Dr. David Samadi on Prostate Cancer

Urologist/Oncologist Dr. David Samadi wrote an article detailing Mitt Romney’s recent prostate surgery. The cancer was diagnosed as a slow-growing type and the surgery, which was done at UC Irvine, was successful. Dr. Thomas Ahlering headed up the team. Mr. Romney’s prognosis is listed as good.

Mitt Romney joins approximately 160,000 men who were diagnosed with the condition in 2017. It is estimated that almost 165,000 additional men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018 according to the American Cancer Society.

After receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer, the options are surgery or radiation. Dr. David Samadi always recommends surgery to treat this disease and sites several reasons. Death rates of patients who are treated with radiation are twice the rate of those treated with surgery, and radiation patients die sooner than those who have surgery. In addition, men who undergo radiation risk exposing themselves to a possible secondary cancer caused by the radiation. Lastly, when prostate surgery is done and the cancer has not spread, the survival rate is almost 100%.

Dr. David Samadi recommends all prostate cancer patients first and foremost find a well-qualified and experienced urologist/oncologist when faced with this disease. This will assist the patient in making the best decisions in order to beat the prostate cancer. Specifically, Dr. Samadi recommends that these patients ask doctors how many successful surgeries they have done, about instances of cancer return, and about urinary and sexual problems following surgery.

Dr. David Samadi is one such doctor with years of experience. He began his practice at Columbian Presbyterian Hospital, and in 2007 he joined Mt. Sinai School of Medicine faculty. At Mt. Sinai, he held the position of Vice Chair of the Department of Urology and then in 2013 he joined Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition to becoming the Chair of Urology at Lenox Hill, he also holds the Chief of Robotic Surgery position.

Dr. Samadi received his Bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University and his M.D. degree from Stony Brook University School of Medicine. He is also a contributor on Fox News.

Whether Dr. Samadi is reporting news or performing surgery, he is well-qualified to do either and his opinions regarding prostate surgery should be taken into account if a patient is facing this condition.

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