Doe Deere on Lime Crime and Beauty Trends

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a bold makeup company with makeup and hair products designed for “unicorns” – i.e. people who love to express themselves with bold, fantasy-themed colors. Recently, Lime Crime collaborated with the company Feelunique to have a pop-up shop in London on April 27th.


Lime Crime has been reaching cult phenomenon status with its outside-the-box thinking when it comes to makeup, vegan and cruelty-free formations, and sparkle. The 100% cruelty free nature of Lime Crime is particularly important to Doe Deere, as she is an animal lover and does animal-related charity work. She is personally against animal testing, and she wants the goals of the brand to reflect that. When discussing the cult status that Lime Crime had reached, Doe Deere said that uniqueness is what makes a cult beauty brand or product. Since its launch in 2008, Lime Crime has been filling a niche in the makeup industry that nobody else has, and that’s what has enabled it to take off so vastly. As their company develops, Deere aims to continue to be individual in the crowded market of beauty products.


Deere also has a lot of thoughts on makeup trends, and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. She says that everyone makes mistakes, even if it might seem like an individual entrepreneur is effortlessly successful. During the history of her company, she has experienced some turbulence and troubles, such as having lots of online hate, but she has managed to overcome this because she knows she is doing the right thing. She supports other young female entrepreneurs, saying that a good way to explore the future of being a female entrepreneur is to focus on innovation and look for gaps in the market. A big part of Lime Crime is women supporting other women, and helping each other have the confidence to rock out-there colors. To this extent, Deere calls her fans unicorns, which is a word for people who are brave, different, and proud of it.


A beauty trend that Deere is really excited about this year is using bright purple in all things beauty, in accordance with Pantone’s color of the year, which is ultraviolet. To jump-start using more purple in her brand, Deere’s company has launched the Venus III eyeshadow palette, which includes lavender, lilac and other shades of purple. She also thinks that whimsical and glittery products are becoming more popular because of the current age of self-expression, with social media helping people express themselves and realizing that it’s better to be a trendsetter than a conformist. She focuses on packaging with her company, with the mindset that it’s just as important as the product itself. Lime Crime’s Venus palettes come with art of the goddess herself, and a recent “pocket candy palette” went viral on Instagram, inspired by nostalgic candy-like toys. Lime Crime also focuses on matching their whimsical products with themed names, which are typically a product of brainstorming and capture the essence of the item. Learn more:

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