The Secrets From Goettl About Staying Cool This Summer

When people think about the summer heat, they think only about the soaring utility bills. This is because keeping the home cool and comfortable in this sweltering heat does not come cheap. The HVAC experts at Goettl are giving tips on maximizing the cooling system while keeping costs low.

It is important to have a good quality HVAC system as that will keep the house cool throughout the summer. Still, it would be losing its effectiveness over time due to wear and tear. In order to keep the systems working at its peak efficiency, proper maintenance is required. Hence there should be no debris at any time. Also, there must be a distance of at least two feet between the AC and any vegetation. The air filter has to be replaced once every 90 days. All the refrigerant lines must be checked occasionally for leaks. This is why Goettl suggests that the professionals should be called in for thorough maintenance.

Another strategy is to use the ceiling fan as a part of the overall cooling strategy. They help to improve the circulation in a room. They help in spreading the cool air from the air conditioning without making use of too much energy. This can lead to some big savings.

It is important to adjust the thermostat properly in order to save money while remaining cool too. Hence Goettl suggests that rather than opting for a traditional thermostat, it is better to upgrade and opt for a programmable smart thermostat. It can be programmed to raise the settings when no one is home while keeping it cool when people are there. Some smart thermostats can even detect this automatically if no one is home. This helps to cut down on the cooling even if the thermostat has not been programmed.

Sawyer Howitt’s Role in Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt comes from Portland, Oregon and is one of the promising youthful personalities from the district. As a talented athlete, Sawyer Howitt is one of the players at the Oregon Racquetball Club. He takes an interest in activities such as listening to music and taking photographs. Howitt also spends most of his time working with his father, David Howitt who is the founder of Meriwether Group. David and his wife Heather have two kids namely Hailey and Sawyer Howitt. These two are blessed to have a skilled father who can help them develop and have accomplishments in life.

Sawyer Howitt joined the organization Meriwether Group in 2015 as business strategy expert where his abilities were adamant and substantial. Sawyer built up a RFID checkout solution for retail initiatives. Because of his diligent work, Sawyer Howitt was elevated to be a Project Manager at the organization early January 2017. He is entrusted with the duty of directing different ventures that the company undertakes.

About Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group is a company that concentrates on giving consultancy in business acceleration and business advancement. The organization is enthused about making brands that affect various sectors of the economy. The organization has a qualified administration group that includes recognized business visionaries drawn from huge corporations in the US.

The business model of Meriwether Group is entrepreneur-centric. The organization straightforwardly targets promising business visionaries and assist them through the journey to business achievement. The organization provides funds to companies with equity or debt. It sees entrepreneurs as the present heroes. Through the services and the products they create, entrepreneurs are the people who have a huge effect on the society. The organization started its operations in the year 2008 and right now has a workforce of more than 50 representatives.

Sawyer Howitt is lucky to have a business mentor who is his dad, David. His associates have recognized the endeavours of David in directing present-day business visionaries. Sawyer Howitt was regarded as a Business Leader to watch in 2017 by the Portland Business Journal. The Portland Business Journal directs a yearly competition that honours the most compelling pioneers in business from Portland.


Investing in Healthcare Innovations with Jim Tananbaum

Healthcare innovations are one of the most capital-intensive and time-consuming investment ventures in the economy. However, if undertaken well it promises not only good returns but also long lasting and positive impact. One person who has constantly been involved with healthcare innovations and trying to integrate technology into the equation has been Jim Tananbaum.

Jim Tananbaum has been at the forefront of healthcare investment thanks to the many companies he has helped establish. Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is an equity firm set up in 2011 and has been committed to the growth of the healthcare sector. The company has been involved in nurturing future healthcare leaders by supplying them with current health information, capital, and networks that help them meet their targets easily.

Besides Foresite Capital, Jim has also assisted two of the world’s biggest biopharmaceutical companies. Jim instituted GelTex Pharmaceuticals for less than $80 million. Thanks to his innovation, the company was able to bring two drugs into the market. Mr. Jim, however, sold the company for $1.6 billion in 1998. The other company that Jim co-founded was Theravance, Inc. where he also worked as the CEO. You can visit his page

After working in the industry for more than 25 years, Jim Tananbaum is beyond any reasonable doubt one of the authority figures in the industry. While this may seem an easy task to accomplish, it is not. IJim, through his interview with ideamensch, agrees that it takes more than just finances to thrive in the healthcare investment industry. What has made him succeed is his investment in professionals. It takes the brains of persistent, capable, and smart leaders to make an impact and actualize the ideas of Foresite Capital. Since his early days, Jim has always been fascinated with the science and technology behind healthcare innovation.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the patriarch and current CEO of Foresite Capital Management, a leading healthcare innovative firm. Mr. Jim holds a couple of educational certificates including BS, BSEE Math, Computer Science from Yale University, Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Theory from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Harvard School of Medicine and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard School of Business. This rich educational background coupled with the many years of experience are what gives Jim the confidence to make the investments.

