Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joining Hands with NFLA and LabCorp to Spread Awareness About Prostate Cancer Screening


It is an unfortunate yet universal truth today that cancer has become an epidemic world over and is taking lives of millions of people across the globe each year. Even though many of the cancers are recoverable today, the trauma a patient goes through because of it and the treatment one has to go through is highly damaging, physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the most common cancers among men today is prostate cancer, and as per the oncologists and cancer specialists, one of the biggest reasons for it being so common is the lack of awareness among the people.

Many of the cancers, when caught in earlier stages, can be recovered successfully and without much of a problem to the patient. However, most of the people ignore the symptoms they feel due to the lack of awareness and hence, do not go to regular screenings even when the body has given many hints. To ensure that the importance of screenings for prostate cancer is spread among the people, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp, and the National Football League Alumni Association has collaborated. The LabCorp would provide 2,000 free screenings at its 1,750 centers across the country as a part of this awareness campaign. Once the 2,000 free screenings are available to the eligible candidates, the screenings would be provided for prostate cancer at price of $25.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in the year of 1988 and is a network of five hospitals that offer comprehensive cancer treatment and therapies. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s hospitals are highly advanced and equipped with modern technologies to help patients get current treatment and efficient results. The team of oncologists at these hospitals are considered to be the best in the field of cancer therapies, treatment, and research. It is one of the most trusted names for receiving efficient and advanced cancer treatments in the United States.





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