James Larkin – The Great Activist

James Larkin grew up without a real home. He did not have real friends or real mentors. As he grew up, he looked up to his father. James Larkin senior was a man of honor. He lived right by his family and did well by them. He worked hard and provided for their needs. Even though his contribution was not enough, they were happy to be together.

The slums of Liverpool for a long time became home to them. The children grew up there, and James Larkin junior schooled while they still lived there. He even began working while in the slums. Indeed, where one comes from does not determine their future.

James Larkin would attest to this following the successes that his life faced. It first began when he joined a union movement called the National Union of Dock Laborers. This union organized workers into strikes and held protests in an effort to advocate for their rights.

NUDL was not enough for James Larkin because his interests were above those of the union. He left after being a member for well over two years. He then formed another union and this he did with the partnership of his most trusted of accomplices, James Connoly.

James Connoly so happened to share the same interests as James Larkin. The two worked together to drive the union towards their goal. James Larkin then went to the United States because the world war began with negative feelings meeting it from all ends. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He was against the British and wanted to provide support against them. He was soon arrested because of a few charges that by then were serious. His deportation to Ireland followed. He grew old but continued his fight for workers’ rights.

The struggle never ends, and can only end when death is on the way. Well, James Larkin was stopped by the only thing that can stop a man with a dream.

He met his last day on Jan 1947, following a minor accident which took his life. He was laid to rest, but neither his dream nor vision rested because many like him have risen.

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