Omar Boarie is the Redeemer New Brunswick Needed

40 years ago, the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey was a complete dump. Jobs are leaving at a rapid rate, families did not want to raise their children there, every single organization was looking after their own goals, and the middle class was leaving to find employment elsewhere. Looking at the dire situation, many analysts said that the city would die in just a few years. However, there was one man who stood against this wisdom. His name is Omar Boraie, and because of his dedication, New Brunswick, New Jersey is thriving today.

Omar Boraie was disheartened during his time traveling through Europe. He saw the various majestic cities that they had and knew that New Brunswick could become just as powerful if only the people would commit to it. He began speaking to those who were in power and learned of the various things he had to do in order to help turn New Brunswick around.

According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie immediately began bringing families back to the area. “Without a strong family community, you will never be able to grow your city,” one man told him. He reached out to the various nonprofits in order to see what they could make happen. He told the nonprofits to submit to him their strategies and plans to build family relations. Those that he deemed successful, he would support himself with his own money.

In addition to making the city family oriented, he also brought back the middle class. The middle class has two concerns on their hearts, their family, and their professions. Boraie Development had already begun focusing on bringing back the families so all he had to do now was focus on stabilizing their careers. He mainly brought back the middle class by building prestigious office space and residential area. He then offered this to the middle class for prices an upstart professional could easily pay. This allowed the various lawyers, doctors, and counselors to appear more prestigious than they really were. Check out his website

Besides bringing back the middle class, Omar Boraie also worked at building a strong coalition of forces. This coalition was made up of the power players in the city. They all agreed to realign their visions and missions in order to include the growth of New Brunswick.

The last thing that Omar Boraie did was jumpstart the job market by convincing Johnson and Johnson to remain in the area.

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