Jason Hope: Futurist Predictions of IoT from Scottsdale, AZ

Jason Hope Futurist Predictions The explosion of Internet connectivity in recent years has ushered in many exciting high-tech products with the intention of advancing industry and households beyond anyone’s expectations. That means virtually any device capable of 2-way communication can be considered a smart device, therefore becoming a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things currently groups devices such as thermostats, wireless alarm systems, and appliances to name only a few, into this ever-growing collection of products designed to make our lives easier with the ability to control them from anywhere an Internet connection exists.

Jason Hope, an inventor, entrepreneur, and futurist extraordinaire is a passionate philanthropist with a sincere desire to aid humanity in areas such as education, scientific research, disease cure, and biotechnology. Jason Hope has much to say about how technology is advancing, and how to apply new technology to change how we use products that once seemed mundane and ordinary. The list of applications increases almost daily, and include using your mobile phone as a remote control for operating your heating and cooling system and monitoring the temperature inside your home. Another use is in home security systems. When your doorbell rings, you can see who is at your door in real-time, and decide to unlock the door remotely, all from your smartphone. Also, the expansion of the IoT means that it will grow exponentially into other industries such as the hospitality industry with no end in sight.

The hospitality industry is one area where Jason Hope sees the Internet of Things as an essential next step due to the accessibility and convenience of the Internet. Because the Internet is readily available, the public soon will see its use as a regular part of travel, especially given the ability to rent a hotel room, secure certain amenities before arrival, and stocking a mini-bar with guest’s favorite snacks and drinks, all from the ease and convenience of a smartphone.

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Connected Cars

Hope also sees the world driving connected cars. Connected cars will no doubt be safer with their ability to warn drivers of possible dangers such as a collision warning system, notifications of speeding and safety alerts, and accidents. The benefit of a “cooperative safety-of-life” feature means that connected cars will instantly communicate with each other to keep each car at a safe distance. However, the technology for connected cars is still in its infancy, with the infrastructure and government regulations as a challenge to overcome.

Healthcare and Manufacturing

Jason Hope believes that the healthcare and manufacturing industries with the use of IoT devices becoming mainstream, and helping drive costs down while providing critical information to keep specific areas of the industries running more efficiently and with less equipment downtime.

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