George Soros Highly Successful Businessman And Generous Philanthropist

George Soros has never been the one who would suppress his voice to avoid criticism. In fact, criticism of any kind has never been a factor that affects him even a little. As a successful businessman, author, political contributor, political activist, philanthropist, and a thought-leader, George Soros has helped in the development of the society we live in positively. Not only has he influenced the thought process of the people by ensuring that the democratic ideals survive amidst the wave of capitalism that has been sweeping the world lately, but he has also donated billions from his wealth for the betterment of the society.

George Soros is the one to start the Open Society Foundation in the year 1979, and it has turned out to be one of the most generous philanthropic organizations of all times. Currently, it ranks right after the Gates Foundation regarding the funds it has and its outreach. The Open Society Foundation has collaborated and partnered with regional and national organizations in over 120 countries, which demonstrate the effectiveness of the foundation in its work towards various economic developments, educational programs, and humanitarian efforts it has been making. George Soros has been vocal about his support for democratic ideals and has arguably spent billions of dollars in keeping democracy alive in the world and supporting democratic organizations in many of the countries.

George Soros even supported Hillary Clinton during her Presidential bid in 2016 and was disappointed that she couldn’t win. There was a rapid increase in hate incidents against minorities and immigrants following the loss of Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election, which George Soros condemned unequivocally. He even pledged $10 million to be used towards reducing such hate incidents in the country and protecting the people who are subject to such events and attacks. George Soros says that democracy is dying a slow death and it is something that people must realize and work towards ending. If the wave of capitalism is not stopped and totalitarianism is allowed to thrive, the democracy would no longer exist. It would result in the fundamental rights of people being tampered with, which would get uglier with time.

George Soros has grown up in Hungary, where Nazi’s occupation destroyed his childhood and pushed him to the adulthood a bit too early. George had to shift to England along with his family at a very young age to escape death, where he completed his masters in philosophy from the London School of Economics. After the completion of his education in London, England, he wanted to move to the United States as the financial world intrigued him. George Soros wanted to try his luck in the most significant financial district of the world, Wall Street. Soros worked for a few banks before starting his own company by the name of Soros Fund Management in 1973. The fund he started managed to gain tremendous success in the next few years and continues to be one of the most successful hedge funds in the market.

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