The Professional Journey Of Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello commonly referred to as ‘Tony’ is indeed one of the country’s most renowned chief executive officers. His long experience in the corporate world blended with his background rich with legal attributes serves to place him on a higher pedestal when compared with his peers. Besides, the various success stories linked to him have contributed significantly in decorating his professional life. However, such great achievements did not occur over a short duration of time. Tony Petrello has come a long way, often braving various obstacles, and has secured the top position in the Nabors industries. The company has significant influences not only in the United States of America but also in many countries around the world.

The fact that he graduated from the Harvard law school and practised in the legal field for some years before joining the corporate world is perhaps the most important thing in his career. Having acquired his law degree, Tony Petrello joined Baker & McKenzie firm with which he practised for twelve years, five of which he served in the managing partner’s position. As such, it is clear that his leadership abilities began early in his life having secured such a lucrative spot in a field boasting of topnotch professionals who had the advantage of age at that time.

Given his epic leadership attributes, Tony Petrello became a highly sought after a man with many companies seeking expertise in management. To this end, he joined the Nabors industries, a leading geothermal contractor based in Hamilton, as its chief operating officer in 1991. Within a few years, he rose above the ranks often having a high opinion from the management due to his diligence and inherent talent. The several levels he occupied include; the deputy chairman, president, and the chairman of the board. His success story culminated in him becoming the Chief Executive Officer of the company in the year 2012 and since occupied the position to date.

Tony Petrello’s leadership profession does not limit him to only the Nabors industries. He also doubles up as the director of the Hilcorp and the Stewart & Stevenson companies. Furthermore, he has secured membership at the board of the Texas Children’s Hospital due to his passion of pushing for the research in the field of neurological disorders affecting kids. Owing to his exceptional abilities coupled with the high-end positions he occupies in various companies, Tony Petrello receives nearly thirty million dollars a year as his remuneration.

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How the Detention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin led to the Formation of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

For an extended period, immigrants in Arizona have been suffering in the hands of oppressive local governments. Back in 2013, two personalities decided to take the bull by its horns and speak against injustices and human rights violations and also offer financial help to other groups fighting for the rights of immigrants.

They formed the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. Over the few years, the initiative has been operational; it has helped hundreds of thousands of persons who were facing the risk of abuse and even wrongful detention. To date, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has seen judgments of over three hundred thousand immigrants overturned and helping them escape from imprisonment. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The creators of the initiative decided to start the non-governmental organization after there was a public outcry against the Maricopa County Administration led by Sherriff Joe Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were running a local daily when they were arrested and detained by local deputies under instructions from Joe Arpaio. The county gave into public pressure and released the duo few hours after their arrest.

Jim and Michael later filed a lawsuit against the county and Joe Arpaio. After much deliberation and hearing of witness testimonies, the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit ruled that the county had gone against their First Amendment Rights when they were arrested and detained. The court ordered Maricopa County to pay the two a $3.75 settlement.

Using the monies from the settlement, Jim and Michael formed the fund. They have continued to work closely with other organizations that advocate for the Hispanic Community. Several charities have benefited from the donations from the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund including Aliento, Justice that works, and the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: and

Aliento is a no-profit that uses advocacy and art to communicate and empower the Hispanic Community. It was started by undocumented youths who wanted to change the image that has been created by the government portraying immigrants as criminals.

Aliento has worked tirelessly to ensure that it changes the perception of sidelined groups such as Mexican Immigrants. Millions of people have been living in fear since Donald Trump took the oath of the office of president. Its because, during the campaign trail, he made it clear that his first order of business as president would be to deport all undocumented people in the United States.

The Frontera Fund has been hard at work trying to ensure that DACA Dreamers in Arizona are protected, have equal employment opportunities, acquire a quality education, and have access to social amenities.

Aliento has been in the forefront in ensuring immigrants are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them acquire employment. The charity organization also provides litigation assistance when an individual faces the risk of being deported.

Justice that works is another charity initiative that benefits from the assistance of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. The organization is primarily focused on programs that aim to mitigate and finally end the illegal imprisonment of immigrants in Arizona.

Broadway Actor Tommy Tune Performs In Outdoor Houston Theater And Visits Tony Petrello’s Home

A Houston native who has spent the better part of his adult life on stage, Tommy Tune recently returned to his home city to do a special Broadway-based performance. He also visited the home of well-known Houston businessman Tony Petrello who held a special reception for the Broadway star. Tune played lead roles in Broadway productions like “A Day In Hollywood / A Night In The Ukraine,” “Seesaw” and “The Will Rogers Follies.” Petrello enjoyed refreshments with Tune and other members of the Miller Outdoor Theater’s Board of Directors. He also showed his guest around the property and gave him a look at some of the outdoor scenery. Petrello is certainly a gracious host while entertaining friends, but he has been known to be a shrewd deal maker while out in the oil fields.