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Dr. Scott M. Rocklage, PhD, before and after Partnering with 5AM Ventures

Dr. Rocklage has over three decades of healthcare experience. During those years his leadership led to the approval of three U.S. drug Applications. Before partnering with 5AM Ventures he was CEO of companies such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Nycomed Salutar, Inc. as well as holding executive positions in other companies. He has managed to raise over $500 million dollars for those companies through fund raisers. He holds a B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and read full aritcle.

Dr. Scott Rocklage is now a managing partner at 5AM Ventures, where he joined in 2003. On the official 5AM Ventures website Dr. Rocklage is listed as one of three managing partners, along with Kush M. Parmar, MD, PhD and Andrew J Schwab. 5AM Ventures is a company that focuses on building next-generation life science companies. Life science companies are those that include the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, environmental, etc. In short these sciences have to do with “organisms” such as animals, plants and human beings. 5AM Ventures is involved with the strategies, management recruiting, business development and fundraising of these companies. They often are part of the process in that they take on short-term operating roles and learn more about Scott.

Their objective is to help these companies with funding and management so that advancements in science such as cancer research can continue and prosper. Without companies such as 5AM Ventures, many research advancements would be stifled. Dr. Rocklage plays a pivotal role in overseeing these companies and projects within the companies to make sure this research continues and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

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Bruce Bent II; One of the Top Minds in the Financial Industry

Money market funds are mutual funds that are open-ended and invest in short-term securities. They usually invest in commercial paper, treasury bonds, and repurchase agreements. They are considered to be better than bank accounts because they are low-risk and have relatively higher returns. These funds are required to be stable so that they are able to pay dividends to the investors.

The first money market fund was started  in 1971.

Money market funds were responsible for the adoption of mutual funds by the general public. There are several types of money funds. They are characterized according to securities that they invest. Treasury money funds invest more than 99% of its assets in repurchase agreements and government securities. Prime money funds invest in commercial paper and variable debt of the government. Retail money funds are offered to individuals, but they have high servicing fees. They are not insured, but they have higher return yields.

Bruce Bent II is the president and vice chair of Double Rock Corporation. He has been involved in the success of the firm. Double Rock offers technology solutions for cash management to banks, retail markets, and brokers. He has an indepth understanding of money market funds.

Bent serves as a senior executive at each of the subsidiary companies of Double Rock including Island Intellectual Property, Landing Rock Group, and Access Control Advantage. Bent II has various patents to his name for his role in the development of innovative cash management solutions. He was instrumental in the transformation of the cash management industry into a trillion dollar market.

Bent II studied at Northeastern University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy.  He was appointed the assistant treasurer of Hallmark First Mutual Fund and the director of Reserve in 2000. He assumed the role of Senior Vice President and co-chief executive officer of Hallmark Investment Series Trust five years later.

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The Principal of USHEALTH Advisor Mr. Troy McQuagge Wins the Golden Winner One Planet Award

One of the leading medical practitioners in the USA is the Principal of USHELTH Group Mr. Troy McQugge who was recently named the recipient of the prestigious One Planet awards as the Gold Winner in the best executive of the year category. Currently residing in Texas in a town called Coppell; he was once a great manager in Florida’s city of Panama where his record as an insightful and highly competent Chief Executive Officer was exceptional. The exclusive honorary One Planet award is a prominent program for honoring business and professional excellence and capable leadership in any global organization ranging from small enterprises and privately owned business entities, nonprofits, public organizations, for-profit, startups and major corporations. No organization or company is denied the chance to forward the nomination proposals for eligibility and more information click here.

Mr. Troy Quagge is a former student of the University of Florida Central from where he graduated with an honors degree before launching into the medical career where he has spent over thirty years of exemplary service performance. From the early nineties, he has played an instrumental role in the promotion of all types of insurance coverage policies. His leadership qualities were exposed when he served at Allstate Insurance as an agent from 1993. The capabilities he demonstrated early in his career continued even when he worked for UICI/Health Market between 1995 and 1996. When he joined USHEALTH Group, the rare but admirable style of leadership he brought into the company made him quickly rise through the ranks to become the Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Advisor.

The secret ingredient to his successes emanates from a sense of team spirit and innovative restructuring of departmental responsibilities. It is these new policies that facilitated the profit growth of personal insurance sales. When the awards were being presented, Mr. Troy humbly acknowledged the honor he was accorded by the event organizers and said that the victory belonged to all the workers of the captive firm whose parent organization; USHEALTH Group has its headquarters In Fort Worth in Texas. The increased level of profits and operations the company has experienced has been during his tenure and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

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Why Sheldon Lavin Was A Good Fit For OSI Group

OSI Group has been upholding traditions at its processing plants and distribution centers that have reflected its commitment to customer service and excellence. The company specializes in both ready-to-order meats and special entrees, and also sells raw meats in beef, poultry, pork and fish. One of the men responsible for the high quality operations and adherence to tight safety regulations is Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group. What Lavin has repeatedly said he loves most about his job is working with people as he values their input. He has made it his goal to make sure he runs the company more like a “mom and pop” shop than a corporate environment.

