSI has met impressive business milestones under President and COO, David McDonald’s senior tutelage, and OSI’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin.

Mr. McDonald has a strong educational foundation, which helped him in his work career. McDonald earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa state University in 1987. One of McDonald’s key philosophies when it comes to future business success, is to prepare and adapt to change. McDonald quips that it is an essential element to a company’s business survival. McDonald also noted that the tastes of the consumer and niche food trends are dynamic ones.

OSI Group, a company based Aurora, Illinois, is privately held. OSI owns 60 facilities, and has work sites located in 16 countries.

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Using Technology In Healthcare

Many people believe that the medical field has problems. As costs continue to increase, many people are worried about the future. Some people cannot afford the medical treatment they need to survive. Other people have to choose between paying for food or medicine.

Numerous entrepreneurs are trying to make a positive impact in this industry. Eric Lefkofsky is a business owner who is improving experience of customers. He is excited about all of the projects that he is currently working on.

Eric Lefkofsky firmly believes that technology can improve the medical industry. He wants to decrease costs for customers while improving the quality of care.

Career Growth of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky worked for large corporation for many years. During this time, he was able to learn valuable lessons about business. He decided to leave the corporate world to work directly with customers.

Tempus is a healthcare company founded by Eric Lefkofsky. The goal of Tempus is to offer affordable healthcare solutions to all customers. Eric Lefkofsky concentrates on improving the lifestyle habits of customers during this process. One of the most significant issues with the medical industry is that people live an unhealthy lifestyle. By changing a few habits, most people can drastically improve their overall quality of life.

Tips for Business Owners

Eric Lefkofsky enjoys helping new business owners. He knows how difficult it is to start a company from nothing. He made several significant mistakes when he founded Tempus. However, he was able to overcome those mistakes to make the company profitable. He works with young business owners in his community to make a positive impact on others. He is a firm believer in donating both time and money to people in need. In the years ahead, Eric Lefkofsky has numerous expansion plans for Tempus.

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Reflecting on Persistence

Bob Reina believes that our very fist lesson in persistence comes when we first learn to ride a bike. Is he right? Quite possibly, he is. The lesson he says in this is that when you fall, you get back up. This is a great life lesson, and something he focused on in a recent article. It’s easy to start riding, and gripping the handlebars tight as any child would, it’s hard to imagine that you can ride on your own. Once mom or dad let go, it could mean a fall. So, when you fall, do you quit riding your bike?


Reina uses this scenario to lead into another good point about not quitting. As you age, you may not feel so inclined to get back up and keep peddling. When you are young, you feel like you can climb to the top of the world and find your very own place to settle. As you get older, you take falling down a little harder. You begin to look at hard knocks in life as the end. You may not feel like trying anymore, and you may feel as though you are done. Quitting is how most folks believe they should survive. Is it conducive to living the life you were meant to live?


Secondly, outside of quitting, procrastination can be the evil that leaves the bruise. Putting off losing weight or working harder to hone your skills may leave you feeling cynical about the world. Can you make the top tier of commission? Maybe not. Only those who have a strong will can survive.


Reina references Beyonce and her latest visual album. Despite any criticism she hears or low numbers on the album prior to this, she never stops. Quitting is not an option for Beyonce, and she won’t take no as her answer. Reina says that this is what makes the difference in who makes it and who doesn’t. This is why Reina has achieved tremendous success with Talk Fusion.


Reina does not believe in doing just enough to get by, and he proved that in 2002 when he founded Talk Fusion. He believed that there was a better way to communicate and he continues to improve upon each product he has released. He recently launched an upgrade of his WebRTC technology, making it even easier to use and more attractive to his current customers. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


Aloha Construction

Family owned and operated, Aloha Construction is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company has grown from a small business to a company who has the devotion of many prominent general contractors who are extremely dedicated to the family business. Aloha’s contractors give excellent service to all of Aloha’s clients. Over the years, in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, the family owned business has successfully serviced over eighteen thousand projects. The general contractors working for Aloha Construction will come out and give you a free inspection of your home and they are fully insured. The contractors will identify all damages to your home and may even catch some that you have missed.

As a team of specialists, they will meet the client’s requests on whatever project needs to be done for the home. A team of field supervisors, managers, inspectors, and a full office staff, all work together to give clients best service possible. Whether it may be a repair or a new roof, siding, flashing, attic ventilation, or repair damaged siding, all contractors will be insured and bonded for the job. Aloha Construction will also remodel homes, upgrade them, put up gutters and repair or replace down spouts systems. Contractors from Aloha Construction can also repair or replace wood or vinyl doors, screens that are torn and soffit and fascia that are hanging or peeling back.

Choosing a contractor may be a chore. Aloha Construction has a great reputation and will make sure their contractors arrive on time and make sure the client gets what he wants and what is needed to repairs their home properly. Contractors will walk through your home and recommend what is best to fix the home and ensure the family is safe. Aloha Construction also makes sure that all contractors are respectful to clientele and that the contractors clean up the job area after they are finished. They will also walk through the job site with the owners to make sure that the owners are completely happy with the job performed. If the client has a problem with anything that has been done, the contractors will make sure it is fixed to the client’s satisfaction before they leave the job site.

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Shervin Pishevar – Serial Entrepreneur And Large Investor

Shervin Pishevar was the Managing Director of the Sherpa Ventures, Shervin Pishevar holds a lot of responsibility and even more so as the co-founder of the financial corporation. The business has been growing reaching international status which makes it imperative leadership of company stays strong and wise.

Shervin Pishevar has had decades of work in the industry as a serial entrepreneur. He has founded and co-founded a number of businesses including Webs.com, the Social Gaming Network, and the Hyper Office. In total, the companies that Pishevar has established have amassed more than 100 million users and raised at least 50 million dollars.

Pishevar is an established entrepreneur and businessman and has strong leadership skills. He is working on several boards and carries a number of responsibilities and councils and other institutions. He is serving on the Global Entrepreneurs Council created by the UN Foundation and is an Entrepreneurial Ambassador to states in Russia as well as the Middle East. Shervin Pishevar was a leading speaker at a Summit hosted in Algeria and led by President Obama and led programs at the summit geared towards entrepreneurs.

In terms of education, Shervin Pishevar achieved his at the University of California. The future serial entreprenuer obtained a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. He later became a published researcher and had his work published a multitude of time on the page s of the Journal of the American Medical Association as well as in the Neuroscience Letters. Shervin Pishevar has created a handful of U. S. patents as well.

As an investor, Shervin Pishevaris deriving funds to at least 60 corporations operating in businesses such as Ad tech, social commerce, media, and search. Investment is a large part of his career, and he has been named angel investor for his large fundings.

Sherpa Ventures provides support for new and promising tech-enabled companies. The venture capital firm had its headquarters in San Fransisco then moved to Hamburg and has been around for a handful of years. The company size currently accommodates less than 50 employees but is working internationally.

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