Dr. JeanMarie Guenot offers her Great Services to Amphivena Therapeutics

With the leadership of Jeanmarie Guenot, Amphivena is a company that is headed in the right direction. It has already succeeded in addressing issues that are related to cancer patients. The company has a mission to ensure that they have done away with diseases that are related to blood. They are following the idea that with blood that is forming and flowing in the proper manner, the immune system of the body will destroy the tumors that cause cancer.

The company on guenotllc.com began in the year 2013, and its headquarters are in San Francisco. It is a company that is innovative, and it is finding ways of working with scholars and scientists of the world. It associates with academic experts so as to solve the problems that cancer patients face in today’s world. The services provided by the company help patients suffering from hematologic malignancies. They strive to give them the best treatment so that they can improve their lives.

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The company’s success is attributed to the leadership of JeanMarie Guenot. Jeanmarie Guenot is a Ph.D. holder and has a vast experience in various fields. Her experience is unmatched since she has been working in both private and public are for over two decades now. That is the reason she has a lot of expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. She has also taken part in building and rebuilding of companies. That is why the innovative Amphivena is now counting a series of successes.

Guenot went for her higher education at the University of California. She studied fields such as physical chemistry, Medical Chemistry, prediction of protein structure, X-ray, drug design and many other areas that are related to medicine. She later obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. After school, she went on to succeed in her career and has worked for many companies that attest their success to her hard work and dedication to achieve what she wants. Her passion for what she does is what has made her excel together with the businesses that she serves. With her right leadership, it is clear that the company is going to achieve its aims.

Learn more about Jeanmarie Guenot: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170111005414/en/Maverick-Therapeutics-Takeda-Announce-Five-year-Collaboration-Advance

How Anthony Petrello Chalks Up His Highly Successful Career to Luck

As the top executive at Nabors Industries, Ltd., Anthony Petrello oversees the global onshore drilling operations of this massive company. Nabor Industries has drilling operations the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and throughout North and South America. It also provides drilling platforms, software, and services to offshore drilling operations across the globe. Anthony Petrello is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the board for this company which is operationally headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Anthony Petrello’s successful management of Nabor Industries has been financially rewarded very well over the years. In fiscal year 2015, he was compensated about $27.7 million. This was a steep drop, though from 2012 when he earned $68.2 million. The difference in pay was caused by a change in Nabors Industries compensation practices as well as corporate governance changes. He remains on the list of the 50 top-paid CEOs in the United States.

Anthony Petrello’s old college roommate, Lloyd Grove, is a writer for The Daily Beast. Lloyd wrote an article where he talked about learning about Anthony’s huge success, something he hadn’t been aware of until looking at a list of the highest paid CEOs in the US. After the inevitable depression and envy of wondering why he hadn’t been similarly successful, Lloyd decided to get in contact with Anthony. He was unsuccessful getting hold of Anthony by phone, but he did soon receive an email. In the email, Anthony says that he has learned in his career that luck trumps being smart, and he had been very lucky and what Anthony knows.

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Brian Bonar: One of The Most Sought-After Financial Experts

Brian Bonar is one of the financial experts that the US market has produced. This has made him one of the most sought after professionals. No wonder he holds a number of top position in various companies.

Bonar studied in Glasgow, Scotland, acquiring his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Strathclyde University. He further joined Stafford University, taking business administration courses. From the university, he graduated with both a masters and PHD degree.

Fresh from college, he started his career working for QMS Inc. He hold the position of director of engineering, from the year 1984 to the year 1988. During this time, he was in charge of managing more than a hundred engineers to develp hardware and software. Four years into the job, he was headhunted by Rastek and finally left the company in the year 1988.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar worked at Rastek Corporation between the year 1988 and the Year 1990. Within the short time that he was with the company, he was promoted to work as the VP of sales and Marketing. Following the end his tenure at Rastek, Bonar was tapped by Adaptec Inc. He stayed with the company for a year. During that time, he was working as the worldwide manager.

In the year 1991, he left the company, getting a better deal at IBM, the world’s leading producer of personal computers. He was given the responsibility of overseeing the outsourcing of motherboards that would be used on the computers produced by the company. He stayed with International Business Machines for 17 years at IBM.

Today, Bonar continues to hold a number of positions with a wide number of companies. He currently works at Daldara. He has been with the company since the year 1994. When he joined the company, he was the VP of the corporation.

In the year 1997, he was promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer of the company, a position that he served for 7 years. In the year 2001, his responsibilities were further expanded and he was made the Chief Executive officer of the company. Two years on and he was further promoted to be the Chief Financial Officer. Today, he continues to serve as the CEO of the company.

Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Trucept Inc. Trucept Inc was formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. He has been the president of the company since the year 2009. And, from March 2010, he has been the secretary, treasurer and CFO of the company.

He continues to serve as the director of the company, to this date. He is also the director of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego, American National Insurance Company and American Marine LLC,.

