Teaching App Goes Viral Across The Globe Empowering Students, Teachers And Parents Alike

ClassDojo is a brand new platform that hopes to revolutionize the way education is done at schools. Started initially by Sam Chaudhary who is a British national born in Whales who travelled to Palo Alto in the state of California in 2011 to begin an educational -tech startup. Sam Chaudhary had no idea what the educational – tech startup would look like and neither did his partner and co-founder, Liam Don. The both of them started from nothing and have since built the ClassDojo application into a huge success.


Starting out in a small one room office in Palo Alto, Sam and Liam worked non stop in opposite corners of the office beginning their research process. Teachers were interviewed in large numbers in order to find out exactly what the current educational system needed the most.


During this time Liam and Sam also struggled with Visa issues having to travel back to the United Kingdom once their 90 days had expired. Through all this the most important question remained and that was, what is the worst part of teaching? This question was answered by teachers across the globe in large numbers giving the 2 founders the right material to work with.


From humble beginnings the ClassDojo application has been embraced by teachers around the world with open arms. Growth of the platform has been staggering. Alone in the US, the application is being utilized by every 2 out of 3 schools. Due to the simplicity of the application and its availability across both the Google Store and Apple Store it has been downloaded in great numbers by teachers, parents and students.


The platform has revolutionized the teaching experience by incorporating the input of teachers, students and their parents. Within the USA, the platform is currently being used by charter, private and public schools. According to Lindsay McKinley who is the head of communications at ClassDojo told Businessinsider.com that the ClassDojo platform is being downloaded by over half a million users per day. That is a staggering amount which beats other application giants like Tinder and Yelp.



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