Succeeding As An Entrepreneur With Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins had already established himself as a world-class athlete in Brazil’s rally car driving scene. As a professional driver and member of the Bull Sertoes rally team, Rodrigo Terpins was on the fast track for success, pun intended. Terpins and his navigator Fabricio Bianchini might have pulled in a top-5 finish in the Protyypes T1 category in their most recent run at the Sertoes Rally, but Terins would rather you look at how fast he is progressing as an entrepreneur. Let’s get to know one of the most interesting men in sports and business.


Rodrigo Terpins was born in Sao Paula, Brazil in the early ’70s. He was born into a family that prided itself on athletic accomplishment. Rodrigo’s older brother, Michel, is a famous rally car driver and his father, Jack, reached the top of professional basketball in Brazil. Rodrigo’s own ascent up the professional athletics ladder was hardly surprising and his corresponding success was even less surprising. Still, Rodrigo Terpins prides himself on being successful in all things so it stands to reason that this personality trait would extend to the business world, as well.


If you were to talk to Rodrigo Terpins about his work on the race track and his work at the eco-friendly wood production company that he founded, Floresvale, you’d hear a lot of the same sentiments bandied back and forth. As an adrenaline junkie, Rodrigo appreciates both the feel of his car on the road and the feel of a business effort that is trending toward potentially major success. While adrenaline plays a huge role in the minds of people like Rodrigo, success isn’t because of their thirst for adventure but it is a component.


According to Terra, as the major mind behind Floresvale, Rodrigo Terpins is abundantly clear on what he wants for his company. Terpins wants to see Floresvale continue to grow as an environmentally friendly way to source wood production from Brazil’s natural splendor. Wood production in Brazil is rampant but so few companies care enough to practice the kind of eco-friendly practices that Rodrigo has made the foundation of his company’s work.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports CNI study on stationary works in Brazil

The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry speaks for the industry of Brazil. Moreover, the Agency’s mission is defending as well as representing the industry through promoting a comfortable environment for business, as well as the sustainable growth of the state. In a recent research study by this agency, speculation regarding the current issues facing the Brazilian economic situation was discussed. Felipe Montoro Jens, an expert in the sector of infrastructure, has issued a report on this issue. More about of Felipe Montoro Jens at

The Report

The title of the report is ‘ Great Works Stopped’ and the subtitle is How to Face the Impending Issue. Another participant included in this research and discussion was Mr. Dyogo Oliviera, the minister for planning. The report was garnered in 2017, and it highlighted the key areas that the government should work on in regards to the economic situation. It also addressed how the economic situation was affecting the development of different projects including infrastructure in different parts of the country.

The Study

In the research study, it was discovered that about 2700 projects had been stopped in the process of implementation. Also, in these projects, about 517 are linked to infrastructure, and they cost about R $10.7 billion. Jens goes ahead to point out that these developmental projects include sanitation, highway projects, airport development as well as railway and urban mobility development. Lastly, he mentions waterway projects.

Challenges Faced by the Institutions

Simultaneously, Ilana Ferreira, a representative of the National Confederation says that these projects are extensively affected by the poor growing population of the state. This means that the implementation is hindered by the economic strains placed in these institutions. An additional factor that affects these projects is most institutions run out of money.

Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens boasts of more than ten years experience in infrastructure and the finance industry. He is known for heading these projects not only as a manager but as a consultant as well. Moreover, he advises business professionals on different arrangements within the government. He is also prominent for heading Public-Private Partnerships prominently known as PPPs.



Flavio Maluf is a cooperate executive dedicated to hard work and achieving his dreams

Despite being born in a powerful and influential company, Flavio Maluf looks at the achievements in his life and is proud of his dedication towards achieving his goals. Flavio Maluf was born into a political dynasty his being a father is a powerful politician and a prominent businessman. Flavio Maluf studied at the Armando AlvaresPenteado, and he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Despite his prowess in the academic field, Flavio Maluf has always had the desire to pursue business goals. He eventually took over the administrative operations of the family business in the year 1997. LavioMaluf is the President and chief executive officer of Eucatex companies. Flavio also serves as the president of Grand food. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

After the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture released the report of the Brazillian agribusiness exports, Flavio Maluf made a statement on how the sector had performed compared to the same time last year. Flavio Maluf reported that the Brazillian exports as of June of 2018 had reached $9.21 billion and the agricultural sector represented 45.6% of the cumulative foreign sales.

Furthermore, Flavio Maluf reports that there was a registered increase of 5.2% in the quantity of the grain exported last year. The exported value of the foreign sales had also increased by 10.6% resulting in a 5.1% increase in the average price. The primary destinations for the agribusiness exports from Brazil included the Asian region with China leading in shipments and the European Union. Flavio Maluf inspires those that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs to be dedicated and work hard towards their goals. He also advises young people to shun from the opinion that most business models require a lot of capital for a startup. Flavio strongly believes that there are lots of investors out there who are looking for new ideas and aspiring entrepreneurs should not let the belief of big money for capital take away their dreams.