Securus Technologies, a Crime-Solving Technologies Service Provider

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides essential services to more than three thousand law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies across the American continent. The company has a firm commitment to providing essential support services and connections involving incident management, emergency response, enhance self-service for inmates, public information, biometric synthesis, product monitoring, and investigations with the intention of improving public safety. As a leading provider of services to more than one million inmates across the country, Securus Technologies published some facility customer remarks regarding technology uses in seeking solutions to crimes on Oct. 21st, 2016.


Mr. Richard Smith, the CEO Securus Technologies, was satisfied with their effort to bring forth a new product helping law enforcement on a weekly basis and various facility users agree. Going through the published comments, many users were glad that various pieces of technology had helped them solve a puzzle or two. One officer investigating a corrupt facility officer was delighted to have used phone call information provided to secure a warrant for the arrest of the rogue officer.


Other users talked of how their facilities plagued by inmate alcohol abuse, drug smuggling and abuse, possession of cellular devices, inmate transfer speculations, previous shootouts and availability of prescription drugs in the facility were able to use monitored phone call information to burst such criminal activities. Investigative agencies had the opportunity to get information from inmate conversation with their friends and family that was crucial to solving the crimes they committed; information which they could not have provided in normal questioning sessions. While many others were just glad that their leading technology service provider Securus had kept both the talk and the walk regarding the top quality of service they expected.


Securus Technologies is a dedicated service provider committed to delivering the best. It extended an invitation to their current customers and the users of competitors services to pay a random visit to their headquarters in Dallas for a quick recap of the services they offer and on why they will need to use Securus solutions in the future.


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