The Professional Journey Of Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello commonly referred to as ‘Tony’ is indeed one of the country’s most renowned chief executive officers. His long experience in the corporate world blended with his background rich with legal attributes serves to place him on a higher pedestal when compared with his peers. Besides, the various success stories linked to him have contributed significantly in decorating his professional life. However, such great achievements did not occur over a short duration of time. Tony Petrello has come a long way, often braving various obstacles, and has secured the top position in the Nabors industries. The company has significant influences not only in the United States of America but also in many countries around the world.

The fact that he graduated from the Harvard law school and practised in the legal field for some years before joining the corporate world is perhaps the most important thing in his career. Having acquired his law degree, Tony Petrello joined Baker & McKenzie firm with which he practised for twelve years, five of which he served in the managing partner’s position. As such, it is clear that his leadership abilities began early in his life having secured such a lucrative spot in a field boasting of topnotch professionals who had the advantage of age at that time.

Given his epic leadership attributes, Tony Petrello became a highly sought after a man with many companies seeking expertise in management. To this end, he joined the Nabors industries, a leading geothermal contractor based in Hamilton, as its chief operating officer in 1991. Within a few years, he rose above the ranks often having a high opinion from the management due to his diligence and inherent talent. The several levels he occupied include; the deputy chairman, president, and the chairman of the board. His success story culminated in him becoming the Chief Executive Officer of the company in the year 2012 and since occupied the position to date.

Tony Petrello’s leadership profession does not limit him to only the Nabors industries. He also doubles up as the director of the Hilcorp and the Stewart & Stevenson companies. Furthermore, he has secured membership at the board of the Texas Children’s Hospital due to his passion of pushing for the research in the field of neurological disorders affecting kids. Owing to his exceptional abilities coupled with the high-end positions he occupies in various companies, Tony Petrello receives nearly thirty million dollars a year as his remuneration.

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