How Honey Birdette Is Taking Over The Industry

Honey Birdette is the lingerie store in Australia. It has grown to become so popular in Australia that they have recently created a US e-commerce website so that people in the United States can experience the lingerie brand that so many others have come to love while also improving their customer service experience. Beyond Honey Birdette’s newly formed website, they have also released their plans to grow the UK stores from 3 to 40 over the next couple of years. With such a high demand for their products, Honey Birdette seems to be becoming the must buy brand for many lingerie and sensuality lovers alike.

Since 2006, when Honey Birdette was created, the company has experienced an overwhelming amount of support and love for their products. Within the past year alone their sales have increased by almost 400%. This insane growth coupled with their high-quality products is making Honey Birdette a force to be reckoned with in the lingerie industry.

For Honey Birdette, the experience the customer has is just as important as the products they are selling. They want to ensure that when people come into their store that they are having fun and feel comfortable. Their dedication to their customers is unbeatable.

Honey Birdette is more than a lingerie company, its an experience. Not only are their products amazing and high-quality but so is their customer service and staff. With their growing popularity and rise in stores, Honey Birdette is getting ready to take over the lingerie world one bra at a time.

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