CEO Troy McQuagge Continues To Advance USHealthcare

Health insurance plans and the complementary products that go along with those plans are critical contracts for many around the country who are self-employed or working at a small business.

According to Glassdoor, there is probably no one who better understands how to get those agreements into place better than the CEO of USHealth Group Troy McQuagge. This year, he was certainly recognized as one of the key individuals in the market when he received the 2016 Gold Winner status at the One Planet Awards.

The One Planet Words is global in scope as the name realizes, and a myriad of organizations vie for recognition by sending their nominations to the program annually. Mr. McQuagge joined USHealth in 2010, and he quickly began working to help them formulate a business process that allows for copious amounts of diverse policies to be issued in order to meet the unique needs of every client that contacts them for assistance.

Four years later, he was elected to the president role after having done much to reinvigorate a lagging Advisors division.

His acceptance statement went on to express his desire, as well as the USHealthcare company’s goal, to help provide policies that meet the affordability needs of many around the country. He says that their special place allows for innovative coverage that is capable of growing as the needs of the insurance customer expand as well. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health:

The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, where it continues to leverage the experience and expertise of a network of talented employees in order to turn that vision into a reality. They have been doing well for the past 50 years, and it looks like there are many more good years ahead.

HOPE is an acronym that stands as one of the group’s mottos and motivating mantras. Helping Other People Everyday means that their goal is not to maximize profits, but to get everyone into the right type of coverage that they need for the specific needs and healthcare issues that they may be facing. An astounding 15 million+ customers have been met with a friendly staff member who has helped them find a policy.

The group’s products include individual health insurance, fixed indemnity medical insurance, critical illness insurance, dental insurance, and accident/income protection solutions. There is also a number of renewable and convertible term-life policy for life, accident, and specific illness protection measures.

This is all very good with so many changes coming forth through the new revelations of President Donald Trump.

They are one of the trusted names in the industry who, with the excellent leadership of chief executive officer Troy McQuagge will likely continue to become an even more well-known name for some time to come.

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