Fortress Investment Group Capitalizes On Acquisitions And Corporate Mergers

Fortress Investment Group has continued to capitalize on acquisitions and corporate mergers from its very inception in 1998 when the company began with $400 million in assets under management and quickly became a multi-billion-dollar alternative asset investment firm. Fortress is led by some of the industry’s most powerful and exceptional leaders in the investment industry such as Peter Briger Co-Chief Executive Officer Wes Edens the other Co-Chief Executive Officer and Randall Nardone current principal and president at Fortress.

The three executives continue to provide powerful strategic leadership and evaluation of various asset classes that has continued to deliver tremendous results and increased value for its individual and institutional clients. Fortress currently has more than $43 billion in assets under management and continues to expand its portfolio into various areas through very smart strategic acquisitions and corporate mergers. Fortress continues to increase its intellectual capital by hiring the best and smartest individuals to add to its already exceptional staff of investment managers. Fortress has various asset classes they invest in including real estate business, private equity, credit and various other asset classes that continue to exceed projections and provide exponential returns on investment.

The extremely intellectual analysis and resources provided at Fortress continues to provide the company with the institutional knowledge that supersedes expectations never before seen in an alternative asset company. Employees at Fortress are highly educated and diverse and provide key intellectual understanding and expertise that continues to transition various asset class analyses into opportunities to acquire strategic acquisitions and corporate mergers. With a successful portfolio of diverse and creative investments, Fortress Investment Group currently is a subsidiary of a technological Japanese company called SoftBank group that acquired the Fortress in 2017 to add to its portfolio one of the major players in the alternative asset investment industry.

SoftBank Group was required to keep the executive staff in place in order for the deal to be accomplished and allow Fortress to continue on as a self-contained enterprise that continues to operate as normal. With the continued leadership of Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randall Nardone Fortress Investment Group is continuing to expand upon the successes they have attained over the last 20 years. Fortress will continue to elevate their company into one of the most powerful and well-respected alternative insect investment firms in the world. With strategic expertise and analytical fortitude, Fortress Investment Group is continuing to expand through opportunistic corporate mergers and acquisitions that are continuing the expansion of their asset portfolio and deliver profitable results for its individual and institutional clients.

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