Nabors Industries is a publicly-traded oil drilling company based in Houston that generates billions in annual revenue from its land-based rigs and offshore modules. Tony Petrello has served as Chief Executive Officer of the company since 2011, and he’s been the initiator of several merger and acquisition deals including the recent Tesco Corporation stock buyout. He was given a raise when shareholders agreed to offer bonus payments in 2013 to restructure his contract, and the resulting $68.7 million was the highest any CEO earned that year.

Tony Petrello came to Nabors Industries after several years of practicing law, but even before that he was making a name as a math genius student. He had skills in that subject going all the way back to his middle school and high school days. He could solve problems most other students couldn’t and eventually he got into Yale University where he had some of the world’s top math professors lecturing him. After completing his mathematics degree there, he went to law school and became a finance attorney for Baker & McKenzie, a New York law firm. He became managing partner there for several years and then ditched his law career for the big position of Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries.

Petrello is not only a CEO of high acumen; he’s also a philanthropist who has given to charities all around Houston. Neurological studies at Texas Children’s Hospital in the Texas Medical district have been one of Petrello’s biggest philanthropic contributions, and he has given $7 million to an advanced studies institute. He also opened a fundraiser for victims of hurricane Harvey in the fall of 2017 for which he also paid Nabors employees for helping out with cleanup.

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Rod J. Rohrich – Best Cosmetic Surgeon In Dallas

Dr. Rohrich finished his undergraduate and postgraduate education North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota respectively. He received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He also had additional studies on pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England.

Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., is a plastic surgeon that resides and practices in Dallas. He is recognized as the best cosmetic surgeon in Dallas. He is a renown educator for reconstructive and plastic surgery. In addition to his work and chairmanship at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Dr. Rohrich has written hundreds of peer reviewed articles.

He has written textbooks on his field of study. He is the Editor in Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal. He has written several chapters for many plastic surgery textbooks. He is a co-author of a patient guide for seeking plastic surgery.

Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. is a member and served as director of many plastic and reconstructive committees and boards. He has been a part of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium, which he is currently the Chairman. His facial fracture repair is of landmark significance in his field of study. He has over 30 years of experience, education, and board certification, and awards; which makes him the best plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas.

Currently you can find Dr. Rod J. Rohrich at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He and his certified staff work together to enhance or reconstruct patients imperfections. The facility offers rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, face lifts, and reconstruction. Dr. Rohrich and his staff takes time to treat each patient uniquely based on their needs.

During consultation Dr. Rohrich and his staff makes sure that all questions are answered and that the patient is properly informed of what will happen and their outcome. The patient will receive a before and after evaluation. Dr. Rohrich stresses patients should know the risks and complications before choosing surgery.

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Southridge Capital Company Leading In Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital is well known in the provision of advisory services to various firms. Mostly, it specializes in offering its clients innovative financial solutions so that they can be able to achieve their needs. The management team of Southridge Capital is conversant and has a vast knowledge when it comes to economic issues. According to the records, the firm has helped over 250 public companies where it has invested about $1.8 billion so that companies can be able to grow. For more info you can visit

Moreover, the services that it provides to customers comprises of financial analysis and balance sheet optimization so that the companies can be able to have a proper balancing of debts and equity. Besides, the company knows what the company needs, and in that regard, they ensure that companies that seek assistance from them can benefit a lot. Also, there is bankruptcy advice that Southridge Capital company offers to its companies so that they can be able to come out of the situation.

Southridge Capital also provides support to the volunteer work so that the community can be able to benefit from them. In this regard, it ensures that non-profit organizations can flourish and charitable organizations have the necessary support. To ensure effectiveness in promoting philanthropic organizations, the Southridge Capital in collaboration with Daystar Foundation offers support in the form of finances to help those organizations to accomplish their goals.

The Southridge has been leading company since 1996 in providing financial solutions to other companies. The services of this company are not centralized since it has diversified its solutions to other companies so that all the clients that are in need of their input can be able to benefit.

The management of the Southridge Capital Company can attest that since they started their advisory services and direct financial investments to companies, they have seen companies growing globally recording good profits margins. You can visit for more details.

