Fabletics: The Key to Success

Less than a decade ago, if you wanted to purchase some stylish workout clothing, you’d most likely head to the store and spend a few hours shopping around for the perfect outfit. Thanks to Kate Hudson, the athleisure community has gone through quite an evolution. Once most well-known for her acting chops and red carpet appearances, she’s added revolutionizing the way women shop for work out clothing to her resume. Her athleisure brand, Fabletics, was started in 2013 and offers women unique, stylish choices for their work out and lounging gear. After the TechStyle Fashion Group reached out to Hudson in partnership, Fabletics was born.

Hudson was the perfect choice for the brand’s face due to her bubbly personality, business mindset, and appeal to women who want to work out in style. In short, she’s authentic. Women can actually picture her wearing her own brand, and her ownership of Fabletics and refreshing honesty is what makes the clothing so popular. In fact, in the face of negative press, Hudson took it upon herself to improve the brand’s customer service to ensure quality and satisfaction. Since then, the company has grown over six hundred percent. Hudson has said that she enjoys being both an actress and businesswoman, and will continue to inject her creativity and art into everything she does.

What makes Fabletics so successful? One of the major factors is the power of the crowd. People like reading testimonials. They want to know what brands worked for other people and why. They trust the opinion of their peers more than they do a celebrity spokesperson, and Fabletics knows that. That’s why they display their online reviews with pride, knowing that consumers will see their four or five star rating and be more likely to make a purchase. Particularly in this tech focused world, customers want convenience at their fingertips (aka on their mobile device). For example: say you’re looking to purchase a pair of workout leggings. If you’re going to conveniently buy them online, you aren’t just going to click on a random pair and hope it works out. You’re going to read reviews and see how different brands stack up. Since Fabletics has such glowing reviews on their website, many women choose to buy from them. It’s that simple. Ultimately, it seems that authenticity, whether it’s provided by Kate Hudson or loyal customers, is what truly drives Fabletic’s success.

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