Kabbalah Centre: Generating Greater Self-Fulfillment

In a world marked by numerous challenges, self-doubt and dissociation with divinity are common occurrences. When faced with misfortunes and failures, many people often resort to questioning their capabilities and the existence of a divine controlling the universe. One of the fundamental challenges to environmental conservation is the lack of understanding of the interconnectedness of the various elements in our environment including plants, animals and the water bodies. Therefore, there is need to bridge this information gap to ensure that humans find solutions to their problems in a holistic manner that takes into consideration the interconnectedness of our universe. Kabbalah Centre has over the years played a critical role in bridging this gap through its spiritual yet non-religious programs aimed at helping individuals achieve self-fulfillment by using their higher consciousness.

Spiritual Philosophy

Kabbalah Centre has molded its programs based on the premise that humans only use as little as 1% of their consciousness under normal circumstances. This has led to inadequate understanding their inner self and hence difficulties in developing all spheres of their lives. In addition, such partial access of consciousness leads to lack of understanding of the interconnectedness of the various components of the universe. Therefore, adherents are taught value ethics, their role in the universe and levels of soul among others. Kabbalah teachings incorporates and supplements various religious teachings including Buddhism and Judaism. This expands their consciousness and therefore they end up living a more self-fulling life. By understanding the cause-effect of human actions, adherents have managed to overcome life challenges including insecurities and professional progression and what Kabbalah knows.

Modus Operandi and Expansion
Kabbalah Centre works on a voluntary basis: adherents volunteer to join their programs while some kabbalah teachers and staff at the center work on voluntary basis. Moreover, the center has a non-discriminatory policy during admission and throughout their programs. It does not discriminate based on religion, gender or sexual orientation. The traditional mysticism teachings offered at the center is also supplemented with other subjects offered to youngsters who are given scholarships. This mode of operation has seen the organization open several centers across the country including Los Angeles, Boca Raton AND Dupont Circle among others while also attracting even celebrities such as Madonna.

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Life Line Screening – Offering A Comprehensive Range Of Non-Invasive And Painless Health Screening Options

It is a well-known fact that prevention is better than cure. It is the truth that must be taken seriously when it comes to your health and well-being. Thanks to the advancement in the field of medicine and healthcare technology, there are health screenings available today that can help people know if there are any health issues that need to be addressed. It is essential because many health problems go unnoticed in our daily lives for long until it is too late or the problem has grown manifolds in size.

Life Line Screening offers a variety of safe and non-invasive preventive screening that are accredited and performed by experienced, authorized and credible technicians. Life Line Screening Wellness has high quality, well-maintained and latest screening equipment and technology that allows performing some of the most advanced screening tests comfortably and without any pain. The primary aim of Life Line Screening Wellness is to help people eliminate any health risks and prevent any health problems to surface. Preventive screenings allow your physicians to view your medical condition in a transparent manner, providing statistics and medicinal evidence that shows which area needs to be worked on, what health risks are present, and the corrective measures to take.

Few of the health screening services one can avail at Life Line Screening includes lung cancer screening, vitamin D screening, Testosterone deficiency screening, health risk assessment package, type 2 diabetes screening, heart disease screening, congestive heart failure screening, peripheral arterial disease screening, high blood pressure, thyroid disease screening, colorectal cancer screening, and more. The expert staff members at Life Line Screening assess your health and help you understand the importance of screening with patience and care.

The screening results provided by Life Line Screening are lab tested for accuracy and are signed by board certified physician.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics taking on giants such as Amazon

The people that have successfully invested in fashion will tell you that it is not as simple as many people imagine it to be. When you are creating new designs and concepts in the marketing of fashion related products, the best you can hope is that when the people you are targeting see the designs, they will be impressed to the point of wanting to follow that work and the many others that you will make after that. This is the hope that Fabletics had when they started their business. Six years down the line, the company feels extremely happy about the strides that they have made so far, and is hoping for bigger and better days.

The company was founded in 2011 by Don Ressler and his partner, Adam Goldenberg. They decide to launch the fashion line after realizing that most people had a really shallow concept of the online shopping model. The issue that they had with most of the online shops that were in existence was the fact that even though the stores were referred to as self-service, it is the retailer that decided the designs and brands that they were going to carry. This simply means that the customer who shopped from these stores did not really choose the design that they wanted, but simply chose from a set of pre-selected items.

They wanted to base the store on the concept of the customer making their custom products. To make this happen, they decided that they would create a store in which the customers could log in, create a design that they wanted, send it to the team and receive a final product that was crafted to their specifications. This is the first difference that started drawing in the consumers.

The innovation that was part of the starting point of the store is one of the things that drew in investors. By the time that the company was hitting their first year in the business, they were starting to attract huge names from the entertainment world. It is their association with Kate Hudson in the creation of stylish, yet affordable active wear that has sent their sales right through the roof. The popularity of the products that are designed by Kate has reached a cult like following and is still growing.

Other people that have endorsed the company include Kimora Lee Simmons and Avril Lavigne. Companies like the Matrix Partners and the Rho Ventures also invested in the company a while back after realizing that it was headed for great success. Currently, most of the following of the products that are sold by the company comes from the Millennials .