Nonetheless, the company has been on the line of providing financial solutions to its clients over two decades. The executives that lead the Southridge Capital are experienced, and that makes them execute their duties to the demands of their customers so that they can feel satisfied with the services offered to them.

OSI Group Is A Leading International Manufacturing And Food Processing Company.

OSI Group is a leading international manufacturing and food processing company.

Two centuries and two generations down the line, OSI Group is now a leading international manufacturing and packaging company dealing meat and food services. The firm was founded by an immigrant from German Otto Kolschowky in 1909 and was a family business by then. The company was named Otto & Sons and made a name for themselves for providing quality meat products for Illinois. In 1955, the company became the primary supplier of ground beef patties for the newly opened branch of McDonald’s in Des Plaines.

The founder of McDonald’s Roy Kroc formalized the deal with a handshake between him and the two sons of Otto Kolschowsky. The relationship between the heirs of the two firms was a highly valued one. In 1960 the fresh food business experienced a revolution because of the introduction of cryogenic food processing method. Otto & Son’s was among the four leading companies to supply beef to the McDonald’s restaurants. In the year 1975, the company changed its name to OSI Group after Sheldon Lavin joined the executive leadership of the firm.

In the same period, a different unit for supplying meat to local restaurants and supermarkets was formed. Also, the company exclusively provided their products to McDonald’s, and both companies expanded their wings hand in hand. OSI Group has been featured in the Forbes magazine with the evaluation of their revenues as of 2011 cumulatively adding up to $3 billion and being listed as the 136th largest privately owned organization in America.

Since then, the company has achieved tremendous growth, and as of 2016, the company was listed as #58 o Forbes with a net worth of $6.1billion. The firm has its operations based in areas such as Utah, Chicago, California, Lowa and West Jordan. OSI group also has their facilities in other continents with most of their facilities located in continents such as Asia-Pacific, North America and the regions of western and Eastern Europe.

The products of the OSI Group include pizza, poultry, fish, vegetables, meat patties and products of dough. OSI Group has been a crucial supplier to other fast food brands of western roots in China such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Subway. OSI Group has been recognized for their achievements over the years and has been honored with several awards. The awards the company prides itself on are those associated with the managing of safety and health risks and also the diligent management of the environment.

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OSI Group Buys Baho Foods, Promises Expansion

OSI Group is a worldwide company that focuses on the food industry. The company describes itself as a premier global food provider that works in cooperation with other leaders in the food industry to produce innovative solutions in custom food. One can look at their website and see that innovation is one of their key values. They are apparently doing well in that endeavor, since they have become one of the world’s largest privately held food providers.

Baho Foods has been operating in Germany and the Netherlands for about 60 years, specializing in convenience foods and deli meats. They do business in about 18 European countries. Their five subsidiary businesses include: Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life.

Most of their management staff has been retained by OSI Group and will continue in their present duties. This is a good indication for investors, because it shows that Baho Foods did not sell as a result of mismanagement. In other words, the company must have been doing well because OSI would probably have removed the management if they were known to be ineffective. This is not a case of a healthy company acquiring an unhealthy one. Rather, this is a case where one successful company bought out another successful company. One might consider that to be twice as many reasons for investors to be happy.

OSI Group has stated that they acquired this company partly for the purpose of expanding into Europe. Baho is already well-established throughout the continent and provided a ready-made solution. Baho’s managing director John Balvers says that he is excited to be a part of OSI and is eager to help the two businesses grow. This acquisition is subject to government approval, but no difficulties are foreseen at this time.

David McDonald, the CEO of OSI Group, had this to say on the merger:
“Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe. The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

OSI Group has had a pretty good run lately. Not long ago they were presented with the 2016 Globe Of Honour award from the British Safety council. This award is given to companies that show exceptional diligence in the area of environmental management. This is the third time OSI has won the award.

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OSI Group Acquires The Popular Flagship Europe As Part Of Its Global Expansion

The food industry is growing so much in the recent times. People are always looking for delicious and high quality food products that are given at affordable prices. There are so many companies that have emerged in this department, meaning that the competition has gone up. Companies that are not ready to invest in the quality of their products risk making huge loses at the end of the year. Those who are doing well understand the kind of products the modern customer looks for. OSI Group is one of these companies. The Aurora headquartered organization has all the food products clients in the global platform need.

OSI Group is an international firm. However, this has not been the case. The institution was started with just one store that was located in the United States. With hard work and discipline, the company has been expanding and doing well, and this is why it has opened so many branches in various parts of the globe. Customers love all of the products from this institution in global market. The management serving in this company has invested heavily in understanding the needs of the customers in all the regions, and this is why the success has been increasing each passing year. Sheldon Lavin is the person who has spearheaded the transforming of everything he is talking about. This finance executive is highly experienced in matters concerning company expansion and leadership, and he has ensured that the company does not make mistakes with its finances.

