Tony Petrello The CEO Of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the CEO and the president of Nabors Industries, an investment firm. He had been holding the position of COO since 1991 to 2011. Tony also worked with law organization Baker and McKenzie as Managing Officer in an office based in New York in 1986 to 1991. He was promoted to be the chairman of the firm in 2012 after working as the deputy chairman since 2003. He has also worked in Stewart & Stevenson, LLC as from 2011 as the Director and also the Director of Children’s hospital based in Texas. He is the director of

Tony Petrello was brought up in a humble family. He attended public schools and appeared to be genius in most cases. That great mind took him far and wide. He was very brilliant in mathematics and so go himself an admission to attend a modest and high-class university. There he got exposed to understanding of various sponsors in the globe. Tony Petrello graduated from Harvard University with J.D. degree and also holds a bachelor degree and master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Yale. Recently Tony and Cynthia welcomed the Broadway celeb, Tommy Tune, as he came back to his hometown Houston. Tommy won many of Tony awards because of his work on Broadway.

Tony is a driving force of Nabors industries which deals with oil and gas energy. The firm does well on land and offshore in drilling operations. Nabors industries own the largest land-based convoy of its kind globally. The firm is a world-class benefactor of offshore drilling oil rigs. It is a firm that treasures success and improvements just like Tony’s. This has made the company and Tony a perfect match. This match has made the company succeed as an outstanding energy field because currently, energy production is the most valued commodity around the globe. As CEO, Tony has brilliant skills to create strategic plans hence able to deal with difficult situations and the changing globe.

Tony Petrello is the highest paid CEO in the country with a generous heart. Recently he offered to fund the poor. He has funded $7 million to the Children hospital in Texas and also $ 150000 to the University of Yale where he studied. Supporting the hospital was influenced by the conditions of his daughter who had neurological disease since birth. Tony and Cynthia, his wife, wanted this research to get the cure for their child and this research has greatly helped her.

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