Sheldon Lavin didn’t originally come from the food services industry. He was actually a financier who guided clients in investments at various banks, and then he later opened his own financial consulting firm. OSI Group was then known as Otto & Sons and they selected Lavin’s consulting firm to be their best financial advisor. Lavin eventually became a company executive because of his ability to manage finances, and as the company grew with fast food restaurant McDonalds more opportunities came for Lavin. Eventually, he became CEO and owned most of the controlling shares.

Lavin was responsible for the name change of Otto & Sons to OSI Food Group because of their expansion that Lavin led into foreign nations. As OSI Group has acquired meat plants and distribution companies over the years, Lavin has determined to keep as many employees at each acquired company as possible, and thus far OSI Group has become known for its low turnover rates. Lavin and OSI Group recently received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour award for maintaining environmentally safe practices in production facilities. Lavin is also the Chairman of the Ronald McDonald House Charities non-profit.


Securus is Serious Crime Stopping Technology

Securus Technologies, is a company that takes keeping the public safe and secure quite serious. The field this company performs its tasks in is technology. The clients they serve are prisons. Its base of operations is located in Dallas, Texas. The year of its foundation is 1986. It has two other regional offices in the state of Texas located in Carrollton and Allen. It also has a regional office Atlanta, Georgia. There are about 1,000 individuals working for the company. Reports state that there are 2,600 active contracts between Securus and correct facilities within the United States. Across the US and Canada, this company serves in more than 2,200 facilities. Starting in the year 2016, there is more than 600 million USD (Unites Sates Dollars) in business investments to cover the expenses of new acquisitions, technologies and patents in the previous three years.


Due to the nature of the service Securus Technologies provides, anything cutting edge counts as a plus. It does not matter how big or small it is. As one of the nation’s largest provider of detainee communications, parolee tracking and government management solutions, falling behind is not an option for this company. When a business serves tough clients across 45 states, Canada, Mexico and the District of Columbia, working smarter instead of harder is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Prison facilities and law enforcement professionals require a high standard of quality in their technical operations and solutions. Things just cannot breakdown when they ought to be doing their job for these professionals. Securus is the leading provider of these solutions and customer service.


Clients call Securus to tell the company just as much. It happens so often that there is an executive decision from CEO and Chairman Richard Smith to share these communications. Over and over again, they say the same thing being that the tools and features designed into the tech they use on the job are life savers. It not only monitors crime and criminals, the technology actively prevents future incidences from happening.



Dr. JeanMarie Guenot offers her Great Services to Amphivena Therapeutics

With the leadership of Jeanmarie Guenot, Amphivena is a company that is headed in the right direction. It has already succeeded in addressing issues that are related to cancer patients. The company has a mission to ensure that they have done away with diseases that are related to blood. They are following the idea that with blood that is forming and flowing in the proper manner, the immune system of the body will destroy the tumors that cause cancer.

The company on began in the year 2013, and its headquarters are in San Francisco. It is a company that is innovative, and it is finding ways of working with scholars and scientists of the world. It associates with academic experts so as to solve the problems that cancer patients face in today’s world. The services provided by the company help patients suffering from hematologic malignancies. They strive to give them the best treatment so that they can improve their lives.

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The company’s success is attributed to the leadership of JeanMarie Guenot. Jeanmarie Guenot is a Ph.D. holder and has a vast experience in various fields. Her experience is unmatched since she has been working in both private and public are for over two decades now. That is the reason she has a lot of expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. She has also taken part in building and rebuilding of companies. That is why the innovative Amphivena is now counting a series of successes.

Guenot went for her higher education at the University of California. She studied fields such as physical chemistry, Medical Chemistry, prediction of protein structure, X-ray, drug design and many other areas that are related to medicine. She later obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. After school, she went on to succeed in her career and has worked for many companies that attest their success to her hard work and dedication to achieve what she wants. Her passion for what she does is what has made her excel together with the businesses that she serves. With her right leadership, it is clear that the company is going to achieve its aims.

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How Anthony Petrello Chalks Up His Highly Successful Career to Luck

As the top executive at Nabors Industries, Ltd., Anthony Petrello oversees the global onshore drilling operations of this massive company. Nabor Industries has drilling operations the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and throughout North and South America. It also provides drilling platforms, software, and services to offshore drilling operations across the globe. Anthony Petrello is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the board for this company which is operationally headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Anthony Petrello’s successful management of Nabor Industries has been financially rewarded very well over the years. In fiscal year 2015, he was compensated about $27.7 million. This was a steep drop, though from 2012 when he earned $68.2 million. The difference in pay was caused by a change in Nabors Industries compensation practices as well as corporate governance changes. He remains on the list of the 50 top-paid CEOs in the United States.

Anthony Petrello’s old college roommate, Lloyd Grove, is a writer for The Daily Beast. Lloyd wrote an article where he talked about learning about Anthony’s huge success, something he hadn’t been aware of until looking at a list of the highest paid CEOs in the US. After the inevitable depression and envy of wondering why he hadn’t been similarly successful, Lloyd decided to get in contact with Anthony. He was unsuccessful getting hold of Anthony by phone, but he did soon receive an email. In the email, Anthony says that he has learned in his career that luck trumps being smart, and he had been very lucky and what Anthony knows.

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