How Sussex Healthcare Keeps Improving

Sussex Healthcare is a company located in Horsham, West Sussex, UK. This privately held company operates care homes in Sussex as well as support services. They were founded in March 1998 by two business partners, Shafik Sachedina, BDS, and Shiraz Boghani, FCA. They serve as the joint chairmen of this company.

This company recently brought in a new chief executive officer. This person is Amanda Morgan-Taylor and she has three decades of experience in the healthcare industry. As a proactive person she started to make some changes at Sussex Healthcare before officially starting her duties. Among these was creating a new top-level position. The person in this position is tasked with improving the quality of care, making sure everything is correctly done in regards to compliance, and improving the services offered by Sussex Healthcare.

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In order to find out as much as possible about Sussex Healthcare, Amanda Morgan-Taylor made it one of her first priorities to visit all 20 homes they manage. She met with management teams, staff, and most importantly with the residents and their families. Sussex Healthcare has a reputation for holistically looking after the people they care for. She wants to introduce even more ways of keeping these people mentally and physically fit. She is also developing additional ways of encouraging social interaction among the residents of these homes.

Many of the people who stay at Sussex Healthcare are in declining mental health due to age. However, they also provide homes and services to other people such as those who have multiple learning disabilities. Some of the homes they operate are for people who need minimal assistance while other ones are more intensive so that they can help those who need most things done for them by others. Each resident receives a fully personalized care plan designed to meet their needs. This includes things such as diet. Some people have allergies or other food limitations which need to be carefully monitored. They also find out what people enjoy eating so that they can provide food people like.

There are many activities for the residents of Sussex Healthcare. They can do gardening outdoors or play card games indoors, for example. Sussex Healthcare also has a new gym outfitted with plenty of exercise equipment as well as a large pool. The gym is also staffed with experts who can assist people do things such as lift weights, engage in hydrotherapy, or otherwise stay fit.

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