Lime Crime Best Beauty Products For Spring

If you are wondering about the best beauty products for this spring, you’ve arrived at the right place. Lime Crime is anxious to reveal their favorite springtime beauty products that are inspired by their followers and the hottest new trends in makeup, beauty, and fashion. Certainly, the makeup colors are the colors that are spotted on fashion blogs and social media sites. These are the colors that should form the foundation of your total look this season. The good news is that the colors are vibrant, beautiful, and inspirational. The even better news is that the colors are featured in many of the Lime Crime beauty products this season.

Unicorn Purple Feel The Magic

What is it about purple that inspires a girl to new heights of self confidence and creativity? Well, the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, surely knows the secret. One of her favorite colors is purple. In fact, many of the products in her cosmetic line are in various shades of purple to lilac. Her intense preference for this color is very apparent in her makeup line too. Now, girls across the world are able to wear those bold purple unicorn colors and feel the magic. Her favorite shades of purple include lilac, lavender, and perfect plum. It’s easier than you might imagine to include those colors in a highlighter, lipstick, nail polish or eye-shadow like the Venus XL Palettes.

Make It Last

Girls apply lipstick to their lips and expect that glow to last all day long. However, life gets in the way. They drink liquids, they consume food, they kiss a friend, or wipe their lips and the lipstick disappears. They end up applying the lipstick several times a day. Girls add a lipstick that lasts to your makeup routine this season. One to try is Lime Crime’s new Plushies. The colors look very plush and enhance your natural lip color. In addition, the lipstick colors last all day long. Colors include nude pink, dusty rose, deep red, sheer mauve, nude peach, golden brown, nude lavender, earthy brown, sheer berry, and many more. It is also important to note that all the products are vegan and animal cruelty free too.

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