The reverse show-rooming technique is one of the concepts that is driving the sales of the company. There was a time when people would go online to look for products and after finding them, they would o shop where the cost was smaller. Fabletics decided to make their online store the central part of their business and the physical store just a part of the entire experience. This is what has gotten them to the point where they are giving Amazon and other giants in the industry a run for their money.

How USHEALTH Group is Determined to Serve Americans.

USHEALTH Group is a trusted insurance firm that is headquartered in Fort West, Texas. The company has gained a lot of experience for the 50 years that it has been offering health covers to Americans. The firm has majored in providing a broad array of products, and they include accident and dental insurance as well as family and individual insurances. It has won various awards due to its excellent performance in the industry. The company has been attracting more clients each day due to the top notch services that it offers. The insurance provider has PPO services, which enable individuals to access agents that are in their neighborhoods by typing their zip code into its system. The kind of program that the firm uses makes it easy to be accessed by people who would like to use its services but do not know the location of its offices. It is currently served by more than 200,000 agents who are based in different parts of the United States, and they are devoted to ensuring that the clients are fully satisfied and resume of this Group.

The products that the firm offers to its customers are very user-friendly. They can also be tailored according to the unique needs of all people and to suit a specific budget. This flexibility ensures that the varying requirements of every client are entirely filled. Very few insurance firms in the United States offer packages that are customized. The firm also has a broad variety of premiums that people can choose. It has created them to allow everyone to pay according to his or her ability. The plans include PremierChoice, which was mainly formed to ensure that quality and secure health insurance is affordable to the U.S citizens. The USHEALTH Group has an online catalog, which has many other plans that it offers. The packages are well explained so as to avoid confusion. The company has always been committed to being transparent to gain the trust of its clients.

The insurance firm has been striving to make itself the most preferred choice of health care cover in the United States. It understands that all its customers are different, and it offers comprehensive products that satisfy the needs of all Americans. The company successfully provides excellent services due to its stability. It has managed to balance the premiums that it collects from the clients and the compensation that it offers to them.

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Does Wen Really Work: A Bustle Review

Wen is a trusted brand that has been endorsed by a number of celebrities. The hair care products, created by Chaz Dean, help to nourish and restore the health of the hair with natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. If you’re thinking about becoming a Wen customer, this review from Bustle’s Emily McClure could help you make your decision.

McClure tried the Fig conditioner from Wen for seven days, and noticed that the product made her hair significantly softer after only one use. She also states that she liked the scent of the conditioner, and noticed that the product also made her hair feel thicker.

During the week, McClure noticed that the conditioner made her hair heavier and added much more moisture to her tresses. While this kept her hair from getting frizzy, the conditioner also made it difficult for her to maintain the shape of her hair after heat styling. By the end of the week, her Facebook friends noticed that her hair looked shinier and well moisturized.

Even though McClure says that it took a lot of conditioner per wash to achieve the desired results, she shares that the product is a great choice for women with thin hair and women who wash their hair each morning.

Need Wen? Order online directly from the Wen.com website or via Amazon.

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When, Win, or WEN For Better Hair Care Health

The title of this article may sound a bit weird, but there’s a method to the madness. Hair care, hair care, hair care. Everytime you turn on your television there will most certainly be some from of hair care advertisement. The business is rather huge as well as profitable, hence the over saturation of commercials. Everyone should be practicing good hair care health. To simply put it, conditioners are probably your best bet for producing better hair health than shampoo or just water alone. Conditioners get more to the root of the problem instead of being superficial like most shampoo products. One of the biggest issues within this field is the ability to find the product that fits you best.

Honestly, most conditioners are full of hype. They’ll lather up like shampoo and will give the feeling of being cleansed, which is partly true. Many of these products give short term results and no long term benefits. To cut to the chase, people should be using natural conditioners instead of chemical conditioners and WEN by Chaz demonstrates this the best. “When” it comes to “winning” hair care health, “WEN” is the best route to take. Did you notice the use of parenthesis around each word that started with the letter w? That’s the winning method to this madness! WEN by Chaz is pound for pound the most powerful natural conditioning product line on the market as it moisturizes, adds shine, removes excess sebum, and it strengthens your lovely locks.

The formulas come in many innovative organic ingredients such as fig, sweet almond mint, tea tree oil, panthenol, glycerin, bamboo green tea, mandarin, lavender, and many more. The choice is up to the consumer in the end, but if you want to heal and nourish your hair from the root up, WEN is for you.

Purchase Wen Hair to have healthy and beautiful hair.

Benefits of Wessex Conferences

For those that are in the science and technology industry, finding a strong professional organization has historically been a challenge. In recent years though the Wessex Institute of Technology has become one of the top professional organizations in the UK and the rest of Europe.


One of the main benefits of joining the Wessex Institute of Technology is the access to the variety of conferences that they host every year. On an annual basis, the organization will host close to two dozen different conferences. Each conference will then have a different specialty and will be held in major cities all over Europe. This helps to ensure that any member will find one that is convenient and suitable.  For more info click wessex.ac.uk


The Wessex Institute of Technology are great for education, but also for networking. The organization will focus a lot of the conference on holding social events where members can meet and discuss issues affecting the industry.

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