EVP And CEO Of AIA Robert Ivy Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters have announced the awarding of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy.

Awarded yearly to artists and art patrons connected to the Mississippi area who have made significant contributions to their crafts or fields of work, the honor has been bestowed on leading figures such as Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eudora Welty and Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, amongst many others since the 1990s. Robert Ivy would become the first architect to have the award bestowed on them.

In announcing the award, President of the MIAL Nancy LaForge credited Ivy with “making architecture more accessible to the general public”, while praising further achievements by Ivy as a writer, educator and commentator on global architecture.

CEO of AIA since 2011, Robert Ivy launched a campaign of technological integration with the organization’s projects and programs, ensuring that it maintained a stronger presence online than it had in the past. He also prioritized global expansion of the organization, leading the AIA to its highest membership numbers since its founding in 1857.

Before joining the AIA, Robert Ivy held the position of Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record, in operation under noted publisher McGraw-Hill Education. During his tenure, the celebrated journal would become the most widely read and disseminated of its kind globally. Ivy would also be integral to the successful expansion of design and construction media arm of McGraw-Hill into the Middle and Far Eastern markets; the success of this expansion would be particularly highlighted by the launch of a Mandarin-language Architectural Record.

A professional organization for American architects, the American Institute of Architects was founded in New York City by thirteen leading architects. The organization was designed to provide education, engage in outreach and carry out political advocacy for the benefit of architects, and has maintained its mission statement through its 160-year existence. The AIA currently has over 90,000 members and 260 operational chapters globally, including in Asia and Europe. The professional organization operates out of Washington DC.

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Ian King: The Voice of Experience In Cryptocurrency

Earning his BS degree from Lafayette College, Ian King majored in psychology and began his career at Salomon Brothers. From there, he left for a position at Citigroup to work in credit derivatives. His next move was to Peahi Capital, a NY based hedge fund that he managed. Experienced in both analyzing and trading in the financial markets for over twenty years. Ian profitably traded cryptocurrency as well. Visit the website iankingguru.com to learn more.

The articles by him on effective trading techniques, cryptocurrency trends, and fraudulent investment schemes were featured on Zero Hedge, Fox Business News , TalkMarkets, Medium.com, and Seeking Alpha. Working as the senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing, he developed an original crypto investing multimedia product which has been used in Investopedia Academy.

In 2017, he began working in Banyan Hill Publishing to improve the crypto market literature. Editing the well-known Crypto Profit Trader, he works with this investment advisory which designates profitable crypto trends, in addition to contributing weekly to the publishing company’s Sovereign Investor Daily.

According to Ian King, the popularity of bonds is increasing sufficiently enough to challenge the stock market, which has dominated investments since 2009.Though the Fed Reserve has held its rates at 1.75% for a long time, they are expected to increase by 0.25 percent any day. Due to this increase, overall investment in the bond market is expected to increase.

Ian King addressed the 2005 multiple rounds of quantitative easing organized by the Fed and the bonds that were longer-dated. He further explained that consequently, this led to an expansion of the monetary base and provided badly needed liquidity to the banks. The Fed’s goal was to transform bonds into bad investments, leaving investors no choice but to invest in a higher-risk stock market . Since the US, the Bank of Japan, and the European Central Bank all took these same actions, this boosted the stock market worldwide, increased the price of bonds, and decreased bond yields.

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It is Ian King’s belief that Robinhood, a relatively new app for trading cryptocurrency, will help increase its value and accelerate growth of the market. Using the Robinhood app, millennials trade stocks and cryptocurrency commission-free on their smartphones. This helps smaller investors, but most likely will hurt those companies using fee based services. Robinhood’s customer base is one million, while its competitor’s is 13 million, both having been used for five years. However, Ian King predicts that Robinhood will surpass Coinbase due to its commission free transactions, unless Coinbase offers additional benefits.

Banyan Hill Publishing praised Coinbase for significantly reducing the complexity of bitcoin trading. Ian King states that the reason for cryptocurrencies’ tremendous growth potential is that relatively few people own it, although the increase in awareness brought about by media outlets is expected to increase the number of investors. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

The Law Career Of Ricardo Tosto

The law career in Brazil is the most practiced among the young people. This is because it has the most schools in the state. Brazil is the leading state in the number of law schools in the world. While the rest of the world has 1100 law schools, Brazil alone has 1240 law schools. There are 8000 certified attorneys in nation.

The many schools in Brazil have not crippled the system. The law education is still very authentic. There are more than three million lawyers who remain unapproved as a result of the strict laws of the bar association.

Ricardo Tosto is among the individuals who were able to get past the tough conditions and become certified. He started as an intern as all law students are required to, worked in a small law firm and later began his own. It has developed and grown to become one of the best law firms in the nation.

Ricardo Tosto is very committed to defending his clients and following up to see that they get compensated quickly. He has worked with major personalities in the nation. Many firms are hiring the services of Ricardo Tosto to help them chose the best legal policies for their conglomerates. He also works with politicians. For this group of clients, he helps when they have an issue with the election policies and the counting of votes. Ricardo Tosto is an all-around attorney, and his experience allows him to practice all kind of law in Brazil.

Final Verdict

The large pool of attorneys is a positive thing in the nation. However, it can be hard to choose the right person to represent you.

Ricardo Tosto will give you the success you desire and the justice you need. Ricardo Tosto is the best bidder in the field.

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