David McDonald and the American Dream

David McDonald, the President, and COO of OSI Group LLC began his dream with the company years ago. It was 30 years ago now since the first day that he came onboard. Back then it was all about growth. The aspirations were pure and firm on the horizon. That;s exactly what they proceeded to accomplish too.


With the goal to be the leading provider of food for the world, OSI is an accomplishment set forth and carried out by people like the President of the company David McDonald who has blazed the trail going forward for the future of the company. He says that still to this very day. He means it too.


The history of David McDonald is simple. He graduated with his BS in 1987 from the University of Iowa. After that, it has been full throttle all the way. It’s no mistake that he ended up being the President of the company. He works hard to accomplish that and get the word out for the companies abilities. They have such a positive attitude and the progress from day one has shown exactly that. Here are just a few of their clients to date. McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’ Burger King , Subway

Obviously, they are the leading provider for many companies in the top Fortune 500 list today. They didn’t do that overnight either. It took a good solid work ethic and thirty years of it. It is truly inspirational to anyone that has the same type of goals.

Their goal is to be the single provider for all food processing in the whole world. That’s is quite a large goal for any company, but given their track record, I wouldn’t put it past them. They might accomplish exactly that. One thing is certain, David McDonald believes that is a goal worth fighting for. His dedication and sheer dedication and loyalty are what drives him daily to get ahead. He is a great example of the American Dream of accomplishing the impossible. He does that every day. He doesn’t plan to stop either.

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