This year, Sheldon Lavin and his team said that they would be the new owners of Flagship Europe. This has come as a very big and unexpected surprise to the customers who have been looking forward to enjoying quality food products from OSI Group. Flagship Europe is also a giant in the food production world, and it specializes in the provision of pies and sauces. The company employees will be joining OSI Group so that they can work as a team and make the lives of the customers better. Flagship Europe leaders say that they are happy about the new decision they have made, and they are ready to work with their new management to provide best products. OSI Group leaders have decided that will not be disclosing the finance part of the deal that was closed recently. Sheldon Lavin says that this acquisition was reached after the company decided to reach more customers in the international market.

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PSI Pay is Principle Member of MasterCard

PSI Pay a leader in the alternative banking industry has solidified itself as a trusted and reliable source for contactless payment transactions by establishing a relationship with one of the world’s most trusted credit card companies and is now a principal member of MasterCard. The relationship with MasterCard has allowed PSI Pay to establish the technological and infrastructure resources to provide global transactions that can be easily and safely done without the use of inputting password pins or swiping credit or debit cards. The company is allowing individuals around the globe to utilize its new approach to cashless and credit card fewer transactions with its new contactless ring that has been developed and pioneered from Kerv one of PSI Pay’s successful affiliates and active social media presence on Twitter. MasterCard is a respected credit card company with a vast history of executing safe and reliable transactions for individuals around the globe. By building relationships with such a renowned organization, PSI Pay has been allowed to interact with the organization and provide a continuous reliable source for its contactless transactions. MasterCard is a global organization and provides transactions around the globe in various countries and has the infrastructure and technological expertise to deliver exceptional transactions safely and securely for the PSI Pay new technologies.

Cash is becoming less and less used by the general population and members of the millennium generation and various other parts of the population are beginning to seek easier and more convenient ways to exercise their purchasing of goods and services. PSI Pay has created the contactless ring as a useful way for individuals to make purchases of goods and services swiftly and conveniently without opening a wallet, purse, or present their cell phones or any other physical device. With the contactless ring, they are able to wave their finger over the terminals and execute quick transactions that will allow them to deduct their accounts and pay the vendor for their goods and services. This new technology and relationship as a principal member of MasterCard make it convenient for corporations to continue to innovate and expand the way that they conduct business and streamline their process of checking out customers and make their organization and accounting easier and more conveniently through this revolutionary technology.

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OSI Industries Is A Leading Top 100 Food Industry Company

OSI Industries is a global food supplier that provides customized added-value food items around the world to many large foodservice companies and to retail food vendors. OSI Industries develops made-to-order food items such as meat, fruits, vegetables and protein products as requested by their customers’ unique specifications. OSI Industries is a world food provider, with a global management system that provides reliable quality control for the entire process of production from the source to the final destination. Headquartered in Illinois, OSI Industries is one of the largest private companies in the United States.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the Globe of Honour Award 2016 by the British Safety Council for their excellent management of environmental impact. The Globe of Honour award is given to organizations who have a demonstrably excellent record of environmental management. OSI Industries was amongst 18 organizations that received this prestigious environmental award. OSI Food Solutions UK is located in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom and produces beef and pork products for restaurants across the United Kingdom.

Recently, OSI Industries has acquired several companies in the food industry, notably Baho Food and Flagship Europe. Baho Food is a Dutch company that produces meat and other food products for retail and food service industries in Germany and the Netherlands through five subsidiaries, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt and Q Smart Life. Flagship Europe is a leading UK supplier in the foodservice industry and produces food items like frozen poultry, pies, dressings, sauces and sous vide items. These acquisitions strengthen the position of OSI Industries in the European food distribution market. Along with acquiring these new companies, OSI has also expanded their production facility in Spain by adding a high capacity production line that increased chicken product production to 24,000 tons per year.

OSI Industries is ranked as a top 100 Food Company as designated by Food Engineering for the Top 100 Food & Beverage Companies list. With 20,00 employees, 65 facilities and locations in 17 countries, OSI Industries has a yearly revenue of $6.1 billion dollars for the year 2016. OSI Industries is committed to producing superb quality food products in an efficient manner to customers around the globe and performs this service in such a way as to have minimal environmental impact. OSI Industries continues to work diligently to perfect and streamline their development and production processes and to present their products to a growing global market.

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