Graeme Holm On Helping Australian Families Get Out Of Debt

Graeme Holm is the CEO of Infinity Group Australia. In an interview, he explained how exactly Infinity Group Australia is different than all of the other debt resolution companies out there. He started out by saying that at Infinity, they go into a lot more detail when they do their research into the particular situation of each and every client. They look into the exact expenses that each family will need. They look into what their groceries will cost them and how much they have to pay for their bills, such as for electricity and for their mortgage. The application process does not leave anything out. This way, they are able to tailor a plan that is specific to each individual situation.


Who does Infinity Group Australia service? Graeme explained that they have clients from all different ends of the spectrum. They have some famous athletes who they are servicing, and they also have some young people. For example, they have a client who is twenty two years old, is in the Marines, and just purchased his second investment property. They know how to work with clients from all different backgrounds and financial situations, and they have experience with coming up with specific plans for each individual situation.


Holm explained that they have a very interesting approach to credit. They believe that if you can not pay for something with cash, you should not buy it. Too many people are buying stuff with credit even when they do not have the cash to cover those purchases. Holm explained that doing that is a terrible idea. So many Australian families purchase things because they had an impulse to do so and then they do not end up using it. Holm believes that by using a cash only method, people will be able to stop making impulse purchases and start saving money, money that can be put towards paying off debts and saving up for retirement.


Holm has seventeen years of experience in the financial sector. He explained in an interview with IdeaMensch that at Infinity, he came up with the idea of having a personal financial coach for each and every person. This means that when someone takes out a loan, they will have a coach at their side to help them pay off their loan. This is similar to a personal trainer at a gym. He says that many people can only afford to take out thirty year loans in Australia. However, with the help of a coach from Infinity, these same people end up paying off these loans in as little as seven years.


Holm also said in the interview that his day starts at five thirty every morning. He always starts off with exercise so that he can get his adrenaline up and running. He then makes sure that he gets thirty minutes of feeding his brain through books or podcasts. Every night, he makes sure to plan the next day so that he gets the most done. Learn more:

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