How Avaaz is Changing the World

Avaaz is an internet based civic organization that seeks to make the world a better place. They tackle pressing issues facing society such as climatic change, poverty, and human rights. Founded in 2007, the online community has grown to have over 20 million followers across the globe. Motivated by its name, Avaaz, which means voice in the Persian language, the group has petitioned numerous issues around the six continents it is currently active.

Over the years, Avaaz has gained a reputation to be revered by its outspoken stance fighting for what it believes in. Operating in over 30 countries, the community has on numerous occasions called out to people to be actively involved in matters of global climatic changes. Everyone is free to join and voice the issues they seem ideal for universal action. The group has for a long time pressed on refugee support and improving the lives of those in need.

Avaaz works by actively lobbying its members via emails, media campaigns and video sharing in a bid to get people to address the issues at hand. Members can petition any topic they want, and Avaaz forwards the suggestions to a team of specialists and legal advisors to move the motion. Their work has promoted democracy, fought corruption, and supported protestors of political oppression worldwide.

Led by its director Ricken Patel, the organization has continued to be an online activist network that brings change to the world. Mobilizing people from all cultures to take action against any oppression, human rights violation and all aspects of social degradation, Patel has done a great job uniting the world for a just cause. Strictly sticking to member donations for finance, Avaaz has never accepted any money from a corporation or foundation. Individual donors can also never donate more than 5000 dollars. However, the organization has so far raised over 20 million dollars.

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