Securus is Serious Crime Stopping Technology

Securus Technologies, is a company that takes keeping the public safe and secure quite serious. The field this company performs its tasks in is technology. The clients they serve are prisons. Its base of operations is located in Dallas, Texas. The year of its foundation is 1986. It has two other regional offices in the state of Texas located in Carrollton and Allen. It also has a regional office Atlanta, Georgia. There are about 1,000 individuals working for the company. Reports state that there are 2,600 active contracts between Securus and correct facilities within the United States. Across the US and Canada, this company serves in more than 2,200 facilities. Starting in the year 2016, there is more than 600 million USD (Unites Sates Dollars) in business investments to cover the expenses of new acquisitions, technologies and patents in the previous three years.


Due to the nature of the service Securus Technologies provides, anything cutting edge counts as a plus. It does not matter how big or small it is. As one of the nation’s largest provider of detainee communications, parolee tracking and government management solutions, falling behind is not an option for this company. When a business serves tough clients across 45 states, Canada, Mexico and the District of Columbia, working smarter instead of harder is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Prison facilities and law enforcement professionals require a high standard of quality in their technical operations and solutions. Things just cannot breakdown when they ought to be doing their job for these professionals. Securus is the leading provider of these solutions and customer service.


Clients call Securus to tell the company just as much. It happens so often that there is an executive decision from CEO and Chairman Richard Smith to share these communications. Over and over again, they say the same thing being that the tools and features designed into the tech they use on the job are life savers. It not only monitors crime and criminals, the technology actively prevents future incidences from happening.



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